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Pinkal Kothiya

Fantasy Romance


Pinkal Kothiya

Fantasy Romance

The Love Curse- 4

The Love Curse- 4

4 mins 17.6K 4 mins 17.6K

Demis was going mad looking at the tattoo. He was not able to recollect what it was, but it was definitely something that he had seen before. But, where? He tried to think about it very hard, but he was not able to.

Allurina on the other side is still in the bed, the rain had stopped, and she was asleep.

Demis comes out of the hut and sits at the river bank confused and blank. Allurina wakes up and comes out to find him. She tells him that she would have to leave now. Demis says, he doesn't know her, but there is something about her tattoo which is making him mad.

Allrina said this tattoo was inked by one of her lovers, the guy who loved her so much. The tattoo was a statement that stated "LOVE YOUR SOUL". She said that she was never loved by anyone like him before. But, he died. So, she decided to have the same tattoo inked on her hand as a memory. He cursed her that the person she would love would die too. Hence, she had been here hiding herself from all the men so that she didn't kill anyone. He was a true lover.

Demis confusingly asked, "If he was the one who loved you, why didn't you accept his love? Why did he curse you? If you are cursed by him, why do you have to ink his tattoo to remember him? This is all just confusing".

Allurina said with tears in her eyes, "My life was a mess. I, being the most beautiful woman, everyone loved my beauty, every man wanted a girl like me and they would do anything for me. But he was not from the lot of those men. He was different. He loved me from within. He loved my soul. That was an eternal love that he had, the purest of all. This was something that any girl would want. A girl prefers to be loved the way she is and not being loved for her beauty. I was very happy that someone was actually in love with real me. He was my neighbor. He never confessed his love to me, it was all within. I had no clue if I was also in love with him because we never spoke to each other, he just kept looking at me when we would meet across the roads. One day I felt so sick, I visited a doctor and the doctor informed me that one of my kidney was about to fail and he said I would have to arrange one from my family or friends.

This news spread around, and you know what that day I realized no lover came to do this for me. Though being beautiful, none would help me to save my life. I was glad that my life was ending, as the world seemed very mean. I left the hope that I would be able to arrange for one. I had no family and friends, well, they all loved my beauty and not me.

So, I decided that whatever time I am left with, I would spend with myself. I was just thinking about this and the door bells. I saw him outside the door. He said, he would like to give his kidney to me. I asked him why he would do it? Why he is not like others? and he specified that he is in love with me. I could not believe what I heard. I just hugged him and felt like I was in heaven.

Then we went to hospital and my kidney was replaced with his. But, Doctor said that the person who gave his kidney died. I was out of control and I could not see someone dying to save my life. So, I left the hospital crying didn't even dare to see him for the last time.

I don't know what happened after that, I left that house and moved away, but one day I got a dream of him and he cursed. I loved him, but after his dream, I still felt that he is alive, he is somewhere around. So, because of the fear that I would lose him for loving him, I stopped loving him too. It was just this tattoo that I inked so that if he is alive, he could recognize me and my love. So, this is the story. I still don't know about him"

Allurina asked if he has seen this tattoo before and if he remembers anything about it? But Demis is still not able to catch what it is about.

What do you think it is? Will he remember about the tattoo? What’s going to be the end. Wait for tomorrow :

The Last of Love curse.

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