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Shamim Ranja

Drama Inspirational


Shamim Ranja

Drama Inspirational

The Quest

The Quest

3 mins

We all at one point will ask ourselves who am I? And the pity is we “ourselves” know the answer which we keep on searching in the outside world. We all have our favourite movies and it differs from person to person, do you know the reason why? We always tend to like something which we can connect with our life and that is why we do like certain movies for a lifetime.

One of my favourite movies is “The Pursuit of Happiness”. I love this movie as discovering yourself is all about the pursuit of being content or being happy. Will Smith never looked as happy as he was after going through all the struggle yet accomplished what he wanted to do. This is what we call as “This is me, this is just me.”


Born in a middle-class family, I was always told that education is the way to success. People talk about the Indian education system which is not so constructive but what I saw as a child is it is not the education system but it is the Indian society that has made this education system as the bottom line to be successful. How many of us will agree to this?

Anyways being an obedient child, I was a brilliant student and always ranked in top 10. I felt like I was in a race and I have to win this. At some point, I enjoyed it as competition and but only ambiguity I had was where exactly I am heading to? Being an optimist, I just thought to follow what everyone was.


I got admission in engineering as my father wanted me to get settled abroad and this is the best field to go for. I never had my opinion as I was always under the shadow of my parents. Hence whatever they decided was final for me. Question is why they decided this? Everyone around them was talking about this and without knowing what I want, the decision was taken. On the other hand, I did not know what I wanted to do as I never had that liberty to think and decide.

After my graduation, my life’s most important part started. This is called a turning point.


I still remember my first flight to London. I could not decide whether I should be happy or sad…It was dark inside and dark outside…One of my father’s friends came to receive me at the airport. People around me looked too busy and I felt I should also do something. My father gave the DD worth 3000 pounds but I never wanted to spend it. So I started looking for some part-time job. After struggling for 3 months, I got a job at a cloth shop for the weekend.

My observations, people stand in the queue no matter how long is the queue. People don’t push each other; don’t come in each other’s way. All I mean is basic etiquettes…this is what London taught me, value yourself and value life. Start loving yourself and the world around you will become beautiful.


I guess I got transformed. The way of looking at life changed totally. Life is all about looking at the way it is and turn it the way you want it to be. Life is never ideal and it takes time to convince yourself that it is not going the way you want it to be...doesn’t matter..what matters is, how you take and how you deal and how you turn it…

Discovering yourself is the quest for goes on, so move on and embrace it…

I walk alone as I know I can,

I break the wall as I know I can,

I fight alone as I know I can,

Why doubt when I know I can?

Why let people decide when I know I can?

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