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Smile, Confidence And Life

Smile, Confidence And Life

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No matter how smart a kid is, there are many things that he will only learn at a certain age and by the passage of time. One of those things is importance of smile.

At the age of 22, I realize the importance of smile and a positive attitude. It is infact even more important than I ever thought.

I learnt a song in school which had the lines – “Count your blessings and name them one by one, and it will surprise you to see what the Lord has done.” These lines now make a greater sense.

In my case it started from childhood. First of all touch wood super supportive parents who just taught me that one must be prepared for the worst yet we must always try to find out some moments of laughter in every phase of our life. Yes whenever I am low or upset, my parents crack jokes and my favourite food is kept in front of me. It is indeed very difficult to control laughter for a long time and it is even more difficult to avoid your favourite food.

Even my cousins and closest relatives taught me the same. Their words were always meant to build self confidence. When I was 3, I was taught catwalk and was told to admire the walk of my eldest cousin. Well, I imitated it so well that in my teenage some of the boys in my class would address me as a model. After this walk, another cousin of mine just asked me to do 2 things in life- “Be an actress and keep him as my manager.” Yes it sounds funny but it is true. Another taught me the importance of perfection and wit. Being updated, discussing about random topics and taking my tests were a part of the normal routine of my cousins and relatives whenever we met. Yes it was annoying at times and I even felt embarrassed when I had no answer but all this was a part of my training I guess.

All this inculcated a few things in me which I find essential for survival and growth in tough times.

1. Smile and find reasons to smile at every phase of life.

2. Keep your goals high.

3. You are a star and no one can take away your uniqueness and your star quality form you.

4. You have to fly high.

5. Keep your feet attached to the ground because you have to learn a lot.

6. Your family is always with you.


Yes these are very small yet important things in life. They help to keep our spirits high at all times and help us to come out of the low times easily.

Yes friends are also very important. After all company matters. We should be surrounded by motivating people who make us see our good qualities and help us in removing our bad qualities.

We don’t know where we will ultimately reach in life and what all we will have to face in this journey but I feel any difficulty can be won by a smile and confidence. Keep smiling and keep spreading smiles.


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