Mahendrawada Kamesh

Romance Action Drama


Mahendrawada Kamesh

Romance Action Drama

The Day The State Split Asunder - 22

The Day The State Split Asunder - 22

13 mins

Vijay Shankar, the former vice-chairman of Magellanic Pharma was going through the reports when his secretary popped her head into his office.

'Sir, a person with the name Satynaranaya Goswami wants to meet you. He says it's urgent and that he will not leave until he speaks with you. He says he is the friend of Akella Raghavendra.'

'What!' Vijay reacted. A strange sensation coursed through his entire body. 'Send him in!'

The door was opened and the old Swamiji entered the cabin. 'A very good afternoon Mr.Vijay,' Swamiji said, his full lips curving into a mighty grin.

'You are the friend of Akella Raghavendra?' Vijay gestured to Swamiji to take his seat. 

'Yes! He was not just my friend but my best friend,' Swamiji sat in the chair.

'May I know what brought you here?' he asked, with an air of authority.

'I came here to make a deal.'

'Deal?' Vijay said with great solemnity. 'What kind of a deal?'

'Mr.Vijay, I am pretty much aware of how much you value time. So, without beating around the bush, I will drive my point straight home. I need your support in defeating Dhyaneshwar and if you want to ask why I am having enmity with Dhyaneshwar, then the answer is he is responsible for the death of my best friend Akella Raghavendra. The enemy of the enemy is a friend and we both have one common enemy and it is Dhyaneshwar. See Mr.Vijay, Individually we are one drop, together we are an ocean. There's no use in battling individually.'

'Raghavendra once told me about you. But what benefit can I avail by joining hands with you?'

'I will help you in acquiring Magellanic Pharma and in return, I only need one favour.'

'What is that?'

'I will ask you when that company is finally merged into yours.'


'I don't know what compelled you to resign from Magellanic Pharma. But I am sure something didn't go well?'

'For the namesake, I was just the Vice-Chairman. I never had the freedom to make decisions on my own and slowly he started treating me as expendable. I have self-respect so I quit and Dhayneshwar later appointed his son Rajath as the Vice-Chairman.' 

'I heard a lot of rumours about Rajath that he is a kind of party freak and alcoholic. Once he was caught in a drunk and drive raid and slapped the constable on duty and Dhyaneshwar had to pay ten lakhs for his bail. I also came to know that he was having an affair with one of the female employees working in his company. He even tried his luck as a producer for two movies but he failed miserably.'

'Seems like you have done a lot of homework.'

'After all I am a journalist and it is our duty to verify the background of not only the enemy but also his supporters.'

'Whatever you said was correct except you missed one point about Rajath's wife Akshara. She is the daughter of a wealthy landlord and industrialist from Andhra. But I feel pity for her. In no way Akshara can be compared with Rajath in any aspect. She holds a double MBA from Cornell University. She is a philanthropist and even runs a foundation in her name called 'Akshara Foundation' and has done many social activities like donating provisions for charity and orphanages. Rajath is a very big scoundrel. Every weekend you can spot him at one of the pubs in the city and he is also a very big drunkard. To Dhyaneshwar he is more of a liability than an asset.'

'Like dad like son,' Swamiji smiled. 

'To this day Raghavendra's death is still a mystery to me. We have been told that he died of a cardiac arrest. But as far as I remember, he is not that old to have a heart attack.'


'Mister? What shall I call you?'

'You can call me Swami.'

'See Mr.Swami, what's ahead is more important than what's behind? Let us not waste much time on things that have already happened and are difficult to change.'

'I respect your opinion, Vijay. We need to mobilize our plan of action soon. Right now our Andhra Pradesh state is on the verge of making history and according to the information that I received from my friends, I came to know that Andhra and Telangana will soon be divided. Dhyaneshwar is from Andhra and as of now the tensions between the two regions are still high. We need to use this flame to our advantage as Dhyaneshwar is from Andhra and you are from Telangana.'

'What can we do?'

'As of now in case the state is split the political party 'Nava-Telangana Sadhana Samithi' which is currently spearheading the movement will certainly sweep the elections. I want you to meet the president of that party and express your support for a separate state and if possible please provide them with the financial support.'

'Good idea! I never got this thought. But what will we get in return for it?'

'I will tell you later. But trust me, this will never go in vain. This is all I have for today. We need to cooperate mutually in order to succeed in this mission. Let's maintain transparency in our conduct.'

'Sure Sir! I usually don't trust anyone that easily. But the reason why I decided to support you is because I feel you are not doing this for yourself but for someone. You are doing this for someone and in case it was important, you would have told it by now.'

'You are very good at reasoning. That's why you have become successful. I will tell you at the right time and the right moment.'

'And make sure I made the right choice.'

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