The Horoscope

The Horoscope

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I woke up in the morning and got ready for a quick bath. The mind was disturbed. I had decided in my mind that I shall do anything to teach him a lesson today.

Mummy said,” Son calm down. Don’t go anywhere. If those people say “No”, will not our daughters get married? The society will blame us if we go against them.”

I said, “Mother, you go inside. Today I will teach him”. I came out of the house excitedly. On the way, it was the house of Pandit Ji. I knocked at the door of Pandit Ji's house.

Pandit Ji said, “What is the matter, brother? Which train are you missing? Is it the way to knock the door? Tell me what do you want?”

I said, “Pandit Ji, I have a very important job with you”.

Pandit Ji said, “Tell me what the work is? But you will have to give dakshina”.

I said, “Why not? You are such a great priest. Who does not know your name in the city?”

Pandit Ji said, “What is the problem?”

I said,” A horoscope is to be made”.

Pandit Ji said, “Why not? I'll just make it. Tell me the date of birth”.

I said, “27 April 2019.”

Pandit Ji said,” So the birth has taken place today. It might have been in the morning or at night”.

I said, “The birth took place at 4 o'clock”.

Panditji said, “Then it must be a girl”.

I said," Pandit Ji, how did you know that it was a girl?"

Panditji said, “It was just the period of Brahma Muhurta. That is why she has come to your house."

I said, "Yes, Lakshmi has come. I also thought that I should name her Lakshmi".

Pandit Ji took out the ledger and started adding and subtracting. Then he said scratching his forehead, “Look there is nothing to worry about. But I find a little malefic effect of Mars( Mangal Dosha)."

I said, “What?”

Pandit Ji said, “Don't worry, just a small ritual is to be performed to ward off the effect of Mars. Some other malefic are there too like Sarpa Dosha but she has the good fortune to survive that."

Pandit Ji said,” There may be a slight increase in expenditure... Be prepared to spend around Rs 5000. But once spend, there will be no regrets throughout life. Get the rituals done well in time. Look, your girl is very lucky. She will become an engineer”.

I said laughing, “It's a lie. All that you have said may be right but she will not become an engineer”.

Pandit Ji said, “Why won't she become an Engineer? Don’t you believe me?”

I said, “Pandit Ji, Kala Akshar Bhains Barabar. Do you know its mother is a buffalo?"

Pandit Ji said,” This is not the time for fun. Get the rituals done or do what you like.”

I said,” Pandit Ji, I shall get the ritual done. But tell me whose horoscope you are going to cast?”

Pandit Ji said,” Your daughter's”.

I said, “When did I tell you that I had a daughter? Hey, my buffalo has given birth. Now tell me how will it become an engineer?”

Pandit Ji in tantrum said, “Don’t joke with me in the morning? Hey, a horoscope is made only of human. Not animals”.

I said, “Why Pandit Ji, are they not born? He has also a mother. He is also alive. He will eat food, grow up, and have children. Everything is just like us. Except that they have different bodies than ours. We can think and speak. But they can’t. That is the reason we cannot be easily fooled by anyone. Had they been able to speak, they too would have had a Pandit who would have made their horoscope and told their future. You told about the evil effect of Mars. We are all here on earth. Mars does not have an eye to differentiate between animals and humans. So the evil effect may also fall on animals. Now, who is there to make Mars understand the difference between human and animals? If the evil effect of Mars falls on animals there may be trouble. I want Pandit Ji to perform the rituals for it. Don’t worry about expenses”.

Pandit Ji said seriously, “You have said it rightly. I shall look into it now. As it is a matter of a female child buffalo it may benefit you a lot in future. Therefore, the expenditure will increase slightly”.

I said, “As you think appropriate because it is a Manglik. If its husband dies after its marriage, then who will drink its milk? How to keep a widow in my courtyard? She will come in the morning and evening. It will be inauspicious”.

Pandit Ji said, “You don’t worry. I will take care of Mars. 

I said, “Pandit Ji, I have a question in my mind”.

Panditji said, “Let me know your question.”

I said, “Panditji if my buffalo is Manglik, will her husband die after the marriage?”

Pandit Ji said, “Of course. Mangal Dosh is like that”.

