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The Mobile Phone

The Mobile Phone

5 mins

I stood in front of Lord Yama (Hindu God of Death)

YAMA: Twisting his thick moustache, "Why did you commit suicide?" Come on tell me fast, there's a big queue waiting for me....

MOBILE PHONE: Paused for a while and replied, "I was devastated by the treatment given to me by human beings."

YAMA: Grinned and said, "So, there's nothing new in that...."

MOBILE PHONE:. "It may not be new for you, but it was new for me."

YAMA: Roared at the top of his voice, hearing which everyone's heart skipped a beat, except for Yama's. "Why are you repeating the same thing like Narada (famous vedic sage), cut it short or you will surely be thrown into a vessel of hot oil.

MOBILE PHONE: Feeling scared, uttered in a low tone "You brought me on earth with buttons and a small screen. The human beings remained the same physically, but deleted all my buttons and I kept quiet.

They always used to bull shit about each other, to which I played a dumb artist, unlike their own friends, who used to back stab them. I kept numb.

The daughter in laws would complain about their mother in laws and vice versa, in whose hands I would die of suffocation, because the call duration was such long that there would be hardly any time for me to breathe. I was suffocated to death.

I was ashamed by the treatment given to me by the boyfriends over phone. They would literally kiss me, mistaking me for their girlfriends, which definitely demanded an explanation from my girlfriend.... gosh, that was when I could just see her, but never tried to talk to her 

The husbands phone was crashed to death by their wives, and why not because of their disloyalty, but I would lose my girlfriend, and see her die helplessly in the wives' hands. Mind it, no mistake from my side. I was the silent observer.

The boys or the men's group boozed up without literally asking me for a peg. The girls would party with different stylish outfits, but my girlfriend wore the same pouch, except for few girls who would change it according to their outfit, but that time was the testing period for me as I had to restrict myself from looking at her because the boys would never be with the same girls as I used to be. Shame on them, still I didn't reveal anything to anyone.

I was also used to convey the mournful messages, but I would get squeezed up by people, both at the giving and receiving end though I was just the mediator. I kept quiet.

The politicians used to replace me every now and then, craving for a higher version of me, and the older version of me was just thrown in the drawer, which was the most enjoyable time, as I could get in touch with my old friends. Thanks to the politicians, because that was the only time I got to speak 

On a harder note, the police would use me strictly to catch the thieves, but at the same time, all my friends across the globe were displayed as though we were some kind of exhibits,. Still, I didn't complain.

I couldn't see the pregnant women using me despite screaming at them not to use me as it would deform the foetus, they wouldn't hear it. I restricted myself from touching God's most beautiful creation, the newborn, but I couldn't tolerate it when I saw the kids playing with me, but I had to keep my silence with fingers on my lips.

Human beings used to take me wherever they used to go, sometimes it was fun in watching movies, but I used to feel damn hungry when they used to hog the popcorn, nachos, and what not, poor me inspite of being silent, they used to put me in silent mode and I used to feel so suffocated sitting in their pungent pants and dresses. First of all they wouldn't touch themselves with their soiled hands, but I would hate it when they used to spoil my screen with their soiled hands.

I was misused to such an extent that I had to see and smell the shit out of human beings who would take me to the toilets, but I never treated them back with the same, which will never be understood by the selfish mankind.

I was the happiest with the priests of temple and fathers of church, imam of the mosque, and granthi of the sikhs until one day when they were killed by the human beings, I lost trust in God and that's when I gave myself to the killers of the priests and got hit by the gun shot which would have otherwise killed the pious priests.  

I know I was made with a purpose, but I think I was misused by the mankind to the maximum. Though I admit I have done good, but more than good, the weightage of bad is more. Here I stand before you, pardon me if you can, or better hang me, because I don't want to spoil the divine atmosphere here like how I was made to do on earth.

These are just glimpses which I have told you, then there were doctors, engineers, nurses, patients, teachers, college students, professors, scientists, watchmen, vegetable vendors, house maids.............the list of people who have used me is never ending.

YAMA: For the first time, was a silent observer, "I pity you for all that you have undergone, but as you have committed suicide in order to protect the priest, I leave it to the discretion of God as to what punishment had to be undergone by you."

YAMA: Next,.......

GOD: "A day will surely come where people would realise your value and limit your usage to the minimal for their own benefit as desired by you."

Before the mobile phone could ask for anything, my mobile started rrrnnnniiiiiiiiigggggiiiiiiinnnnnnnnngggg. I said, thank God!

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