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Shouvik Das

Drama Crime


Shouvik Das

Drama Crime

The Betrayal:Battle To Success

The Betrayal:Battle To Success

64 mins 25.1K 64 mins 25.1K






Date: 12/03/2016

Time: 1 pm

Place: Pearl City


“....yeah I will come, be ready. I’m leaving from my house now, will meet in 45 minutes. I hope everything is fine.” Arjun cut the call, locked his house and sat on his car. After driving some distance, he reached for his phone.


“Hello, yeah it’s me. You know what to do right.” The receiver nodded and he cut the call. After sometime he made another call.


“I will be reaching in 10 minutes. I hope you have kept it ready.”

“Yes, it’s ready. I hope that you told.....”

“Yes, it’s already done.” And he cut the call.


Time: 1:13 pm


“Oh God! Traffic these days have almost eaten up my mind, you can’t roam outside with a car.” He banged his fist on the glass in frustration. After sometime, he stopped his car near a lamp post. Arjun got out, looked around just to be cautious and went inside a shop; came back, the time was around 1:20 pm and he had promised to reach in 45 minutes!


Time: 1:30 pm

Arjun stopped his car in front of the Pearl City police station. He got out of the car and ran inside the building to meet the officer in charge.


“Inspector, I just got information about a drug deal. Even Ram Bhai, the most wanted drug dealer, is going to be present there and I have information that he is personally going to sign the deal!”


The Inspector jumped from his seat, “Are you sure about it? Our full team is working to catch Ram and how come you got such information which even our intelligence team couldn’t manage to get?”


“Sir, I will tell you everything. But first, it is important to catch him. Because of him, our children are scared even to go out because he targets such innocent beings. As a concerned citizen, it is my duty to report such crime. As per as the information I got, the deal is going to happen around 1:45 pm at the closed factory.”


The inspector looked at his watch, the time was 1:33 pm. “Okay, assuming that your facts to be true, I am ready to send my team. But if the information is false, it can lead to serious consequences, even jail.”


Arjun nodded. The Inspector called his team and we got into his jeep. They drove till the gate of the closed factory. Outside the gate, the inspector divided his team into groups and gave them instructions. He told Arjun to wait outside as he warned that there might be exchange of fire. So, he decided to stay outside and the team went inside. Arjun took out his phone and began to browse the net, searching for latest news on technology, development, movies when all of a sudden...


Time: 2 pm


He could hear some shots fired up. It continued for around some 5 minutes. Arjun thought of peeping inside and see what was happening. As he tried to open the gate, a constable shouted, “Stay outside!” He quickly went outside and sat inside the jeep. After 10 minutes, he saw the Inspector, along with some 5 men, handcuffed, came outside the gate. He went out of the jeep and stood outside. Following them, came a man, whom Arjun recognized as Ram Bhai, as he often makes front page headlines. Ram, whose head was down suddenly looked up and starred at Arjun, his facial expression changed to anger and he struggled to let himself free from the clutches of the constable.


“You betrayed us, I won’t spare you. If I go to jail, I will make sure that you will also.”


He began to shout, “Inspector Tom, don’t leave him. He is also a member of our gang. He only told us to come here and so that he can give the ‘Packet’ to a foreign party.” The Inspector somehow made Ram to shut his mouth and he came to me.


“Why is Ram accusing you like that?”


“Don’t know Inspector, because of my information only he got caught, so maybe he is defending himself by saying like this. Believe me, I don’t know him also. I haven’t seen him also. It’s common that criminals once get caught have to accuse some other person for their defense.”


Ram continued, “Inspector, if you don’t believe me, check his call history. He only called me around 1 pm.”


Ram Bhai somehow managed to change the Inspector’s attitude towards Arjun. Even he began to think,

‘Our police intelligence and spies didn’t even get a small fragrance of the deal, how come this man got the detail all of a sudden. Something is definitely wrong. I have to interrogate this man’. He pulled his cap and said

“Excuse you Mr Arjun, would you mind if I check the call history of your phone?”


“Sure”. Arjun nodded and gave the phone without hesitation.


The Inspector began to search the call history of his phone. He came to the following conclusion.


“According to the call history, Arjun made the last call at 11 am today morning. There is no call at 1pm.”


“Inspector, believe me Arjun must have deleted the call history. Inspector, check my phone. In the received section, you can see that he called me. Or even if you don’t believe me you can ask for call records, there the information won’t be false coz they keep track of all the phone calls.”


Seeing the confidence and fire burning in Ram’s eye, Inspector asked one of his constables to get the call history of Arjun’s number and in the meanwhile he also checked Ram Bhai’s phone for checking the validity of his statement.


He opened the received call history. He looked at Ram, came forward and gave a tight slap!


“I will make sure that you should get maximum sentence in jail. Do you think we are jokers from circus? Show me his number here!”


Ram got shocked! Though his hands were handcuffed, he was able to see the call history of his phone and to his surprise, there was no call recorded around 1 pm! Meanwhile, the call history of Arjun’s phone had arrived; the constable gave the records to the Inspector. He came angrily towards Ram Bhai!


