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Win cash rewards worth Rs.45,000. Participate in "A Writing Contest with a TWIST".

The Love Curse

The Love Curse

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Hi, this is the most interesting story ever written.

I am going to introduce you to all the characters of the story one by one.

Here is the first character in the story:

She is the most beautiful woman on the entire planet. Long curly hairs, tall legs and brown eyes. Her beauty was a boon to her. She is blessed with the power of attraction. She would make anything and everything to fall in love with her. She could make the clouds rain and butterflies to blossom the flowers. She can inherit her fragrance to attract anyone around. Being so beautiful, she had so many rivals. Any king would lose nations; any player would lose the game if she asks. Such was her power of attraction. Every girl would imagine the same life as her and every boy would love to make her a life partner.

But that was the beautiful part, sad part is she had a curse. The curse was by a lover who died in her love. The curse stated that she can attract anyone in the world. But the time she would really fall in love with someone, that someone would lose his life. She would never get the love of her life.

She was very afraid to love anyone. But guess what? Who has control over the feelings in the heart? She always stayed away from men and hated them so that she did not fall for them. It was tough for her to be rude all the time, so she decided to stay in the forest where she would find no men around.

Let’s see what happens in the forest, will she never fall in love? Will she find someone?

Stay tuned for the next epic of the Love curse!

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