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Win cash rewards worth Rs.45,000. Participate in "A Writing Contest with a TWIST".

The Girl Next Door

The Girl Next Door

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To and for every girl next door…

Yes you are a common girl, yet special.

Yes you may have played cricket on the streets even with boys.

Yes you may have climbed up a tree to get a fruit or just for fun.

Yes you may have tried to dress up in your mother’s saree.

Yes you may have been wanting to go on a solo trip.

Yes you may be having more male friends than females, even Lord Krishna had more female friends.

Yes you may have been told not to do this or that.

Yes you may have thought to run away from home.

Yes you may have found yourself unsafe on roads, trust me even males are not safe.

You may have hated all boys just because of a few.

You may have cried on your pillow at night, even boys do that.

Yes you may have been frustrated at times for the restrictions placed on you, even boys are.

Yes you may have wished you were a boy, don’t know about boys in this case. 

Yes you may be living with a dream of changing the world.

Yes you may have lots and lots of thoughts troubling you in your head.

And lots more…

But trust me even boys face almost all that. Come out of your thoughts, bring them to action. Live your life and your dreams. Respect a person and not a gender. Don’t run to seek out sympathy, run to earn respect. Be the cause of smile of many. Be the source of inspiration for many. Spread love and ignore hatred, it will soon melt and vanish away.

Remember that you may be just a Girl Next Door but you can always become the girl that every girl next door wants to be. Aim high and keep moving.

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