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Win cash rewards worth Rs.45,000. Participate in "A Writing Contest with a TWIST".

His Dreams

His Dreams

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He has dreams.

He wanted to be a writer but was born in a family of doctors.

He wanted to be a sports star but was born in the family of Chartered Accountants.

He wanted to travel the world but was short of money.

He wanted to do what he liked but was forced to study.

He wanted to buy a new football but bought a purse for his sister.

He wanted to learn guitar but was sent for Physics tuitions.

He wanted to do everything for his parents and so he stayed quiet.

Yes, he is a man who was strong at all times.

Yes he learnt many real life lessons at a very tender age.

Yes he knows how to respect everyone irrespective of the gender.

Yes he understands his responsibilities.

But what about his dreams?…




He has finally made his parents proud.

He is well settled with work and has a good earning, even better than what his parents has expected.

But his dreams are still in his heart.

And this time he decided to follow his heart.



He did what he wanted to since he was a kid.

He did what made him happy.

He smiled when he came closer to his dreams.

Seeing him smile his family smiled.

He achieved what he has dreamt of.

He is a man.

He has some dreams.

Don’t let any dream be left unfulfilled.

Any master in any field was once a beginner. He had responsibilities. Many times he was forced to move away from his dreams but he kept calm. He excellently managed between his dream and responsibilities and that is why he is now a star.

Don’t let your dreams die.

If not now then try to reach to your dreams in the future but never forget them.

It is never too late. And when you achieve it at a greater age you become an example and a source of inspiration for millions o people and prove that age is just a number.

Start dreaming, start moving towards them, start living.

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