The Stamp Paper Scam, Real Story by Jayant Tinaikar, on Telgi's takedown & unveiling the scam of ₹30,000 Cr. READ NOW
The Stamp Paper Scam, Real Story by Jayant Tinaikar, on Telgi's takedown & unveiling the scam of ₹30,000 Cr. READ NOW

Anannya Sahani

Abstract Action Fantasy


Anannya Sahani

Abstract Action Fantasy

The Finale

The Finale

2 mins

Life brings unscrupulous identities and dimensions.

The multilinear fashion introduced in a narrative exposed to them juxtaposed characters. The characters which are quirky and absurd. The ones in their realms. Their strangeness looked peculiar, posing them as competitors.

The advancement of the realms of mankind had blessed them with powers so diverse and magnificent that one can't differentiate with reality and imagination


 Time was a fluid concept. This power had empowered and disempowered the

various parties creating an apocalypse. A conflict of ideas, parallel realities, and realms of unknown created by technology. Mankind enlightened by advancement as well as reduced to nothingness had created such an amalgamation of chaos and confusion.

Greed had created transformation. A transformation leading to certainty and uncertainty. The sides were clear. Past flicked with present and future creating

an obscure picture of realities. The war began. 

Time was fluid. States held parties responsibly. People held administrators. And administrators saw the society the cause of the apocalypse. Rules were obscure but sides clear.

Weapons were words. Words creating realities yet none could be said close to truth. Facts were more important than truth. The manipulation was more powerful than creation. Destruction of cancerous forces was least important to any of the sides. All that mattered was playing the victim card for each party involved in this final apocalypse. An apocalypse that can't be called war. A war of military engagement.

Nimichs wakes up. Not from the world of dreams.

Finally he had reached the stage. The final stage.

The world had ended. Nothing was remaining. Earth couldn't be called the same planet. As Keith could see the brown instead of green, everything was smog.

Nothing felt like the fresh morning air. Air was always a thing of past. Something that exists only in cylinders.

Water, well it's just a chemical created in labs. Did it even occur naturally? They all were stories of past. The final war occurred. Well, a war of the shades of mankind that reduced the environment to nothing‐ness. And here Sukshi pulled off her AirPods. She was done with the final episode of the series. What hooked her to it, was not her little sister's suggestion but the strangeness with which the creators introduced the reality of mankind without much characters by bringing in the clash of notions, ideas and flashbacks without much help of characters. There were simply two, who was being a witness to words shown with animations. The finale was simply ten minutes clip but it evoked various shades of mankind reducing it to nothingness in a manner never done before, at least not in her experience of web series. After all, nothing in this series can be ever said as absolutely original.

And she went on to munch the momos and nachos.

The momos her sister left over. And went back to her readings. She was glad this time she had something to say to her. Something she understood.

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