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Action Fantasy Thriller


Arivazhagan Subbarayan

Action Fantasy Thriller

The Covid19 Story...!

The Covid19 Story...!

8 mins

The Covid19 story...!

It was an idle Sunday afternoon. Everything seemed sluggish. I don't have to do anything. In fact, I don't want to do anything at this hour. I turned my head hesitantly towards the window. The crepuscular sun rays peeking through it and spread on the floor widely because the airborne dusts diverging the really parallel light beams. Somewhere, a crow cawed lazily. One or two vehicles sped occasionally. I thought I was frozen in time. Yeah, it was a perfectly lazy Sunday afternoon!

I woke up from a little nap which I used to loosen up my head. Some strategy to de-stress myself, to relax my body and mind.

Yesterday, Vinodh called me, “Rahul, why don't you write a story about the covid19 pandemic?" At that time, I thought he said it just for fun. But, the thought of writing a story intrigued me much. After all, why not?

I woke up, washed my hands with liquid soap for twenty seconds, washed my face, dried by a towel, combed my hair, donned my mask and went out for a walk. I bought a tea from a roadside shop and was sipping and contemplating for an idea for the covid19 story. Mmhm, nothing materialized! I returned back after paying for the tea.


Galaxy... milky way


Planet...sweeps 11

Laity province, City of gutah

Year...2009 earth year

Professor Motivan to his assistant Actomet...

"The earth is about 27710 earth light years away. What can we do?" He rubbed his right eye brow in deep thought. Actomet didn't reply as he knew very well about the professor that he was thinking loudly.

"We can try hibernation and also we have to search for an Einstein-Rosen wormhole nearby"

Now Actomet intervened," Sir, there is a wormhole near the planet sweeps-04"

"Then, the distance may be around 1825 earth light years! Our space ships can handle it"

"How much speed they can handle?"

"About half a light year per day sir"

"So, it will take approximately about 10 earth years! Mm"

Actomet politely nodded his head. He was in deep thought.

Keeping our people in the state of hibernation for ten years! It might be impossible! He told his doubt to the professor.

Professor Motivan chuckled mystically!

"I hope you know the genome of homo sapiens is made up of 23 chromosome pairs with a total of about 3 billion DNA base pairs"

Actomet nodded his head in agreement.

"Ours also like them. That's why we're more like them. The only difference is they reproduce by copulation and we reproduce by natural cloning! That's why we all look alike and they differ in all aspects with one another!"

Actomet couldn't understand where the professor was leading. He continued his silence.

"Our DNA contain about three billion base pairs. Ninety five percent are just INTRONS. They don't code for proteins. If we delete all the INTRONS, the length of the DNA will be very small!"

Now, there was an expression of vague understanding began to appear on Actomet's face.

"We can convert that DNA into single stranded RNA by using the enzyme transcriptase.

To stabilize it we will fix a thin lipid coat!"

Actomet got confused. Then that will become a non-living thing. What is the use of sending them to the earth?

The professor showed a cryptic smile as though he sensed what Actomet was thinking.

"We are going to fix some protein spikes over the lipid coat. That will help the molecule to get attached to the living cell's ACE2 receptors which are usually present in the type 2 pneumocytes. Once it enters the cell, the enzyme reverse transcriptase present in that cell have to convert the single stranded RNA into a DNA molecule. This will produce mild secretions which will be expelled out by the host. Once in the outer environment, because of our method of reproduction is by natural cloning, it will become an adult within a month! Then, we will easily communicate with the humans in the earth!"

Actomet seemed not satisfied.

"Why this circuitous route professor? Why don't we send some of our people directly there? After all, it will take only ten earth years to reach there!"

"First thing Actomet, we can't stuff food for ten earth years in the space craft. It will increase its weight. Second thing is if we send our people directly, the humans may harm them by doing experiments on our people. We are homo luminous, not homo sapiens! Though we resemble humans, they will easily identify us because of our slight greenish tinge! If the cloning happens in the Earth's atmosphere, the difference in appearance will not be more!"

Actomet now seemed satisfied.

"Sir, will the molecules harm the humans? After all we want to communicate them. We don't want any harm done to the humans!"

