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Adhithya Sakthivel

Thriller Romance Action Others


Adhithya Sakthivel

Thriller Romance Action Others

The Secret Agent

The Secret Agent

19 mins 509 19 mins 509

Research and Analytics Wing is the foreign intelligence agency of India. The agency's primary function is gathering foreign intelligence, counter-terrorism, proliferation, advising Indian policymakers, and advancing India's foreign strategic interests. It is also involved in the security of India's nuclear programme.

The RAW agent's Joint Secretary Sunil Varma work like a dog to protect the country. He is guided by a few group of undercover agents, who work for the welfare of Indian economy by residing in various countries.

They are as brave as lion and as cold as ice, depending on the situations. Sunil Varma gets informed by one of his agents(calls from USA) that, a set of prototype EMP chips(which had been used for controlling the nuclear weapons) was stolen by a group of Pakistan mafia from a high-tech US facility.

Sunil Varma ropes in former Air force officer General Arjun Krishna for this mission. Arjun Krishna had been transferred to RAW after his successful missions like Counter Strike, Surgical strike and Rescual mission. This is the first mission of Arjun as a RAW agent after being trained under different phases.

Sunil Varma instructs Arjun to retrieve back the EMP chips from Pakistan. The instruction of Sunil Varma chilled Arjun's face, with a happy smile.

Arjun said, "I'll go for this mission sir. Because, this is my first duty as a RAW agent. I will make this successful sir. Jai Hind!"

"You should be very careful, Arjun. Because this is your first mission as a RAW agent. It's not a direct clash like Indian Army. As an undercover agent, you have to be very very careful and alert" said Sunil Varma, to which Arjun nods his head, with a sign of stimulating smile in his face.

"Sir. Now, what should I do?" asked Arjun.

"At present, what are we after sir?" asked Arjun, pretending to forget the mission.

"All in good time, Arjun. Now listen up. Intelligence indicates that the Pakistan terrorists were involved in the theft of advanced technological research tram a US facility. They've set up a lab under the cover of an old weather station high up in the Karakoram ranges. These guys guard access to a mining tunnel leading to the weather station. This is your point of entry - a direct assault is not an option. You can recon the area with the Map Computer; use your binoculars to observe their patrol routes. Stealth will be vital, so keep it quiet - stick to silenced weapons unless you have no other choice" said Sunil Varma.

Arjun agrees to accomplish the mission successfully.

Accompanied by his pilot, William David Christopher. Guided by Sunil Varma, Arjun successfully reaches the Jihad terrorist's base camp of Karakoram Ranges, surrounded by Indus River.

After reaching the base camp, Arjun asks his pilot to take back the aircraft safer. The clouds were low and snowfalls were high in the skies. He starts crawling a little to right towards the hood of trees.

In the camp, two guards are standing, protecting the place and one tells, "This is boring, nothing's happening here. I don't know why security is so tight."

"Yeah I agree. It's not like anybody could get in here anyway" said the other guard.

"How's the weather out there, Arjun? Hope that Pakistan wind hasn't frozen your equipment" said Sunil Varma.

"No sir. It hasn't frozen my equipment sir" said Arjun.

After sometimes, he sees a gate. As the camera had been set in order to detect the enemies and fearing for the alarm, he shoots the camera and successfully kills the terrorists, after entering into the blue door.

There are 3 enemies in the warehouse. He kills the one nearest the door with a shot to the head from his handgun. Then, he kill the other one walking on the catwalk. The remaining guards are also killed quickly in order to avoid him calling for backup. If this guy got a chance calling for backup, Arjun might be at great risk. He leaves from the warehouse via the door just beside him. Occasionally, there is a guard roaming at the door of the warehouse. He detects the guard by using his thermal goggles. Arjun kills him.

On leaving the warehouse, he stays crouched close to the fence to avoid being spotted by the guards near the truck and quietly manages to infiltrate the main compound. He moves between the two shipping crates to the left of the hole in the fence. When the camera is looking towards the river, he runs to the left behind the piles of coal. To avoid being detected by the security cameras, he kills all the guards in that area by locating them with the help of his map computer.