“Ram, in this call history record of Arjun, if you can find your number here, then I won’t send you to jail.”


To Ram’s surprise and according to the records, Arjun didn’t make any call at 1 pm. The last call he made was at 11 am! Ram’s hand began to shake; he struggled to speak, “Inspector, this sheet has been forged! I am telling you the truth. He called me 1 pm, if you want you can ask my men, they are the eye witnesses.”


The captive men nodded their head but the Inspector was in no mood to listen! He ordered his constables to put the men inside the jeep.


“Arjun, you betrayed us! I don’t know whether you’re taking revenge on me or taking advantage of my friendship and trust on you. I won’t spare you.” Ram threatened Arjun.


The Inspector forward to Arjun and spoke, “Thank you so much for you help, you will surely be rewarded for this. Because of you we were able to catch the most wanted criminal. Do you want me to drop you somewhere?”


“No need, sir. I will call my friend to pick me up. Actually i have to go to his house.”


“Well done, hope to meet you sir.” Inspector and Arjun shook hands, while the former ordered two of his men to stand in guard at the factory gate.


“Once, we put him in jail; I will return along with the narcotics team will arrive shortly to seize the drugs.”


The Inspector left and Arjun waited for his friend to come. He waved at the constables who are posted in front of the gate, who returned his gesture with a smile. After sometime, gunshots could be heard. Both the constable collapsed in front of the gate after getting hit at point blank. All of a sudden, some men could be seen jumping the wall from inside.


Time: 3:03 pm


There were total of 5 men. Arjun smiled at shook hands with them. “Nice job guys, I hope you got the lakh rupees worth drugs in your bag.”


“Yes boss”


Meanwhile, a XYLO car arrived. Everyone got inside the car quickly. Arjun sat on the front seat and they left the spot leaving the corpses.


Time: 3:05 pm


“Listen boy” he told the driver, “There is a CCTV camera at a distance of 7 km from here. Normally in this highway bypass road, the speed limit is 60 km/h. Go at a speed of 120 km/h, so that we can reach the CCTV camera by 4 minutes.”


“Why is that boss?” asked one of his men.


“The constable died at 3:03 pm and I will tell the Inspector that I left the spot at 3:00 pm. So to cover a distance of 8 km going at 60 km/h, it will take around 10 minutes. But, we left the spot at 3:05 pm, so, we have to double the speed, so that we can cross the CCTV camera by 3:11 or 3:12 pm, hence proving the fact that I was not an eye witness to the shooting of the constables.”


“But Boss, don’t you feel bad for our former boss, Ram Bhai. You were his best partner. Why you have to betray him?”


Arjun replied, “It is because, I want to establish my own empire! Do you know how the British were able to rule our country which had more than thousand kingdoms? Well, I will you. They made friendship with one kingdom, saying that they would help to defeat the enemy. Once that kingdom wins the war, the British would betray the king and capture his kingdom! They applied the same trick to all other kingdom and within months, they were able to establish rule all over India. We will also follow the same trick. Now, we have taken control of Ram Bhai’s empire, after betraying him, which is our first taste of success, slowly we will expand.”


They had a hearty laugh. Arjun was quick to notice that they passed the CCTV camera by 3:11 pm! He told the driver, “You can slow down to 60 now, we can relax now.”


Time: 3:45 pm


The car stopped near Arjun’s house. He got out of the car and said, “Boys, you know what to do right.”


They replied ‘Yes’ in chorus and left. Just as Arjun was going to open the gate, a delivery boy arrived. Arjun looked at his watch. The boy opened his bag and gave the package.


“Sir, would you please sign here.”


Arjun signed the paper, got the package and went inside his home. He went to the wash Basin, washed his hands with soap and splashed water over his face. He looked into the mirror, gave a crooked smile, reached for the towel, wiped his face and went to the table where he kept the package. He switched on the light, took out his Swiss knife and began to cut through the cello tape layer of the package. Finally, he opened the box and took out the drugs packet. It was the same drugs which he took from the factory! He smiled, sat on the sofa, switched on his TV, popped a bottle of Mountain Dew and began to watch the news.


“.......and a shocking incidents of daylight murder of two constables near the closed Factory where the police just raided and caught the most wanted criminal, Ram Bhai.......”


He drank a sip of his drink and began to laugh.


Flashback......Time: 3:23 pm


“ far as I know the police, they would just search the CCTV footage of the nearest camera to check my statement. They won’t check the succeeding camera footage, so, it doesn’t matter anything know whether we stop or do something else.” and he laughed.


“Rahul, get off at this spot and take the bike and go the office. Everyone else knows what to do right, let’s keep a day off; I will keep you posted for the next assignment.”


“Okay boss”. Rahul took the bike, the bag was with him and he drove off taking the right turn, while the car went to the left turn and others took a mud road towards somewhere. Rahul reached the office, where in the morning; Arjun stopped his car near the lamp post. He got off his bike, went inside the office with the bag but he came out without the bag. He left the place. After sometime, a boy arrived at the office, which a huge bag pack on his shoulder, went inside the office and came out. After sometime, this same boy appeared as the delivery boy who gave Arjun the parcel a while ago.


