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Monica Pathak

Romance Tragedy Crime


Monica Pathak

Romance Tragedy Crime

The Lovers choose the coffin!

The Lovers choose the coffin!

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I won't start the story with the word 'Once' because it happens every day and maybe while you are reading this it has already happened somewhere and would be happening at the other place. We humans have reached a state where we have challenged heavens. 


Every day one or the other couple prefers to die together than living together. They say we would be happy in heavens than on this planet.

But wait where is heaven?

The heaven you read in novels or listen in bhajans is described by humans. They say you go to the paradise after you die and then they say you will not come back after death. So how do they know how the heaven looks? 

Well do not misunderstand me. I did not believe in heavens earlier but now I do after what happened yesterday.

Well for the dead couple in my neighbourhood I can surely say they are in heaven now.

But their heaven is black and dark unlike what is written in books. There is no abundance, neither gold nor food is abundant there. And well there are no angels,Gods or apsaras there. It is just the two of them and no one else.

'Hey! this is not heaven!'

I was a good student in school and I remember my textbooks described heavens in a different way.

But Avni and Piyush are happier there than they were on this planet. I can bet my life on this.

Avni's parents didn't want her to marry Piyush. They wanted her to marry a rich man who on their first meeting ordered her to quit modelling and social work which she loved to do. He wanted her to give him babies and be a good daughter in law.

She could have done this only if that sweet and intelligent girl was a gold digger. But that poor rich guy had mishandled a nice girl. Well, more than him it was her parents who wanted her to be bad. They chased her to a different city. To the point that they decided to disregard her from their property. To which she happily agreed. Piyush was not poor either but his two flaws were that his mother was paralysed and that he was too dark. Well women definitely fall for tall and dark men often. Avni was no exception. She had no problem with the paralysis although she knew that the disease could be inherited by Piyush and her future child. She did quit modelling but tripled her social service work and Piyush supported it wholeheartedly.

But threatening calls from goons were made everyday, they were attacked once they were attacked in their house themselves, the evil intentions increased to such an extent that Avni 's family celebrated her mother-in-law's death.

Yesterday the couple was buried in the garden of their house, barely after 2 years of marriage. If I would have been at their place and my marriage would have been that short then I swear I would have challenged and protested against destiny. I could loose everything but Lily. I knew Piyush since he was a kid, he was a bad boy and I knew this because both of us have had nights with cigarettes and alcohol. But there is a thing about bad boys they all have a girl who knows exactly why we do this to ourselves. Piyush 's mother was struck with paralysis when he was barely 12 and his father left half of his property to him and got remarried. I will not discuss my pain here because it won't do good to the cause for which I am writing. He was taken care by his father well and Avni was tge second girl who tried hard to make him stop smoking and drinking and kudos to her she was successful. This is why I thought their love story was far better than many love stories of the younger generations these days. Avni got to do what she loved and Piyush became a better person is it not what love is made for 'to grow and to be free'. Well there is a sect of humans who have a different definition of love and that is 'status' and 'good looks' well to be brashly honest good looks means fairness.

Hey there are many other sects too. Had love been a person he would have committed suicide on knowing that he has so many personalities and that there is no medicine or therapy to cure it.

Well how they were murdered I do not know yet and nobody knows as of now. But one thing is for sure, 

now Piyush can kiss Avni anytime and everytime,

now Avni can look at Piyush 's face and say loud enough for no one else to hear that Piyush is a handsome man and that she is lucky.

In that few inches long coffin the two lovers can love freely and passionately more than they could do in this wide world. It is a sad paradox, that we humans choose to mourn at lovers when they die than to bless them when they love. We choose to put a wreath on their coffins than to shower flowers on their weddings. We prefer fair skins probably because our hearts are black so to have a good cover for a bad gift. We prefer money over passion than money for passion because we want to have a richly decorated coffin than to have a well furnished home.

Well at the same time here these two children were murdered but there are couples who choose to die than to live together. Well I want to tell to these later ones that they have to live they have an obligation towards the future generations, the future must be taught with examples that love wins over oppression. Though tough but it is very much possible. So lovers please choose to love than to die the society needs you.

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