"Good work Arjun. Now, you infiltrate the bridge near to the base camp" said Sunil Varma.

Now, he heads for the large warehouse on the opposite side of the compound. There, he finds a switch underneath the conveyor belt at the top of the pile.

He uses the switch and presses it. Then, he get inside the conveyor belt. Once inside the warehouse, he shoots the guard looking straight to him, and heads for the ladder at the far side. There's a guard patrolling here. He shoots him in the head and climbs to the first platform and uses the switch there. Then, he climb to the top via ladder besides him. He can now ride the conveyor belt all the way across the river. Now, he destroys the camera above the conveyor belt as he passes underneath it. He goes through it to the next phase in order to complete the remaining objective.

He looks out for guards around him as soon as he reached the destination. It is counseled to locate the guards roaming near to him. Now he can easily locate the guards by using his mapcomputer. As he find that the area is secure where he was present, he moves on. He moves back outside in the direction from where he came in from, and head round towards the entrance to the mineshaft. Here, when he take a look at the mapcomputer, he observes too many guards roaming right to the minestaft. It is not at all required to fight with them. He simply moves down to the mine entrance close to the left-hand wall when they had gone far ahead towards the corner of mineshaft. Using his handgun he kills two men chatting with each other beside the trucks. Now, he heads over to the fenced area containing some machinery.

He shoots the camera just above to his right side. Then, he picks the lock and turns on the generator.

After pressing the switch located to his left side, the lift comes up. After the lift comes, he presses another switch(that indicates the closure of lift) that is situated on the other wall, jumps into to the lift.

Sunil Varma tells him, "Arjun. Now you have to enter into the underground mines and infiltrate the terrorists."

He agrees and further is instructed that, the lift may take minimum two hours to reach the destination due to the poor climatic conditions. He recalls his past life as an Air Force officer, after seeing his love interest Anjali Reddy a.k.a., Anjali through the photo, in his phone

It's about three years before. Arjun was working as a general in the Air Force of Indian Army. Arjun was injured in an Aircraft journey. He was treated by Anjali, back in the Indian Army.

After recovering from the severe injuries, Arjun conducted a search for Anjali all around the hospitals, like a coyote wind. He successfully found her and they became friends.

Anjali and Arjun spent a lots of time together besides their respective duties. Anjali enjoys the ride of adventure in the jetpack, through which she is shown the places of Ladakh-Giljit Border, Gulmarg and Nanda Devi ranges.

Back to the Indian Army, Anjali tells Arjun, "What a thrill—my thumb instead of an onion. The top quite gone except for a sort of hinge of skin....A celebration this is. Out of a gap a million soldiers run, redcoats every one."

"Oh! That sounds good Anjali. Was those places that much good and adventurous? I didn't felt like such" said Arjun.

"You have gone there for several times. But for me, it's the first time. I enjoyed the gloomy weather, thundering water flows and the fabric of nature, you know" said Anjali.

Their friendship grow stronger. Aftermath, it slowly blossoms into love and eventually, their marriage was fixed. However, before the day of marriage, fate had different plans.

Anjali meets with an accident and got admitted in the hospitals, with severe injuries. The treatment doesn't worked put and the doctors informed him that, "When the sun sets, it goes west. Similarly, when someone we love dies, we might see them as disappearing like a setting sun."

Arjun was left shattered with her death. He broke down like a coyote. But, he moves on and joined back to Indian Army. A very few days later, he is shifted to RAW and at present, he is in this undercover mission.

Back to present, Arjun comes into his senses when he hears the voice of his secretary Sunil Varma.

Now, Sunil Varma instructs Arjun, "Hey Arjun you made it, good work. Get through there and access the airshaft up to the surface. Expect some resistance covering the tunnel - nothing a guy like you can't handle I'm sure. There's a mini-railway down there. Use it. Watch out for security cameras, they'll blow your cover. Our comms link won't work much deeper than this, so you'll be on your own for a while. Just had an Intel update, you'll need some specialist equipment in the mountains. I'm organizing an airdrop. I hope you're grateful."

