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Compromise is a stigma created by us – a win/loss situation for one calling for a miserable life ourselves whilst other enjoy domination. Either you are at loss or the person who is going to compromise. In such situations, neither side gets all of what they really want, but they each make concessions in order to reach an agreement that is acceptable to both somehow but not completely.

What made both of you to make a compromise is an important question? With whom you are compromising is the second most important thing that is directly proportional to your life.

Human needs are materialistic & non-materialistic: food, shelter, cloth, luxurious lifestyle, a sense of security, identity, belonging, and freedom. Yes, freedom being the most important. Freedom of choosing friends, thoughts, actions, choices.

When it comes to disputes over materialistic necessities, I feel compromise is acceptable because our needs are not more important than our inner self-peace but what about non materialistic things? Our feelings? A big no, don’t make a compromise, it’s your life and you have all the power to deal with it the way you want to.

“We can’t always get everything we want, of course.

We can’t always be in the driving seat of our ride.

We can’t always stay strong

We can’t always stay patient

But we can certainly get a lot of what we want

If we take right decisions at right time.

Right! What do I mean by right?

The right decision is one which makes you feel happy in long-term

That makes you strong

That makes you feel the air around

The one decision that motivates you to do something that you have not done ever before.

Just because we can’t always be in control doesn’t mean that we’re never in control.

You have to be brave to take the one right decision.”

Compromising is part of our everyday life . . . .what matters is for whom you are ready to compromise? Is it for your inner peace? If yes, don’t give a second thought but if it’s for other people, keep thinking until you change your mind.

Taking a decision is all that matters – if you are compromising by heart it will be easy to accept but if you are compromising just for the sake of avoiding some situation, sooner or later in life you will repent.

What you’re willing to compromise will make all the difference.

If you ask me, its okay to compromise in life but not with your life. According to me, we must not compromise on following things if you do not want to burden yourself with guilt & regret.

Emotions- Being emotional makes us human, it shows we still have something to believe in. Never put yourself in a position where you are forced to ignore your emotions.

Core values- Core values are the values which we have accomplished since our birth, they make us unique, they define us – it is the frame of our soul. I am not saying you to be rigid but compromising with your values is compromising with your life so I am warning you not to compromise with them.

Major life choices- Being able to separate needs and wants is essential. Never let go of something you truly need but be more flexible with the things that you want.

“Don’t abandon your dreams, especially if they’ve stayed with you for a long time and you can’t stop thinking about them.”

“If you need something, fight for it.”

Self-respect – Anything that costs your self-respect is not worth a compromise.

Integrity- There will be people that will ask you to compromise just a little on your values by saying everyone does it and no one will ever really know what you have done.

“A person that asks you to compromise your integrity . . . . is not yours!!”

When you have to make a choice . . . . never compromise your values . . . . and you will keep your integrity intact.

Loyalty- Always be truthful even when you are in trouble or in a contrasting situation. Being known for your loyalty can be the best thing you can ever get. Being loyal in your life boosts up your confidence & is a great value to have. Never make the people you love doubt you.

There are plenty of times when compromise is needed

Living space- A time that surely calls for a compromise because we are not alone, we owe to a society. We are a part of society where being inflexible can create undue problems.When you have to work in a diverse environment, where people come with differing beliefs and perspectives -


Perfection can create a mess in your life because if you want perfection in everything, you will be troubling your loved ones too. They might get irritated with your this habit.


Life is a journey like I always say – focusing too much on short-term results is not advisable. What you have today, you may lose tomorrow or vice-versa.

So just keep up the spirit & look forward to your upcoming destination of life.

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