Arjun was watching TV, when suddenly his phone rang. It was from Inspector Tom! He picked up the phone.


“Hello, this is Inspector Tom speaking.”


“Hello sir.”


“Well Arjun, I think you must have heard the recent news that the constables who were posted outside the factory gate was shot dead, just after sometime we left.”


“Yes sir, I heard the news, I am very sorry, sir.”


“No no its okay, no problem. I just want you to come to the police station in case you have noticed some suspicious activity or you must have seen some person loitering after we left.”


“Sure sir, I would definitely come. It’s my pleasure to help the police as far as possible. I will arrive in another 20 minutes.”


“Sure, I will be waiting” and the Inspector hang the phone.


Arjun picked up his phone. “Rahul, get the boys ready, we will meet at our place around 5. I have to go to the police station now.”


“Sure boss”.


Arjun went to make another phone call. “Hello Thomas Bhai, I have done my job. As you ordered, I captured your enemy Ram Bhai and seized all his products. I will reach by 5 pm; make sure the money is ready.”


Arjun cut the call and went for a face wash. He looked into the mirror and said, ‘I will be getting two kingdoms by tonight’.


Time: 4:20 pm


Arjun got off his bike and went to meet the Inspector. There was huge crowd in the police station. The media was gathered all over the place, so the police had to put barricade near the entrance and deploy extra forces. One of the constable recognized me, opened the barricade for him to pass. Arjun saluted the constable and went inside to meet the Inspector.

“Inspector Tom” called Arjun.


Inspector who was busy in another desk, turned around on hearing his name getting called. He looked at Arjun and asked him to sit inside his cabin. “I have some minutes work, please sit in my cabin.”


Arjun obeyed and went inside his cabin. He was quick to notice two CCTV cameras on the wall diagonally to each other. He went and sat on the chair. The Inspector joined him.


“Sir”, Arjun stood up. The inspector asked him to sit.


“Okay the situation is not nice here. So, I will come straight to the point. We left from the factory gate by 2:55 pm with Ram and you stayed there for some time. It’s obvious that you left before the shooting otherwise you wouldn’t have been alive. So, according to the forensic reports, the constable were shot between 3 pm to 3:15 pm. Here is the report.”


Arjun went through the report. “So Arjun, did you notice anything unusual till the time you where there?”


Arjun began to recollect, “No sir, I didn’t see anything suspicious. By the way sir, it was an empty road, there was no sign of car or human beings. My friend arrived around; let me guess, maybe 5 minutes after your arrival. I got into the car and went off. Till then I didn’t notice anything suspicious.”


“Maybe even the smallest minute details, anything.”


Arjun tried hard to recollect. “No sir, I couldn’t recollect anything.”


“Okay, you told that your friend came in a car to pick you pick. Can you share the car number, the type and also your friend contact details?”


“Sure. My friend name is Rahul. He came in a white XYLO car. Here are the other details.” Arjun wrote in the notepad and gave to the Inspector.


“Well maybe your friend must have noticed something unusual, even the smallest clue is also enough. Even I have to respond to my seniors. Anyway, thank you for coming. If we want any help, we will again trouble you.”


“That’s not an issue sir.” Arjun shook hands with the Inspector and he left. He looked into his watch; the time was 4:45 pm. He reached for his phone.


“Hello, I am about to leave the police station. I hope everyone is in their position and knows their duty.”


After hearing ‘Yes’ from all, Arjun cut the call. He made another call. “Hey Rahul, I have given the Inspector your name and details, he might call you or ask you to come to Police station.”


After getting confirmation from Rahul, he sat on his bike. Arjun opened the locker of the bike to see if my package is safe or not. He smiled.


Time: 5:05 pm


He stood outside the entrance to Thomas Bhai’s hideout. Two guys checked him thoroughly. After getting satisfied that he was unarmed, they let him in. Arjun met Thomas Bhai and handed him the package. He opened it, saw the packets inside and was very happy. He ordered someone to give me a briefcase. Arjun opened the briefcase, saw the money and was very happy. They shook hands with each other. As Arjun was about to leave, one of his men dressed as a don entered the hideout, with a mask on his face. All the men inside, pointed their gun at the new don while the scenario outside was that Arjun’s men had killed the two guards and were waiting outside with their weapons.


Arjun exclaimed, “Zingora Bhai, what a surprise! Let me introduce you to Thomas Bhai.” Arjun turned towards Thomas Bhai, “Meet Zingora Bhai. He is one who is responsible to smuggling drugs into our country at sea ports and harbors and he is the one who distributes to distributors like us, who come to dealers like you.”


Thomas Bhai turned speechless, “Sir, please be seated. It’s a pleasure that you have come.”


Arjun asked Zingora Bhai, “Zingora Bhai, what made you to come here?”


Zingora Bhai replied, “Well, I got orders from the top stating that some of the distributors are cheating and snatching all the packets by themselves and the dealers get the less quantity. So, I personally came to supervise whether Arjun is doing correct or wrong.”