"Yes sir" said Arjun.

Without Running, Arjun walks ahead and moves behind the truck. He keeps moving straight ahead and opens the rusting hatch to uncover an old vent. He heads into the vent and moved down to the lower cavern.

After disabling the cameras using computer terminal in the control room, he grabs the grenades from the shelf before leaving the place. After killing the guards like a cunning crocodile, Arjun successfully opens the door using the keypad(which allows the train) and powers up the tunnel to start the train.

He remains crouched in the drivers cab, then jump into the cargo containers and lies flat.

At the end of the track, he get outs of the carriage and heads towards the vent door.

After opening the door to the ventilation shaft, he enters into the door. Sunil Varma informs Arjun that, he is taking a break and henceforth, a new officer William Philips will take charge his position to instruct him.

Arjun agrees. William Philips tells to Arjun, "Well well, look who's back! I was starting to think you'd got a better offer."

"Yeah, alright. I didn't come all this way to screw up" said Arjun

At present, Arjun realizes that, he have now came to the part of Mangla Dam reservoir in Muzzafarabad, Pakistan. After reaching the other side of the dam by swimming, Arjun spots the ammunition, laser cutters and the sniper riffle. The two guards in that place spots him. Before they could kill Arjun, he kills them. But, in the process gets shot in his left arm.

Arjun removes the bullets with the help of a steel wood, which he grabs from a nearby trees. Then, he proceeds to go into the camp, that's located in the mountains, near Mangla Reservoir.

He circles around the left to avoid the patrol and successfully reaches the building after crossing the mountains. With G-17 SD, Arjun kills the enemies and after a much chaseover and bloodsheds, he successfully retrieves the paper, that's meant to be important.

He kills two scientists in a room. Aftermath he successfully hacks the computer in the other side of room. He proceeds to the research hut lab and hacks the first airlock door.

He successfully closes the door. Then using his laser cutter on the steel door, he grabs the EMP chips. Now he runs back outside and using the crank to raise the weather balloon, he goes in the plane drove by William David Christopher.

Now, Philips orders Arjun to implant the C4 bomb in a bridge of Arabian Sea in Karachi. He agrees and infiltrates the warehouse(which holds the C4 bombs) with lots of risks and struggles(notably the severe gun shots).

He acquires the timers and fuses from a patrol near the bridge. Then, he proceeds to sets C4 on each one of the four supporting pillars of the bridge

Before the bridge explodes, Arjun escapes on the side of the river where the convoy is located. To Arjun's horror and shock, terrorists have brought Armoured personnel carrier to defend themselves. They have activated the machine guns to shoot the enemies. Using the rocker launcher gun, Arjun successfully destroys the APC and further, kills the terrorists. Then, he grabs the EMP chips from the truck after much struggles and evacuates in David's flight.

At present, Arjun is taken to Gilgit-Baltistan borders near to the Himalayas. There, he had been asked to grab the blueprints of EMP chips by Philip. Arjun crawls silently and disables the security cameras, which notes him down.

After stealing the blueprints for the EMP chips, he turns off the power for the electrical fences and powers the factory machinery. He hacks the computer, that controls the assembly machinery. In between the mission, he kills the terrorists, who tried to stop his mission and evacuates with David. After this incident, he is betrayed by his pilot, David and mission director, Phillip as they take the EMP chips obtained by Arjun. Henceforth, Arjun is forced to jump from the helicopter and he eventually finds himself at the borders of Russia-China. Meanwhile, Sunil recovers and he comes back to instruct Arjun.

"Arjun, are you there Arjun? Please tell me you are okay..." said Sunil Varma.

"Ugh. Sir! What's going on?" asked a panicked Arjun.

"It's me Arjun. No time for chatter, that can wait. I can't get a lock on your position from the satellite data. Where are you?" asked Sunil Varma.

"Lying in my own blood in the middle of somewhere, but I think I'll survive. The Map Computer is trashed. There's a radio transmitter up ahead — I might be able to signal from there on an open frequency" said Arjun.

