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Yamini srinivasmurthy

Tragedy Crime Others


Yamini srinivasmurthy

Tragedy Crime Others

The Secret

The Secret

3 mins 254 3 mins 254

"A boy and a girl was killed allegedly, pshyco lover is arrested by the police". The news channels repeated the same news here and now...

I froze for a moment, I took my step back, I myself looked behind once just to make sure what I saw was not real...but ofcourse what I saw was real..! I became red with rage- I was betrayed !!

My bestie with my love- my bestie had stabbed my back, my love was no less to do so he too cheated on me. I left the flowers on road, I tore the letter which I wrote for him, I wanted to scream out in anger, to hold his collar and ask why he did so.. bestie turned out to be bitch. I called him- where are you jaan? Can you pick me up from my class? He said- no shona I am in important meeting with my client, can you take a cab?

I know what meeting you have with your client and I very well know who is client too..! It was at the tip of my tongue..but I just chose to tell OK no problem... I wanted to go and stand in front of them but I still chose to take a step back.

There was unexplained feelings, my eyes was getting blurred, I couldn't even cry, I wasn't understanding what was happening. I some where still felt that it was just a bad dream which I saw, I was still some where feeling that they both have no such connections.. but why did he lie? Why did he go to meet her without telling me? All these questions was dancing in my head.

That night as I sat under a pale dim light thinking about what had happened suddenly I saw a envelope which had few photos, as I saw those photos it was my friend's pic along with my love.. I felt shattered, I could express nothing. I looked back to see who had sent it - It was one of my classmates...

Hanish- Hanish kept warning me about both of them from the beginning.. I used to tell him that there was nothing between them more over I trust both of them blindly. He one day said he would prove it and he did it...

Few days passed, neither I called them nor they did I was wandering alone here and there I understood I was no longer wanted in their life...

That day as I sat alone in park I could feel my heart that was heavy, I remembered him clicking my photos, we had created memories almost everywhere.. few questions rouse in my mind like- what was my mistake? What was his intentions? I had become that knife which had slit away from him... There was a hand on my shoulders I looked back to see who was it, it was my mother. Mummy..!! Why are you here? What happened ? I asked her...

It's time my dear get up let's go they are waiting for you - she said.

I don't want to go mumma please don't let me goo... mummaaaa mummaaa I pleaded..!!


That's my daughter Mehr - a mental illness patient . Mehr loved Hanish unconditionally. When Mehr saw Hanish with her own best friend she made a fuzz out of it. Mehr misunderstood her own best friend who had met Hanish accidentally when he was on his official meeting... the envelope was empty, it was Mehr herself who wrote Hanish's name behind it. That night I could hear Mehr screaming that she would kill Hanish, unfortunately she did the same without understanding the situation.... Hope her treatment will be successful and she comes back to me as my old Mehr.

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