Thomas Bhai was very happy, “Well I know Arjun, and he is very responsible.” Arjun understood that Thomas Bhai has fallen into the trap.


 “Well I need to talk to you both in private. So, Thomas could you send your men outside.”


“Sure Zingora Bhai.” He ordered his men to go out. Arjun’s men were already armed outside.


As the men went out, Thomas asked, “So, Zingora Bhai, what do you want to talk?”


Without thinking for a second, Zingora Bhai took out his pistol, with silencer attached and shot Thomas Bhai straight on point blank! Thomas lay dead on the floor. Both of them shook their hands and went out. Outside, all the guys of Thomas Bhai gang were surrounded and held as hostages by Arjun’s men. Finally Zingora Bhai came out and said, “Your Thomas Bhai was a cheat. He broke our protocol. So, he has to be punished. But it is none of your fault, that’s why I spare you guys.” Zingora pointed to Thomas Bhai’s men.


“Today onward accept, Arjun as your new boss. He is one of my trusted men and he is very loyal.” By saying this, Zingora Bhai left. Arjun stepped forward, “Hi everyone, I am Arjun and this is my team. Please introduce each other and be comfortable. Zen will give each one of you a bundle of note which is the starting point for our firm relationship.” Zen came forward and handed each of Thomas Bhai’s men a bundle.


Arjun was very happy. He ordered his men, including that of Thomas Bhai, to go inside and collect all the packages and bring it out. They brought about five to six boxes and loaded into the car. Finally, two cars left for opposite directions.




Time: 7 pm


Arjun just know reached home. He went to the kitchen, made himself a cup of tea. He sat on his sofa, switched on his TV when suddenly his phone rang. He reached for it.


“Hello Arjun, Inspector Tom here. I have called you more than a dozen times but you didn’t pick up the call. Is everything all right?”


Arjun saw a dozen missed call, slapped his head. He let go of his frustration and spoke, “Sorry sir, the matter was bit personal, so that’s why I went out in a hurry and left my phone.”


“If that is the case, then it’s fine. Yeah, you have to come to my office one more time. The investigating officer needs to interrogate you.”


“Sure sir, I will reach by 7:30. Now, I am having my evening tea.”


“It’s okay. Come as soon as possible.” And he cut the call.


Arjun was a bit disturbed. “How did I forget to take my phone? I came only around 7 which have been recorded in the CCTV camera near my house. What will I do? I hope I don’t get into trouble because of my carelessness.”


The place where Arjun lives has around 100 villas arranged in a proper block and starting of each block had a CCTV camera. Arjun’s bad fate was that his house is the starting of the block, so he has a CCTV camera installed in a lamp post just opposite to his gate. He thought of not taking any chances. He called Divya.


“Hi Divya, it’s me Arjun. I have fallen into some kind of trouble only you can help me I guess. Here’s what you have to do.” And he told his plan to her. When he was going to leave his house, the time was 7:06 pm. He got onto his bike and headed for the police station. On reaching the station, he went straight to Inspector Tom’s cabin.


Time: 7:35 pm


“Sir” said Arjun. Tom gave him permission to come in and he sat beside a chair which was occupied by another man. Tom introduced Arjun to him.


“Arjun, this is Shouvik, the investigating officer for this case.” This is the place where I get into the story. I shook hands with Arjun.


“What happened Arjun? Inspector called you more than a dozen times and you didn’t answer his call?”


“Sorry sir, I went out for some personal matter. Even I didn’t realize that I didn’t take my phone. I only realized when Inspector called me around 7.”


“Okay that is a different case. Now let’s come straight to the point. When I was interrogating the Inspector, he told me that around 1:30 pm today, you came with sudden news to catching Ram Bhai, which even our spies and intelligence failed. How and from where did you get this information from?” I asked Arjun.


Arjun was quick to answer, “Well sir, two days ago, Divya, my finance and I went to eat at a restaurant. The table where we sat, just the table behind me sat four men who were speaking in Malayalam, sir, they are the same four men whom you arrested with Ram Bhai today and who are in your jail now. I overheard them mentioning Ram Bhai and about some deal which was going to happen in the closed Factory around 2 pm.”


I asked, “What is the name of the restaurant? What time did you go?”


“Sir, the name is Malabar restaurant and i went in around 7:30 pm to 8 pm.”


I noted down the details, called the constable and asked him to get the CCTV footage of this restaurant as the mentioned time.


“Well Arjun, if you got the information two days ago, then you could have told the Inspector the same night right? Why did you delay so long? What made you to say today afternoon?”


“Well sir, after we finished eating and while I was driving the car I told Divya that I overheard a conversation about a drug deal. I told her that i would go to the police station and report it. But she is very sensitive. She felt like the drug dealers would somehow know that i gave the information, so they might come to my house to kill me and hence which can affect our relationship. She told like the police intelligence might know the news, so no need for me to go. So i kept quiet for 2 days. Today morning around 11 am, my body was bit unstable as i was not able to digest the fact that I knew about the deal but couldn’t report to the police. So, I had an argument with her and because of that she got angry on me. Then I came to the police station around 1 pm, told the details as a result Ram Bhai got caught. I went home, I told Divya about this. She was like, what is the point of having a relationship if you don’t want to care for others feelings? And in the same time, Inspector called me to come to the police station to record my statements. I left my phone in home, came to the station, and I went straight to meet Divya. I returned home by 7 pm and again you guys called, so I came here.” Arjun stopped to grasp for breath and which the hope that Inspector and I would believe his story.


