Read a tale of endurance, will & a daring fight against Covid. Click here for "The Stalwarts" by Soni Shalini.
Read a tale of endurance, will & a daring fight against Covid. Click here for "The Stalwarts" by Soni Shalini.

Shamim Ranja



Shamim Ranja


Abnormal is The New Normal

Abnormal is The New Normal

4 mins

There is a saying that behind every successful man, there is woman but behind every successful woman, there can be a man???

Love is blind but people will not allow it to remain blind for a longer time. The couple got married 1 year back and happily living away from the family and relatives. It was an inter -caste marriage and took almost 5 years to convince the families for marriage

Sakshi, the smart and intelligent woman found love far away from what her family choice could have been. But she was equally stern to get married to the man of her choice and finally the day came. Marriage is just a public license to confirm the agreement between two people however, after marriage it is normally woman who tries adjusting with married life challenges but this couple was different. Sakshi’s husband always wanted to be an entrepreneur, he never liked 9 to 6 job. He invested good amount of money in shares and stocks. Sakshi had no complaints as she was very much content whatever earnings they had.

Sakshi was also doing very well with her career.

“I got promoted”, Sakshi told

Husband replied, “That’s great news, let’s have baby and complete our family”

After a year, Sakshi gave birth to a baby boy at her parent’s place. Though her parents were happy, still somewhere they were reluctant to accept her husband in their family. Sakshi thought to leave early from her parent’s place though she still had her maternity leaves pending.

Coming back to her home, she was happy, both husband and wife started their new life with their newly born.

The child doesn’t only bring the happiness but it also makes parents responsible. As an individual, parents can feel weak and give us but in front of their child or for well-being of their child, parents can cross any limit. Women are gifted to take care of baby but here as father, Sakshi’s husband already knew, he will take care of baby as he really wanted Sakshi to climb the ladder in her career.

He started reading baby books and made himself equipped to take care of child before Sakshi’s maternity leave got over. Baby also became fond of his father and Sakshi could now focus on her work.

Life was good and nice. Sakshi’s husband incurred a huge loss in stock market and was quite upset. He thought to take off his money from stock market and with left over money he bought a small shop to rent. Monthly rental was coming from shop and that was good enough for the couple.

Baby was now 1 year old and first word came out from his mouth was “Papa”. Somewhere Sakshi’s husband was content but inside of him was not happy. One day Sakshi asked him reason of him being sad and aloof.

He replied, “I don’t like to hide that my wife works and I sit at home, I am happy for you but what would people say scares me”

Sakshi paused for a while and replied, “For me whatever I am today is because of you being with me. You never wanted to do 9 to 6 job, and your money is earning for you. I respect your opinion and you respect mine, why do we need to care what people has to say”

Next day, in one family function, Sakshi’s aunt asked her husband, “So , what do you do, job?”

Sakshi was standing by her husband and replied, “Well, my husband is doing full time job at home of taking care of my baby so that I can work, isn’t it great?”

Aunt gathered everyone present in the party and said,

“I wish my husband would have been like this, not sure who in society made this rule that women has to stay at home and men has to work and earn, why can’t we treat both as an individual rather categorizing as men and women. Life is all about choices that we make and as an individual we all have liberty to choose what we want. Even if we fail, we know it was our choice hence no regret. We need to make ourselves happy before trying to make others happy. It is the time that we have this shift in our mindset”

“I choose the path different than others

Everyone laughed and talked about the failures

Regret and repent whatever it may be

I face and I dare it

So what if no one is with me, it is just a matter of time

This is my choice and I will flourish

Only if I am happy, I can make world around me happy

If this is abnormal, let’s make it new normal”

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