"No, they will not harm the humans. If we find any harm happening, we will pull back all the molecules into the space craft and return here very fast"

"Ok professor, how will we send the molecules?"

"Don't you see the birds in those cages? These are called bats. Their real habitat is the glorious earth! We are going to feed the birds the molecules. The bats' alveolar cells will multiply our people's copy in molecules!"

"How will we communicate with the molecules professor? “Actomet gave a worried expression.

"The electromagnetic disturbance in the environment and the changes in the electrical activities inside the cells will be picked up by our powerful sensors and will be converted into a language pattern. The bats are already fed with the molecules! Now, see the monitor!"

Actomet eagerly looking at the monitor which reflected the words... now, we entered into the alveoli. Ah, there is one type2 pneumocyte. One of us is going to attach with the ACE2 receptors.... The lines moving on very fast. Actomet couldn't believe his eyes.

"Wow, marvelous! “were the words coming through his mouth as a whisper!

"One more thing Actomet, our sensors will pick up the signals even at the distance of about ten thousand miles!"

"When will we launch the space craft sir?"



It was not a pleasant evening of the month of May, because of the heat and humidity. I strode leisurely towards my house. I saw the time. It was just 4.00pm. A lot of time to kill. I turned in the side lane to the forest. Maybe having a walk in the woods boost my spirit. The usual hustle and bustle of the street nearby was absent because of the lockdown. I entered into the density of the forest. I noticed a faint glow of greenish light coming from the thick center of the forest. The writer inside me became curious. So, with the newly developed curiosity, I walked towards the light. Finally, I found the source of the light!

What I saw was unbelievable!

It was totally unimaginable!

My eyes automatically widened with sheer astonishment! What lay in front of me in all its immensity and attractiveness was a UFO! I was just standing with astonishment and awe in front of a flying saucer which was surrounded by the limitless forest! My brain was declining to perceive that reality.

I went nearer to that marvelous space craft with a mixture of fear, awe and bewilderment. I touched it with my index finger. An eerie chill went through my spine. But nothing happened. I brought some courage from nowhere and tried to open what seemed like a door. To my surprise, it just opened! I went inside. Everything inside the UFO, even the floor, was glowing with a soothing white light. There were many control panels and many screens on the walls in front of them. I saw a huge screen in the center with fatly running letters on it.

I went closer to it and tried to read the letters which actually formed words and sentences...... they don't know who we are. They call us Corona viruses! They think that we cause disease and infirmity! Their cells behave erratically. Some produce antibodies and kill us! We can't be able to access the reverse transcriptase enzyme in their cells. Instead of converting us to DNA, they produce multiple copies of the same RNA molecules! Some people's immune system gone astray and lead to cytokine storm to which they succumbed finally. We think we are doing more harm here. We came here to communicate and nourish good relationship with these people. Instead, we unnecessarily created chaos! People here are not like us. They differ in all aspects. Even the blood groups of all the people are not same. It's better for this planet, that we should return back....

Suddenly, I sensed some movements. I startled and jumped out of the craft. I heard some eerie hissing sound for a couple of minutes. I thought all the so-called Corona viruses in the world are sucked into the craft. Then, it jerked a little and catapulted into the space and disappeared!

It took me several minutes to regain my composure! What I witnessed was unbelievable! Will someone believe me if I tell that the Corona viruses are aliens? Anyway, the corona fear is over! The Covid19 pandemic is finished! I think no one will believe me!

I heard a loud thud which was followed by a shout!

"Hey Rahul, get up man. It's already six in the evening. We may be late to our duty!"

My eyes jerked open. I hastily got up from my bed and opened the door. Vinodh was standing there grim faced. I nodded him inside and went to the bathroom.

Vinodh yelled, “God damn it, come fast, we are posted in the corona ward"

I calmly turned and declared," there will be no more covid19 cases from tomorrow onwards"

Vinodh shoot a strange look at me with the meaning of 'what happened to this fellow?' l am sure that if I tell him the story, he won't believe it. Will you believe me? Or was I day dreaming the whole thing? I don't know! But, surely, there will be no more spikes of cases from now onwards.

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