I scribbled some important points in my notepad and proceeded further, “That’s a nice story, we will validate it later. Now tell me the scenario when you were at the factory?”


Arjun reached for the glass of water, drank a sip and spoke, “Well sir, I am not that very specific with time noting down all the minute details. I can tell like my friend arrived like 5 minutes after the Inspector left, which may be 3 pm or 3:05 pm, I’m not sure.”


I asked, “What is your friend name? Can you give me the details?”


“Sir, his name is Rahul. Sir, I gave the details to Inspector.”


I looked at the Inspector. He nodded. He reached for his phone. He dialed the number which Arjun gave. “Hello Rahul, this is Inspector Tom. I would like you to come to the police station. It is regarding the matter of the incident which happened in the closed factory. It will be my pleasure if you could reach the police station as soon as possible.” And he cut the call.


I turned my attention towards Arjun. “Well Arjun, come thing came into my notice. Today afternoon while Inspector Tom checked your phone and also from the call records, you made the last call today morning around 11 am and also from your previous statement it was clear that you made the decision to go to police station by today morning. How did you inform Rahul to come to the factory gate at 3 pm and how come Rahul came exactly after when Inspector left? Was he waiting in his car some distance far? Or you thought that anyhow Ram Bhai would get captured, so why not seize all the drugs by yourself?”


On hearing my last question Arjun laughed, “Sir, how can you suspect me sir. Divya was right, I shouldn’t have come here.”


“Well don’t feel bad. It’s only a part of our investigation. Even Shouvik thinks I also as a suspect” laughed Inspector Tom.


“Well Shouvik, last night, you can see in my call records. I called Rahul saying him that whatever happens I would go to the police station and inform the Inspector. I also told that Inspector might take me with him to the old factory. So, I just told him just to hide near a tree and supervise everything as a proof that I was with the Inspector just in chance if something else could have happened. Just to be safe. I think just after the Inspector left, he went inside his car, picked me and then we went home.”


“I would suggest as an alternative ending” said Shouvik, “Rahul went inside his car, came to pick you up. He took out the guns from his car, shot the two constables and then you two went inside and seized all the drugs.” I starred at Arjun.


Arjun again laughed, “Nice sir, but I am sorry to say that it is false. You can ask Rahul also about the same.”


I asked Arjun, “Arjun, don’t feel yourself bad. It is the duty of police officer to suspect even the witness, otherwise we can’t move forward with the case. Anyway one last question, Did you notice any suspicious activity or anything?”


Arjun thought hard for something, he even tried to go in flashback. “No sir”.


Time: 8 pm

In the mean time, Rahul entered Inspector Tom’s cabin and sat on the chair. I asked Tom to take Arjun outside and wait for sometime while I interrogated Rahul alone.


“Hi Rahul, lets come straight to the point. Where were you today around 3 pm?”


Rahul answered, “Sir, I was near the old factory. I went to pick up Arjun from there.”


“Why do you want to pick him up from there? He has his own bike and also he told that the petrol was full and his bike was working first class.” 


“Sir he came with the police till the factory gate because he got some information about some wanted dealer doing a deal. He called me last night to say this. He told that his finance, didn’t agree, so he wanted my help in the sense that I must pick him up from there because he told that he can’t travel with the goons.” Rahul gave a quick reaction as if he told something wrong. I was quick to observe it.


I leaned forward, made my voice a bit stiffer, “How did Arjun knew that the goons would be caught, the police could have encountered them there itself?”


I suddenly went into flashback when I asked Tom who he managed to catch the dealer with bloodshed. Tom replied that the men were not armed and they started running here and there, so they had to fire shots to make them stop. Then I asked Tom, “But when we tried to catch him last time, there was heavy firing, but how came they came unarmed today?” Tom had no answer.


Rahul was quick to apologies for his mistake, “Sorry sir, the last line what i told was just a slip of my tongue. He didn’t mention anything like that while we spoke. I just assumed like that.”


“Okay Rahul, which car you have?”


“A white XYLO sir, its number is 4321.”


“How did you know that police has left and this was my time to pick up Arjun?”


“Sir, I was watching the whole thing behind the tree. So just in case something went wrong with Arjun, i could act as the eyewitness.”


I thought for some time and asked him, “Rahul, that is your car and Arjun would travel frequently with you.” Rahul nodded. “Okay Rahul, so tell something unique which is inside the car like some goddess picture, some toy, cushions anything?”


Rahul gave a face reaction as if he was shocked to hear this question,” Why sir?”


I answered, “My car is empty. It has no decorations inside. So just i thought I will take some suggestions from you?”


This time I noticed that he didn’t reply spontaneous like the answers of other question. He replied, “Sir, i have a toy tiger in my back seat.”


