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Ravneet Dhaliwal

Abstract Romance


Ravneet Dhaliwal

Abstract Romance

The Imperishable Love

The Imperishable Love

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“The heart was made to be broken.”

― Oscar Wilde

 She had a tear rolling down. She was sobbing continuously.

Avni, see you tomorrow at the Rehabilitation Centre. Yes, sure.


 "Well! Well, we all have a heart if it's beating, we are alive and if it stops beating, we are dead- a fact! But, just think if it gets broken? Probably we are dead- alive. Thousands of sleepless nights, a plethora of restless plights, plenty of doubts keep scorching us. The time of heartbreak is the most difficult phase that a person can undergo, its equivalent to a dismissal of someone or even more daunting.

 And it gets worse if it was a decision taken by you under pressure leading to a deep void of sadness. In today's era, the world is full of stress and worries. Somebody is looking for a job, somebody is trying to get stable, somebody is anxious about the future and when breakup lines up, oh life seems endlessly deteriorating engulfed with eternal loneliness. Take a deep breath, no it won't help you! But, the more you take in the fresh air the more courage you gather to face it”.

She wrote in her diary.

 These words kept echoing and her heart quaked at night!


Rush... Rush... I'm late! Oh, gosh... Hello, I booked a cab. Where are you? Please come fast, please. I can't afford to get late.

Oh, thank God! I'm just 20 minutes late.

 She ran to see the notice board. Which room has been allocated to her?

Room number 09. She was handed over a file. The file had the synopsis, the treatment and the history of the patient.

 She saw A 5 by 6 room with hell lot of darkness. As she entered the room, she witnessed a slim boy with long hairs sitting in a corner of the room with head on his knees, murmuring something to him. As soon as he noticed her, he threw his sleeper with all the force at her. It hit her on her forehead.

 She still managed to smile, I'm Avni. I will be with you for a few weeks. I do volunteer work, bear me. I’m not a professional. Try to be friends with me, trust me I will not harm you at any cost. I am here to help you. He started shouting at her vigorously.

I have read your file. I feel you are ruining your life. Avni firmly replied to him.


Self-help is the only weapon that you can rely on to forgets heart-wrenching memories. She added.

 God helps those who help themselves, a very old saying, holds true. Hours of lectures and a reality check by your friends had landed you nowhere but here. If you are not determined to take up the fact that- It's Over, you will be here for the rest of your life!

 Well, there might be few tears in your eyes every time whenever you go to memory lane ending you up with swollen dark under eye circles. But, What for?


He was explosively angry. The aggression went so high that he started beating his head against the wall.

 Let him Continue. she said to a security person, as he came to stop him.

You have been hurting yourself from last 2 years mentally.

You wanted to be an actor and she left you because you were a struggling one. So, what's wrong? She had an option, she chose. You also had an option; you chose this to be your fate.

 Your family, your friends, your well-wishers carve for you.

 I would have chosen to be my best version and would have fought with it with all my spirit. She realized she is being too emotional.

 Shut Up...quite...who the hell are you to tell me all this? What have you achieved? And you never loved anybody with all your heart, so shut your mouth and leave.

 I told you, I would have fought and so will I. I will fight with you, with your mindset.


Mending broken heart is always a difficult task to do. I am going to write a line on the wall.

"You look pitiable but what for? Just think, you are crying time and again for them who have forgotten your existence long ago.

Keep reading it unless it strikes your mind and heart".

 Ask yourself, do you want to be a shallow emotionless soul, for whole your life?

 Take care! I will visit you tomorrow.

That night he kept reading the line written in bold until he fell



Hey. Had your breakfast?

No. That is so sweet of you, you were waiting for me. Avni said.

He was numb. She ate breakfast with him. Why are you helping me? He questioned.

Why is not important, how we will help you to get back to your life is important. Let's focus on things that will definitely help you in overcoming such a miserable situation.

Go to your subconscious mind, open up your so-called favorite folder, select all while not giving a damn about who's in it and delete it, yes forever. Trust me, you going to love this. This is the task for you for tonight.

Why it's important? He enquired.


Because you will keep visiting them at midnight or whenever you go for a moonlight walk and keep wishing she was with you like she used to be. But my dear friend, it's gone, it's over, it's PAST.

"You will keep hurting yourself in the desire of a shooting star".

One more sentence on the wall by her.

 I will Call up your friends for a breakup party! Yes, you heard it right! Sounds crazy but it’s the happiest thing that you can witness after such a heavy heart situation.

The mere idea brought a smile on your face, iBook. We will do all the preparations, light up this room, decorate your room and play your favorite rock songs. We will dance until your feet give up. Only if you promise me, you will help me in helping you out. Think about it tonight.

 Hey. Yes, I will. She glowed like the sun.

She took permissions and arranged a meet but with no sound system.

She did not forget to capture these astonishing cherishable moments. See, these awesome photographs when dark nights haunt you and feel the magic. It's easy.

Still, you are on the same page? He was quiet.

Go get a life, plan a vacation. Go for some adventurous sports, hiking, trekking, paragliding. What will be the outcome? He questioned.

You will be totally a transformed person with widened horizons and a much better personality; The one who attracts everybody because of the wide learning experiences. The cultural mingling will help you to be friends with unknown and their aura and real-life situations will motivate you to do your best in life. Just remember, every third person in the world has experienced heartache and heartbreaks but most of them have found the love of their life again! The Love that motivates you to be your Best version in life! Be optimistic, love yourself first, make yourself your priority and feel the nostalgia. Don't run behind people instead run for your passion.


You wanted to be an actor to be a one.

 In nutshell, a person who brings misfortune to you, can't be the love of your life. No matter how rich they are? How smart they are? Move, ahead and look forward to the one who inspires you to give your best shot and expects nothing from you in turn but just wants you to be happy. Yes, they do exist. All the best for this search hunt. She gave a warm hug and left the Rehab center.

 Excuse me, he came running. Thank you so much. I just wish I had met you earlier. You are a gem. I'm sorry for everything - for my tone, for my language. It's fine dear, she smiled. Can I get your contact number? Yes, it's 9897... I will call you as I get out of this cage.


I will be more than happy. Take care and call me soon.


3 months later

 Mr. Starlet 2000 is back with a boom, all the newspapers had this news on the front page.

 A tear was rolling down onto her chin while she looked stunning in Red Lehenga. Deep down, she knew she had done her task partially. She has been ignoring his calls since he proposed her to be his better half.

 'Hey, Avni... You have done your part. Now it's my turn to make you happy for the rest of your life.

 I can't. My parents will never be in favor of Love marriage.

 She did an arranged marriage. Sooner things started getting worst. She was admitted to The Rehabilitation Centre. She demanded room number 09.


 The lines - "You will keep hurting yourself in the desire of a shooting star", haunted her. She kept waiting for him to come back in her search with the only photographs she had. (See, these awesome photographs when dark nights haunt you and feel the magic. It's easy).

He kept his promise of being the best version. (I would have chosen to be my best version and would have fought with it with all my spirit).


Love is not about spending decades together, it’s the connection, the inevitable bond that can take the time or can be instant. The pain leaves you with is inevitable unless somebody who loves you the right meets you. Destiny helps you once and it is you who have to make a decision.

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