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The Soul Mate

The Soul Mate

7 mins

Dharini was lying down on her bed, lifeless. She had turned dumb to her mother's wake up calls. Not even the alarm was successful in waking her up. Her mother, feeling sad for Dharini, came out of her bedroom and gave a call to Dharini's best friend, Pari, thinking that Dharini would open up to Pari rather than herself. Pari immediately agreed to tend to Dharini and promised to come soon and meet her.

Dharini suddenly woke up from her bed, her mobile was ringing, she could not believe it, it had been almost six months, since she had heard this ring tone, Baby I love you!!...Baby I love you!!,. She answered the call, but in vain, there was no response from the other side. She immediately tried calling back, but it was out of range. 

Dharini came down running and hugged her mom. She said she had to go out. Looking at her devastated condition, her mother said, that Dharini had to get ready, eat something before she goes out to which Dharini immediately agreed and took bath as though it had been years since she had taken bath and felt relaxed. She wore his favorite dress and called up Pari requesting her to join her for outing to which Pari agreed. No sooner did Dharini have breakfast, Pari had come home to join her for outing. Dharini took her mother's blessings and left home with Pari. Dharini's mom prayed to God for her daughter's well being. 

Dharini started driving the car and told Pari about the call that she had received on hearing which, even Pari was surprised, but at the same time felt happy for Dharini because she knew how Dharini and Dhanush were so much in love with each other and suddenly one day how Dharini had blocked Dhanush's phone number out of anger and that was the last day that they both had heard of Dhanush, and since that day till date, they were in search of Dhanush, but they could not even find a trace of Dhanush, and all of a sudden\, a call from his mobile to Dharini had brought the smile back on her face. Thank God! Pari, murmured.

They reached Dhanush's house, and were happy to see his friends and relatives around and why not, Dhanush was such a good soul who was the kindest among them all and used to help each and every noble soul on earth, be it human beings or animals. Dharini thought of buying him a bouquet full of red roses from the floral shop nearby and tipped the shop keeper heavily before leaving, which brought a smile on the shop keeper's face.

Holding the beautiful bouquet in her hand, looking beautiful as ever, Dharini walked at a steady pace along with her friend Pari. Dharini walked past the verandah of Dhanush's house and no sooner did she enter the hall, she was flabbergasted with the bouquet of roses falling from her hand. It was very difficult for Pari to control Dharini as she too was in a great shock on seeing Dhanush's photo being garlanded. They both could not believe their eyes and cried uncontrollably. Dhanush's mom came to Dharini's rescue and told her that she was the one who gave her a missed call because she did not have the courage to say that Dhanush was no more. After prolonged crying, both Dharini and Pari left Dhanush's house, dumbstruck. 

Dharini's mom pacified her and put her to sleep with great difficulty. the next morning, Dharini was very disturbed, she did not know what to do. She thought of meeting her best friend, Pari, and went to her home. Pari consoled her, and made her to eat her breakfast after eating which, she threw up. Pari's mother was a doctor, she checked Dharini and told her to come to her clinic. Both Pari and Dharini went to the clinic where Pari's mother told Dharini that she was pregnant. Dharini could not believe it, and she was all the more happy. She slipped her hand around the stomach and thanked God for giving her a chance to meet Dhanush again in her life in the form of baby. Pari's mother gave Dharini iron and other tablets and told her to eat healthy and nutritious food as she's conceived now. Pari dropped Dharini home and broke the news out to Dharini's mother, who could not even utter a word after hearing this. Pari then took Dharini's mom aside and told her that since Dharini was happy about being pregnant with Dhanush's child, and that she also should accept it and let Dharini feel happy about it. Dharini's mom thanked Pari and gave both her and Dharini sweets to eat and expressed her happiness. 

Soon, Dharini's pregnancy news became the talk of the town and whenever Dharini would go out of her house, people would mock her with something or the other and taunt her that if she were their daughter, they would have aborted and killed both the mother and the baby. Dharini tried to ignore all these taunts, but slowly she gave into that, after all she's a human being too. She walked into the big shopping complex and entered the baby's section, but could see few of her own friends avoiding her and felt bad as Dharini's baby bump could be seen. She rushed out of the shopping mall feeling sad, and drove her car to the nearest medical shop on the context of buying the iron tablets. She bought some and told the pharmacist to give her some sleeping tablets. The pharmacist  told her that it was not advisable for her to take sleeping pills during pregnancy, to which she hesitantly told him that it was for her mother. The pharmacist  believed her and gave the sleeping tablets, but he was unable to see the tears at the edge of her eyes.

Dharini grasped them in hand, and handed over the change to the street beggar, which was a 500 rs note. on seeing which, the beggar blessed her that all her wishes would come true, which Dharini heard with a grin on her face. She had grasped the sleeping pill bottle tightly in her hand worrying that she should not be caught by anyone. She looked for passersby who were busy in their own world and slowly came near her car and sat down on the driver's seat. She slowly opened the sleeping pills bottle and was about to take the pills when her mother called to find out about her whereabouts to which Dharini answered in a shivering voice that she was about to leave the shopping mall. Her mother sensed something wrong to which Dharini said that it was due to heavy traffic that her voice was not clear and cut the call. Dharini felt the baby bump one last time and was about to gulp down the tablets, but alas, she heard someone calling her name out loudly. She closed her ears and eyes. this time, she thought she would not listen to any unwanted voices or calls. she apologized to the baby in her stomach and Dhanush, the love of her life and her mother, started the car, and put the handbrake off, then vroom came the hard hit on her hand. 

Dharini could not believe her eyes, she felt dizzy and could not move out of the car. The hand brake was put back again. She could feel the water sprinkled on her face and someone was making her drink water. She could hear the voice, the voice that she yearned for years. She slowly whispered DHANUSH!! He slowly lifted her and made her sit comfortably in the back seat of the car and aired her. She held him tightly and cried unconsolably on his shoulders. He let her cry for sometime and then pecked a kiss on her forehead. Dharini looked at the sky and thanked God for giving her love back, Dhanush. When Dharini was about to open her mouth, Dhanush closed it with his hand and signalled her to take rest and drove her home.

On reaching home, Dharini's mother too was in a great shock, but welcomed them with a sweet smile. By this time, Pari also reached her house. After a while Dhanush explained to both Dharini and her mother as to how he became the victim of Corona and was in a state of coma for the last 6 months, and how his phone got stolen in the hospital and how it was misused. This time, it was now Dharini's turn, to plant a kiss on Dhanush's forehead and before he could utter anything, they both were in liplock!! Pari and Dharini's mother went inside to prepare lunch for them. Dharini felt that they both were soul mates and that is why God made them meet again, and this time, she would not let Dhanush go away from her, she promised her baby too!!!!.

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