I called Tom and asked him to bring Arjun inside. Meanwhile along with them a constable entered, “Sir, we just got news that another drug dealer was found murdered. He was also a most important criminal, Thomas Bhai.” I asked the constable to go outside for some time.


“Arjun you are a frequent traveler in Rahul’s car right. So tell me some unique things which he kept inside the car like some pics, toys, flowers?” Tom asked all of a sudden.


Arjun thought for some time and told, “Sir I think he has a bunch of artificial flowers in the back seat.”


“Wow! First time both of you are saying different answer, congratulations!” and Tom clapped his hands. I turned to Rahul and asked him, “Is it true?”

Rahul stopped for some time. He replied, “Sir, I had bunch of flowers, but now I don’t remember whether i removed or not.”


Tom asked Arjun, “Rahul is saying that he doesn’t remember. Did you see it today also?”


Arjun replied calmly, “Sir, today due to the excitement of having such an experience, I forgot to notice it. So I can’t say sir.”


Tom replied, “Very well, let’s go to your car and check Rahul.”


I left the room immediately followed by Tom, Arjun and Rahul. I went out of the police station. Rahul told that he parked the car outside, some 50 meters from the entrance. It took me around 2 minutes to reach the car. I asked Rahul to open the car. He unlocked it. I opened the back door. I saw a toy tiger, some cushions and a flower bundle was kept there.


“Nice, even I would like to buy the same. Well Arjun, where did you sit today? Front seat or back seat?”


“Sir I sat on the back seat today.”


“Very well then, it was a nice meeting with you both. If we want any help we will reach out to you guys. Good night.” I wished them. We shook hands. Rahul drove the car and went away. Arjun accompanied us till the station coz his bike was parked there. He waved us and went off.


Tom and I went inside the police station. We sat inside Tom’s cabin.


Time: 8:30 pm


“Okay Tom, let’s get to work now. I somehow feel some doubt in this Rahul. I don’t know why?”


“Shouvik, I just we go for a cup of tea. We will return in 15 minutes and by that we will get all the CCTV footage you had asked for.”




We were about to go out when suddenly a woman entered the cabin. Tom asked her, “Yes madam, how can I help you?”


“Sir, I am Divya. You called me to come to the police station.”


So we sat down to question Divya about his relation with Arjun and whatever Arjun told about her was right or wrong. We interrogated her for 15 minutes.


“Okay Divya, you can leave. But we might call you if we need any help.” Tom said.


After she left, we both went for a cup of tea and by the time we returned, we felt very relaxed. Now we were fine to go. A white board and some markers were brought into the room as requested by Tom. All the CCTV footage tape was kept aside and the projector was on. I reached for a marker and drew something on the white board.

Time: 9 pm


“Okay Tom, let’s start from scratch. Today afternoon around 1:30 pm, Arjun came to request you to catch Ram Bhai, because two days earlier he overheard the same men who were in jail speaking in Malayalam about the deal. So, first let’s play the hotel’s CCTV camera.” Tom played the footage and it can be clearly seen that around 7:50 pm, Arjun entered the restaurant along with a lady, whose face cannot be seen properly. They both sat behind the table of four men, while Arjun facing towards the CCTV, which is, facing his back to the four men and the woman sat opposite to Arjun.


“Shouvik, do you think the woman is really Divya and whatever those four men are speaking in Malayalam is it about the drug deal?”


“We will do one thing, we will send the footage to a voice expert asking him to decode what those men are saying and we will try to match Divya with this woman sitting here. We should call an expert.”


Tom noted down the points in his notepad. “Well did you interrogate those four men about what they were speaking in the restaurant?”


“Yes Sir, Inspector Joseph did that. According to him, those men are not opening their mouth. They told him that they were speaking about movies and all.”


“We will justify that once we get the report of the voice analysis. Now proceeding further, you believed in Arjun’s words and went to the closed factory. You asked Arjun to stay outside. We don’t know what he did outside. But when you came out with Ram Bhai, he argued that Arjun had called hi and it was a setup, told that he called him around 1 pm, and also by going to the phone records.....”


“Arjun didn’t call at 1 pm and he made the last call at 11 am in the morning, to Divya saying that he is going to the police to report it. And if we go through the statements of Divya, she told that they both had an argument after which Arjun made no contact with her, but his phone and came to the meet me at 4 pm after which he went to meet her and didn’t return till 7 pm.”


“But did you notice one thing when we questioned Divya. I felt that she lacked the emotions on her face while speaking because she had an argument to Arjun, her relationship was on the verge of break up but she spoke as if she wasn’t in relationship with him and as if it looked like she taught how to answer the question which we may would ask.”


“Same thing we noticed with Rahul. Whatever question we ask him about the case, he would answer in a jiffy, but Shouvik, when you asked him about what is there in his car. It looked like as if was startled on hearing this question, as if he was not prepared to answer this question. But Arjun answered everything calmly.”


“Yes, he showed perfect emotions and he also didn’t get scared when we accused him. He answered calmly. So, this might lead to our first inference that Arjun is bit smart while the other two are not.”


