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Shamim Ranja

Children Stories Inspirational


Shamim Ranja

Children Stories Inspirational

Rising Above

Rising Above

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During my childhood, I always wanted to have a pet and I somehow managed to get one. One day I was on my house terrace and saw a sparrow, little injured, sitting in the corner. I went close to her, she looked like an angel wanting to fly though helpless. I took her in my arms and made a small place for her on the terrace.

The next morning before going to school, I went to see her, gave her food and water. I left with a smile and this became my routine now. It was the fourth day morning, I woke up just like every other day and went up. I could not find my little angel and thought to wait for her. An hour passed and my father came up asking me what happened? I told him the entire story of my last three days and he smiled.

I asked my father, "Why she had to go?" She had everything over here, food, water, place to live...

Father replied, " She had everything but no freedom. She can live without food and water but not without her independence. Flying in the sky is her freedom and happiness"

I also smiled and asked him, " If she is happy then I am also happy, Is this the same freedom that we got in 1947?"

He told me, Yes but still, we have a long way to go...

"We got freedom because we all got united forgetting which religion, caste, language, or race we belong to. We fought for one nation but now we only fight for ourselves

First, we need to free ourselves from all kinds of myths, we need to get united to fight against corruption, poverty, and all kind of dirt which is hampering our progress as true nation. We are yet to utilize the true meaning of democracy"


"Walking on the road, I ignore the pit

Passing through the road, I ignore the garbage

Driving in the traffic, I ignore the pollution

Sitting in the park, I ignore the spitting

Passing through the slum, I ignore the poverty

Standing in the queue, I ignore the rule

Oh my motherland, raise me above all this

What goes around comes around

Let us unite, fight and relish clean India and Free India"

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