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Sauhaard Batra

Comedy Drama Romance


Sauhaard Batra

Comedy Drama Romance

The Girl Who Purloined My Heart Away

The Girl Who Purloined My Heart Away

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I write on Quora on a regular basis, and I answer even the weirdest of questions, probably because it gives me a false sense of identity. It is one of the few places where I don't act like an introvert. In fact, you will be able to find my account fairly easily.  

Anyhow, I was requested by one of my followers to answer the question "Who was the topper of your class and what is he or she doing right now?". I had been longing to answer such a question from a really long time, but something had been holding me back. That "something" were the chains which prevented me from doing evil. Not for long, though. It was time to shatter them and emerge as the antagonist. 

I wrote in my answer about the three toppers in my class and how all three of them were doing well in their respective fields they had chosen with their own free will. However, the highlight of the answer wasn't this. 

The highlight of the answer was the mention of one specific girl, who was nowhere close to being a topper, but still tried her best to act like one. In all of the time I spent in primary school, I blame her for being solely responsible for making my life a living hell. I still remember how I had to do my project 5 times for making a harmless joke, all because of her. I was a patient of OCD, and her actions screwed up whatever joyous moments I wanted to have. Her lines "I will first go to IIT Bombay, then IIM Ahmedabad, and the clear UPSC with an All India Rank 1" still remind me how one should never act like an empty vessel. Guess where she went? Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology. She did not even qualify JEE Mains. Even the almighty did not like her. 

Basically, I had completely roasted her in my answer. I had not even cared to change her name to respect her privacy. Why should I? Was she nice to me? No! Was she good to my friends? No! She used to laugh at those who weren't performing as good as her. I hold a grudge against her even now, but I have deleted that answer. 

So a few days after posting this answer, I got a notification on my phone regarding a new upvote. My face turned red on seeing the name. Her? She upvoted my answer? Holy mother god! I am so screwed!

I opened Quora to check her profile and it was then that I breathed a sigh of relief. Phew! It wasn't her. It was someone else who shared the same name as her. How did I guess? That girl who had upvoted my answer was preparing for AFMC, and not for JEE. Her surname was also different. 

Meanwhile, I got another notification; this time it was a direct message from the new girl to me. It read, 

"Hey dude! I am XYZ (name changed for obvious reasons). I read some of your answers and they are very cool. I really like how you speak straight from your heart." 

I told her how I had begun to sweat profusely when I had seen her name because she shared her name with my mortal enemy. She sent me that laughing emoji. We then had a normal conversation where she explained about her career plans and her strong will to devote her life to the service of our country. I kept getting the "Des Bhakti" vibes from her, which I adored. Mind you, this conversation was happening at Quora at 11 in the night. This was the farthest I had gone with any girl. 

She seemed really chill, so I casually enquired if she used any other social media handle. At this line, most girls start judging you. But she was different. She seemed to enjoy chatting with me more than I was with her. She answered in affirmation but mentioned that she just used Telegram and WhatsApp. 

I did not have the courage to ask for her WhatsApp number, and I did not use Telegram. I decided to drop the idea. That was when I got the shock of my life. 

She herself asked me "Aren't you on Telegram?" I denied. She went on to say "Why don't you create one? We can chat more freely there!" 

I was shocked. I pinched myself. Just a few years before, the only conversations I had had were to borrow either pencils or sharpeners and here was this girl who was showing an interest in talking to me. Perhaps she thought of me as an elder brother? I didn't know. I just didn't want this moment to end. 

I created a Telegram account and added her, but since it was late, I wished her a good night and dozed off. 

The next morning when I opened Telegram by accident, I saw that I had five unread messages, all from her. She had texted me asking about random topics. By "random", I mean that she was asking about the weather in my city, my pet goldfish, my workload in college (she studies in class 12) etc. She even asked me how my computer teacher teaches me computer science even though she knows nothing about it. I was pleasantly surprised. I was afraid of saying anything which might cause tensions between us, so I casually said, "Yaar I am really enjoying talking to you. I feel we have had a connection in the past. Maybe in our previous birth, we were siblings". Big mistake. 

Her reaction was pretty severe. I had not expected that. I felt that she wanted to contest, but was controlling her emotions. I had not gotten the hint even now. 

In the night, I got a text from her which said "I feel that I have started becoming OBSESSED with you, we will talk less tomorrow onwards". That was probably my only apparent hint. I said "Hail Mary", and asked her "I feel like you have started to like me". 

Unlike other girls, she didn't shy away from this confrontation. She straightaway asked "Maybe. Will you stop talking to me if I said yes?" My smile, after reading this sentence, was so big that even my mother asked "Wow beta, why are you smiling? I also want to know."

I had to close my phone at that moment to hide our chat. I then rushed to the toilet with my phone, and answered to her confession in the positive way, as it should've been. I told her that I liked her too, and her next few texts gave me the vibe that she was more than just elated. 

We have come a long way since then. We love each other even more. The other day, I told her that I had a deadline till 11:30 and she started a countdown after 11:15, writing the messages, "Yay, only 15 minutes left, then I will be able to chat with my love" and she sent this with the time changed at least 15 times. We often have video calls which majorly involve her winking and saying "I love you" to me. We talk both about our daily problems and our routine. I feel that I somehow "inspire" her in some way or the other. She often warns me about how she is "tough" to handle and that I will have to wait somewhat around nine years for our marriage. She has even planned that she wants two daughters and as many dogs, even though I am cynophobic! One day, she spammed a lot of emojis, which, on close observation, revealed the life cycle she wanted to have with me, from marriage to children and old age and then death. She is also really possessive about me. 

I also love her as much as she does. I often tell her how beautiful she is, and let her know that I will pull her ivory hair and cute cheeks really hard every time we meet in person (she lives in another city), and she playfully giggles "And then I will slap you really hard as well". We have a really good time talking to each other. My only fear is losing this smart (she is the topper of her district), beautiful and crazy girl to the distance barrier. Generally speaking, one doesn't usually find his/her first love on an educative platform like Quora. I look forward to my future conversations with her.

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