“Might be, let me just note down this.”


“Okay, so after capturing Ram Bhai, you asked Arjun whether you would drop him, but refused and told that he already told his friend to pick him up.”

“He asked Rahul to pick him up since he had a conversation with him yesterday night and as per the phone records of both of them, Arjun called him and told that he would go the police station and please pick him up from the factory. But my question is, why did Arjun ask Rahul to pick him up that do in a car, not in a bike, in spite knowing that I would drop him back to the police station?”


“Even I am not sure about this answer. One thing i can say that, since it was afternoon and very hot, he might have told Rahul to bring a car, which is fine, but why did he ask him to come? While questioning Rahul, he mentioned that Arjun can’t travel with the goons, but it rectified his mistake when I asked him a counter question, which was very smart of nice. But I still feel suspicious.”


“That is okay Shouvik, but the most suspicious thing is, Arjun asked Rahul to supervise the entire operation so that nothing goes wrong.”


“Arjun might have thought that if something wrong had happened, like for example, you would also held him captive, then in that sense, he could use Rahul as an eye witness, just in case. If we think like that, then we can prove that whatever Arjun did was right. He is really innocent and we can’t accuse him, but we should think the other way round.”


“Okay, we will keep this aside for some time, after I left with Ram Bhai at 3 pm, Rahul came and picked up Arjun and went, which he told that maybe after 5 minutes. And exactly after when he left, those constables were shot death. I mean to say that, who are these people who shot the constables? Why did they shoot after I left with Ram or more precisely after when Arjun left? If those people really wanted to free Ram Bhai from getting captured, then they should have opened fire, moment I exited the gate, if they wanted to free Ram. But no, they waited until I left and then shot the constables and seized all the drugs. Why?”


I began to think, who was the main target? Was it Ram, was it Tom or was it to seize the drugs?


“Wait, maybe those shooters belonged to some other enemy gang who also got information about the deal with Ram Bhai and wanted to kill him. But that doesn’t justify the point why didn’t they target Arjun? Did he belong to that enemy gang along with the shooters? This is the only point which I could think of. So this comes to a theory that Arjun might belong to an enemy gang who wanted to kill Ram and capture his drugs.”


“But why did he approach me?”


“Maybe just to gain the trust of police, well it’s just a theory. We can’t say anything. Well proceeding further, what does the forensic report suggest?”


Tom opened the file. He read, “Shouvik, according to the report both the constables were shot death around 2:50 pm to 3:15 pm. It also said that the bullet was from Dragnov, at a distance of maybe 50 m and maybe the bullet was fired, it can be concluded that he is an expert and also it was fired straight”


I began to draw on the white board. “So this is the closed factory, the land around it is barren or waste land. Trees are very less. The road is very quiet with less traffic as it connects the city to the village and this circle might be within the radius of 50 meter. Here is the tree where Rahul stood; he couldn’t fire, because he is standing on one side. So, either the bullet might come from straight or from inside the factory. In front of the factory, is endless barren land. Tom you didn’t notice any movement or suspicious activity right?” Tom nodded. “So, I can say that the shooters were inside the factory. Otherwise it would be very tough to lay flat on the barren land that to under the sun. What did the ground Inspection team say in the report?”


Tom opened the file. He read, “Shouvik, according to this report, there was no suspicious movement in the land within the 50 meter radius. There is no sign of dragging, footprint or any other vehicle movement or suspicious activity in the land like digging in the last 4 hours.”


“So this comes to the conclusion that the shooters were present inside the factory and their main aim was to seize all the drugs and escape and not to cause any harm to police officials.”


“But how can we say that Arjun is involved with the shooters? Maybe those guys didn’t want to really harm Arjun as he was a civilian. This can also say that Arjun really might have overhead the conversation, really he wanted to capture the Ram Bhai and really was a bit scared, so he might have asked Rahul to comfort him in case. It can also say that some other gang was really present inside who wanted to kill Ram Bhai, but when they saw police already arrested Ram and Arjun left, they seized all the drugs , killed those constables and left. This can also be possible right?”


I was speechless after hearing this. “So, we can’t suspect Arjun. We need more evidence for proving it.”


We both sighed and paused for a bit. I asked, “Tom, aren’t there any nearby CCTV cameras?”


“Yes, if we go towards the city, the nearest one is around 8 km and if we go through the village side, there are no cameras.”


“No wonder why these places are perfect for drug deal or other illegal activities because there is no CCTV camera to record it. I have to speak to the Mayor and get it installed. Anyway, please play the footage.”


Tom played the footage from 2:50 pm. I kept my eyes open to notice even small deals. Around 3:05 pm, we saw the Inspector’s jeep pass by. Around 3:11 pm, we saw the white XYLO cars pass by, which was Rahul’s car. Tom paused the footage.