"On an open channel? They'll home in on you right away. We don't have too many options though. Go for it, just be careful" said Sunil Varma.

Arjun informs about the betrayal of Philip and David besides informing the trap in - borders. He asks him to escape from that place, by any means. Since, both the armies of Russia and China may shoot him dead(due to his changed identity)

Arjun becomes tired and falls down while climbing the snowy Russian Altai mountains, due to Hypothermia. Harini, one of Arjun's childhood crush(came for an adventurous trip to the mountains) sees him fainted. She recalls her old memories with Arjun and decides to help him, rescued.

Her cheeky face turns pale. With her hips being exposed in the heavy fog and snowfall(as she wore blue sari), she goes near to Arjun and carries him to cure him.

Since, the snowfall is severe, she forms a tent and with the help of burning woods, she tries to make his shivering controlled after taking off his dress. However, he continues to shiver. Harini goes near Arjun in-order to control his shivering with the help of her bedsheets. But, he unknowingly hugs her, strips her sari and make her naked(due to the severe dehydration and heavy shivering). 

Arjun starts to kiss Harini in her face, waist, neck and nose, holding her hip. As she gets holded tightly and Arjun is dehydrated, she decides to remain silent. The duo ends up having sex and sleeps together(hugging each other), the whole day with their nude body....

The next day, Arjun wakes up and finds himself sleeping with Harini and becomes shocked. He wakes her up and asked her, "Harini. How did you come here? What happened yesterday?"

"I rescued you after you got fainted and brought you here. But, as you was shivering with severe fever, I tried to control your shivering. But, you roped me inside the bedsheets and had sex with me" said Harini and she cries.

Arjun consoles her and they both have some wonderful moments. She tells him that, she loved him since childhood and waited to propose her love, until learning that he loved another girl. But, fate made them to meet here and make love.

Arjun is moved on and accepts her love, after recalling the words told by his father, "Life have to move on, whatever may happen." However, he soon realizes his mistakes and takes Harini with him from that place.

Now, Arjun ambushes the communications and vehicle guards in the place and sends radio signal to rescue helicopter. The helicopter takes him from the extraction zone successfully, where Arjun reaches after so much of interventions, that was lead by Russian Army man. Noting that, Harini would be a threat to his undercover mission, Arjun sends her assuring that, he will marry her once his work is complete.

Arjun returns back to India near Kashmir Borders and meets Sunil Varma. There, Sunil Varma tells Arjun, "RAW was unable to detect the whereabouts of Philip and David. But, we learned that Philip and David took years to infiltrate our RAW and gain its trust and that Philip had made several weapons and military deals with Basheer Azad in Istanbul."

"Now, we have to get back that EMP chips and blueprints sir. Then only, we would be able to proceed with other plans" said Arjun.

"To get back Blueprints, you have to execute Operation Istanbul" said Sunil.

Arjun tells that, he will go to Istanbul. Sunil objects, but he manages to console him for the mission. Sunil accomapanies with him with the secretary Ram Singh also joining them, for this mission to search for the middle-aged Azad, who had been locked up by the Isthanbul Intelligence as he was supplying weapons to the rebel forces.

After Arjun finds Azad, he is captured by the Istanbul Intelligence Commander Major Syed Ibrahim. The two are then transported to a heavily guarded Isthanbul prison. While they are being transported, Azad and Arjun have a conversation.

"For what purpose, did you come to meet me?" asked Azad.

Arjun responds by saying, "I am searching after my former mission director Philip and RAW knows he have made weapon dealings with you."

"Yes. Indeed, I have made a lots of deals with Philip and sold him advanced equipment" said Azad.

When Arjun asks about the last orders given by Philip to which Azad tells, "Philip told me about a high-tech Russian ekranoplan, waiting for delivery on a remote sea port in the gulf." The shipping papers were safe in Azad's villa which was currently taken over by Major Syed and being used as his base of operations.

