Mahendrawada Kamesh

Romance Drama Action


Mahendrawada Kamesh

Romance Drama Action

The Day The State Split Asunder-20

The Day The State Split Asunder-20

12 mins

Karthik returned to his room after the discussion with the priest. He sat on his bed, opened the laptop and began watching movies on YouTube. He took a short nap after having his lunch. 

Adarsh came to his room at night and as soon as he reached, he texted Karthik to come to his room. Karthik entered Adarsh's room. 

Adarsh circled his arms around his shoulder and said - 'Karthik, You are the second person to be informed about this. My dream has got its wings. My business will soon take off!'

'Woohoo! This is good news and congratulations, at last, you made it!' Karthik said, embracing him with a warm hug. 'I can't say how happy I am! But who is the first person you have informed, before me?'

'Guess it!' said Adarsh, shooting a puzzle at him.

'No idea, I don't know anyone from your circle,' Karthik said.

'Didn't Rangacharya tell you about Roshni?' Adarsh said.

'Roshni! Who is this new person?' Karthik asked, baffled by the sudden mention of the name. 'He didn't tell me anything about her.'

'Actually, after breaking up with Aarti, the priest advised me to alter my complete style of living. His words impacted me a lot. I decided to invest much in myself. In that process, I joined the Toastmasters club. Roshni and I met at one of the meetings. She was impressed with my speech about suicide. After the meeting, she walked toward me and appreciated my speech. Two more meetings passed, and we hit it off. We used to meet and discuss after every meeting, exchanging each other's interests, tastes and preferences. To my surprise, we had a lot of things in common. One fine day, she proposed to me. I told her about my past breakup. She told me she also had a breakup with her boyfriend and we accepted each other's,' Adarsh described with extreme contentment.

'You didn't tell me about Roshni before? I don't know how many secrets are hidden in your skull?'

'Buddy! I didn't get the chance to talk about her. I didn't share my personal story with anyone, except you. And I got one more piece of good news.'

'You're giving a lot of surprises today. Tell me what is the next one?' Karthik was rubbing his palms with excitement.

'The Godavari Capital Advisers gave me a cheque of fifty lakhs in advance. They even helped me to solve the infrastructure challenge by giving me a space in one of the commercial complexes in Hyderabad. We will be setting up our company in Hyderabad. You can stay with your family. It's time to say goodbye to Bangalore.'

'Does it mean you are giving me a job at your company?'

'I already promised you before that once the company is incorporated I will give you a job.'

'Arnold! I am really lucky to have you as my bestie.'

'Push those things aside! Email your resignation today. Go to Hyderabad and spend time with your family. We still have a month to initiate the process.'

'Adarsh, it's been only a month since I have joined. If I submit my resignation, will it be good?'

'Karthik, if you are worried about money, don't bother, I will pay you.'

'It's not about money-'

'No! It is my duty,' Adarsh interrupted him. 'You will be working for my company, and it is my responsibility to provide all the expenditures for the learning.'


'Matter is over! You're going to Hyderabad that's it!' Adarsh slammed hard on his thighs.'It's over!'

'Nobody can win an argument with you! But before going to Hyderabad you have to introduce me to Roshni.'

'I am sorry Karthik, she went to Chennai for an official visit. Don't worry, she will be coming to Hyderabad soon. You can see her there, and how was the discussion with the temple priest Rangacharya?'

'It was good and what about the party? You have become the CEO, and when will you and Roshni get married?'

'It is all dependent upon time. There's nothing in my hand. Tell me, when are you planning to go to Hyderabad?'

'Maybe in a month. I need to submit my resignation and serve the notice period for sixty days.'

'If you negotiate they will release you soon.'

'I will try,' Karthik said, and suddenly in a low, fumbling tone, he said, 'Adarsh, have you ever felt bad about Aarti?'

'Never! Indeed it was a blessing in disguise for having met her. I believe that if she hadn't left me I wouldn't have met Roshni, and you or maybe I wouldn't have gotten the opportunity to start a company. Failure and tragedy, by design, are an attempt to improve our lives. When I look back and contemplate, I laugh at myself for having thought about the thought of committing suicide for a silly reason. See, Life is all about creating meaning.'

'If Aarti comes back to you, what will you do? Will you leave Roshni?'

'Never! I am not going to leave Roshni.'

'It's great how you completely forgot about Aarti.'

'Who said that I forgot about Aarti?' Adarsh's voice flattened off. 'My heart is not a computer where you can simply press the combination of control-shift-delete to remove any kind of file.'

'It means she remains special in your heart?'

'If you have ever fallen in love, you will learn everything.'

'Arnold! Who will love a person like me? Tell me what I have. I don't have a tall and muscular body like you, and I don't earn a six-figure salary. Why will any girl choose me?'

'Who knows? Destiny can make anything happen. Not every girl asks for height, a good salary and a muscular figure. They want someone who takes good care of them.'

Karthik fell silent, feeling a bit shy to talk about the topic.

'What's the point of being shy? If you are obsessed with a six-figure salary, don't worry, I will pay you.'

'What! Say it again' his eyes widened in excitement.

'Karthik, I will pay you one lakh per month.'

Karthik hugged him. 'Arnold! I am really lucky to have you as my friend. I can make my parents feel proud. But why will you pay me that much.'

'Running a business requires trust and faith, which can be accomplished only if I have a friend like you. I already said to you before, trusting you is my decision, making it right is your choice.'

'Arnold, I promise, I will never make you feel regretful about your decision.'

'I know!' They high-fived each other. 'So, why don't you inform your parents that you are soon coming to Hyderabad.'

'No! I will surprise them.'

'Your wish,' said Adarsh and later they both had a heartfelt conversation about each other's worries, dreams and ambitions for the future.

The following day Karthik submitted his resignation and negotiated with HR to release him as soon as possible to which HR agreed. He was relieved in a week. His colleagues bid him farewell. Madhu, who joined along with him, presented him with a wristwatch and even invited him to attend her marriage which will follow after two months.

One week later, finally, the day has come for Karthik to say Goodbye to Bangalore. He packed his luggage and vacated the room. Adarsh dropped him at the bus stand on his motorbike. The bus which he needs to board is parked straight in front of him.

'Bye Karthik! Take care,' Adarsh said, waving his hand.

'Bye Arnold,' Karthik waved back at him and got into the Volvo bus. Ten minutes later the bus began to move. He plugged in the earphones and began listening to the music. He got down safely in the morning at his designated place without any obstacles and finally reached his home. 

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