I said, “Then those buffaloes flirting with it must also be getting into epilepsy or coma”. Pandit Ji was looking at me angrily and I was standing with folded hands.

Pandit Ji said looking at me, “What nonsense are you talking?”

I said, If a girl is Manglik and her husband leaves for heavenly abode within a year, will not those boyfriends too get affected?

Pandit Ji said excitedly, “Yes, why not. Its effect is all around. It also has an impact on the family and money”.

I said, “Panditji, tell me one thing. Can you really solve all these problems?”

Panditji said, “Why not? What are we here for? Our job is to mitigate the evil effects of planets”.

I said, “ I have a friend. He is just about to get married. The girl is Manglik. Would you like to come with me and convince the boy’s parents that there is nothing wrong marrying a Manglik? You are capable of warding off the evil effects of Mars."

Pandit Ji said, “Yes, I can accompany you. But they are to perform the rituals as prescribed by me. But a bigger ritual has to be performed for a Manglik girl with increased expenditure.”

I said, “Hey Panditji, don't worry about expenditure. They are well to do people. Even they will give you Dakshina lavishly. Maybe that you are also called to perform the marriage."

Pandit Ji immediately stood up. He said, “Will you just keep on talking or will take me to their house?”

I said, “Why not, let's go”. I and Panditji just left. After reaching a few kilometres Panditji said, “Whose house you want to go to?”

I said, “This house in the front”.

Pandit Ji said,” Hey, I know them”.

I said, “That's a good thing, then. We both knocked on the door. Deepak opened the door.

On seeing me and Panditji, the sadness of his face disappeared. His cute little face glowed with joy. Let me tell you that Deepak is a very well-educated boy. He is an engineer and a good boy. His father and mother were sitting in front. When they saw me and Pandit Ji together, they stood up. Deepak's mother said to Deepak's father: "Now take care of him. He has arrived again. Don't know what else he wants to say now when he has brought a Pandit Ji along with him."

I said, “Mother, you sit here.Pandit Ji wants to say something”.

Mataji said, “Panditji, you only said that the girl is Manglik. If marriage happens, the boy will not survive. It may also do harm to the house. Now, Pandit Ji, you have come along with his brother”.

I said, “Pandit Ji confirms that Mangal Dosh can be removed by performing a small ritual. Even the direction of the planet can be changed just with a simple ritual and expense.

Pandit Ji said interrupting, “Yes I also said the same that even if the girl is Manglik, its malefic effect can be corrected."

The boy's father said,” If it is so what are we to do? How much will be the cost?"

Pandit Ji, with saliva dripping from his mouth, took out his ledger and started telling. "Look, before the marriage, a secret marriage of the girl will be done with a peepal (Ficus Religiosa) plant." Pandit Ji aid,” The offering is to be made the same way as in a real marriage. Not everyone is required to be provided with food except me being the priest. Some grains will have to be offered to the poor. But don't worry about that. You give me the money and I shall take care of that part because you will be engaged in the real marriage. During that period I shall do this work myself. To remove the malefic effect of Mars, two gold ornaments have to be made in the name of boy and girl and offered in the name of Mars. Mars is a very bright planet and loves gold”.

I said, “Okay, what to do after offering the jewels?”

Pundit Ji said, “Nothing, just offer them to me as a donation. Because when I do the work of removing the malefic effect of Mars, then all the offerings will come to me. And all offerings are donation only. The donation made to a Pandit is very beneficial. Once it is done, all the defects would be removed. Then there will not be any misfortune on the married life of both”.

Deepak's father said, “How much will be your Dakshina?”

Pundit Ji said,” After all you all are my people, how should I ask you?”

Pundit Ji said, “Just give Rs 10000 happily. This is nothing for the future and happiness of your children”.

I said to Pandit Ji, “You have solved the problem. Now Deepak's mother and father were also happy. Please fix the auspicious time for the marriage.”

Pandit Ji immediately referred to his almanack and told about the auspicious time -Muhurta. We all took his blessings.

Pandit Ji also stood up happily. Suddenly after reaching the doorpost he turned back and said, "Brother, you too will have to come with me, only then I will be able to cast your buffalo’s horoscope." I looked towards Deepak and his parents were looking at me. I got out from there and came straight.

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