After rescuing Azad and escaping out of the prison, Arjun decides to go to the villa and get the information. While going there, Arjun blows the truck's engine in which they escaped. Azad then told him that, "he needs to infiltrate the villa by disabling the security system and bypassing Major Syed's guards." He also needs to take his hard disk, "which contains all the data for his transactions with Philip."

Surprisingly, after expunging much effort and going through many of gunfights, Azad discovers that Major Syed had taken away his papers from the villa and he then vows angrily to take them back. He tells Arjun to take control of his helicopter which is in his airbase not far away from the villa now controlled by Major Syed. They get the helicopter without much conflict, and manage to gun Major Syed down at one of his bases amidst the opposition to get the papers back. Upon returning to his villa, Azad tells Arjun that, "the trade he made with Arjun's former mission director was on Andaman Sea in Myanmar and that David would be taking delivery of the plane in 3 days."

Arjun sets off to the port without hesitation, where he is instructed by Sunil to find the Enkranoplan and a crate of stolen EMP chips. While searching the log books to find the Enkranoplan, Arjun discovers that David and Phillip were actually co-operating with an unknown country to operate the chips.

He is confronted by his former pilot in the process who orders his men to throw Arjun in the water with the sewage. Arjun ambushes David's men and kills him after a confrontation. He then takes the ekranoplan to venture off to unknown country which is later revealed to be the Wuhan near China, where, according to Sunil Varma, suspicious activities are carried out throughout the time being.

After a series of chasing, gun shoots and events, Arjun finds his former mission director cooperating in secrecy with a Chinese general, whom he found out later to be General Wu Li Bohai, who plans to use the chips to blindfold US intelligence and cripple the powers within. Besides doing this, they have planned for a biological war against the world countries.

Henceforth, they have done research for preparing an RNA virus and have planned to leak the virus once the mission of crippling down the US Intelligence becomes a success. If this virus leaks out and attacks the world countries, several people will suffer breathing problems and dies. As this virus will first and foremost, attacks the trees and forestry. And then only, it goes on to target the animals and human beings.

Later, Arjun finds his former mission director Philip and Wu Li Bohai. Bohai have tied up Philip, when the former accused the latter of killing his friend David, who was actually killed by Arjun at Myanmar.

In Wu Li Bohai's secret weapons lab, Arjun gets to know that the General was going to start a "World War III." Besides this, he have planned to start a bio-war simultaneously, when the war is going on. If this happens, China will dominate the world countries and attain superior.

"My God. Sir! A shocking news. China have planned to start bio war and World War III against the world countries" said Arjun.

Wu Li Bohai and his henchman sees Arjun and they all engages in a gun fight. But, Arjun emerges victory and he kills Wu Li Bohai.

"Arjun. There's no time left for us. You have to move quickly. First cut the fuel supply. Next, place the homing device on the top of the rocket — We have to monitor where it splashes down. After that, all three gantries will have to be disengaged. You will launch the rocket from the control bunker. Be sure to seal yourself in first or you will never survive the blast off. Once inside, initiate the countdown and trigger the launch before the countdown expires" said Sunil Varma.

"No backup then? Of course not. Business as usual" said Arjun.

Sunil nods yes. Arjun succeeds in preventing the rocket from heading towards its programmed destination and to detonate somewhere safe, with so much of efforts. In addition, he deactivates the RNA Virus Laboratory completely, thus preventing World War III as well as the Bio War, that was planned against the world countries.

Arjun then kills Philip after reminding of his betrayal to the country by telling, "RAW is watching everyone. From betrayers to the destructor of Indian nation."

A few months later, Arjun meets Harini and they both gets married. Later, he learns that she became pregnant with Arjun's child, a few days back. Arjun feels happier after hearing the news...

Meanwhile, Sunil Varma calls Arjun  and tells him that, "They have to meet immediately."

Arjun smiles and gets ready to go for meeting Sunil Varma. Harini asks him, "Where are you going now, Arjun?"

"I am going in" said Arjun, implying that he is ready for his next undercover convert strike mission as a RAW agent...


Thanks and Due credits to: Sruthi Gowda and a few writers, who contributed the story...

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