 Tom, you left the factory by 2:55 pm and it took you around 10 minutes to travel 8 km. According to the statement made by Arjun, he told that Rahul arrived after 5 minutes, which may be 3 pm. If you take 10 minutes to travel 8 km, then Rahul would also take the same time also. Let us assume that Arjun killed those constables, then it would take some time to seize all the drugs, come out and go, which can take around 15 minutes. But, this CCTV footage shows that he really left the factory by 3 pm. And also according to the ground inspection report, there was no movement within the circle radius of 50 meter from 2 pm to 6 pm. You returned with the narcotics team by 3:45 pm, if they try to escape after that they would be caught. So, they escaped between 3 pm to 3:40 pm. And while you were coming towards the factory with the narcotics team, you told that you didn’t see any vehicle on the opposite road, which implies that those people have taken the route towards the village area, where there is no CCTV camera. So, something like this might have happened. You left the place by 2:55 pm, Arjun left at 3 pm. Then those shooters shot the constable, seized the drugs which might have taken some 15 to 20 minutes. Then by 3:20 pm, those guys might have boarded a car and went towards the village area and you people came around 3:45 pm.”

“So, this comes to the conclusion that Arjun is innocent and he is not a suspect”, implied Tom.


“Yes”, I replied. “The time is 9:30 pm. Lets’ go for a walk and get some fresh air. I am having a bad headache. We will come back and start fresh.” By saying this, we left the cabin and went for a walk.


Meanwhile, in Arjun’s home.....


“Man, what a day it was. I never expected so many things to happen. We were able to seize drugs of worth millions and also I had an interview with police.” Rahul was so excited that he couldn’t keep calm.


“Yeah, thank God it went according to our plan.” Arjun spoke.


“Do you think the police would trace us and come to the conclusion that it was done by us?” asked Divya.


“No chance, I bet they would have stopped their suspicion on me after seeing the CCTV footage and as far as I know, they won’t see any other CCTV. Maybe, they will ask the CCTV footage of the camera which is just opposite to my house.” Spoke Arjun.


“But really Arjun, I never thought that Inspector Tom would ask us about what all things are there inside my car. I really got pissed off. I was a bit scared when i answered that.”


Arjun jumped into the conversation, “Yeah, even i was scared. But the main thing is to keep your calm and remain steady even in the most dangerous cases. If we think with a calm and cool mind, then it is possible to fool anyone.” And he laughed.


“What do you think is happening now in the police station?” asked Divya


“Well if I am sure, they will shift their focus now to Thomas Bhai’s case.” replied Arjun.


At pthe olice station.....Time: 9:45 pm


“Shouvik, it was a nice walk. I feeling all fresh and charged up.”


“Yeah me to, let’s go and finish our work.” By saying this, we entered the cabin and he began to resume our work.


“Tom, did the factory inspection report com?”


“Yes.” Tom reached for the file. He went through the pages and replied, “Yes, so according to their report, they obtained about hundred fingerprints and they are running their fingerprint database for matching it, they told that results will come by tomorrow morning. They also mentioned, there was no force opening of doors, latches or windows. No extra chemicals were found other that those which are the drugs. No traces of oil nor any suspicious extraction or digging activities. Even they inspected the walls, they inferred that they are the original walls, no new walls were constructed, and they remained as such. No cracks, no sign of duplicate or hollow walls. They found traces of gun powder and shells lying outside the factory premise, they gave for testing whether it was the same gun used to shoot the constables or not. Other than that it’s a clear report Shouvik.” Tom closed the file and he continued, “Even from the ground inspection report, within 50 m radius, there was no sign of gun powder or shells. So, it is hundred percent sure that those men were inside the factory and they wanted to kill Ram. So maybe they entered the factory either the previous night or today morning and they were hiding.”


“So, if they came earlier, then they must have come by some car. So, we can see the CCTV footage which is about 7 km from the factory and note down all the cars that came since yesterday night. We might get some clue. Or else if those men knew that if they come from the village site, there won’t be any CCTV. Still we can note the numbers and question the owners.”


Tom nodded. He called his men, “Everyone note down the details of the car that is seen in the footage. I want each of you to personally visit every owner and question them by tomorrow and i want the report ready by afternoon. Is it clear?”. “Yes sir” and they left.


In the mean time, I was seeing the footage. I called Tom. “Tom, see this, at 1 pm I can see Rahul’s car going towards the factory.” Tom looked closer and replied, “Yes”. By that time something clicked my mind.


“Tom, if they arrived yesterday night, surely they might have bought some food or water or something to drink. Is anything such mentioned in the factory report?”


Tom opened the file, he filled some pages, paused for some time, then replied, “Yes, they mentioned that they found packets of fruits and dry fruits and some water bottle and also they found that they disposed the packets in the dustbin, which is found to be fresh upon testing. They found that the food is manufactured by some small industry named, ‘natural industries’. They mentioned that they are trying to locate the industry and shall ask which all retail or wholesale markets, they distribute their products. The reports will be ready by tomorrow morning.”


“Nice. So we have some conclusions we can show to the commissioner tomorrow morning. Anyway let’s shift our focus now to Thomas Bhai’s murder.”


Tom asked, “Shouvik, don’t you feel strange that a drug dealer got captured today and another drug dealer was shot dead. I mean to say that, when those shooters wanted to kill Ram Bhai, because Arjun came in the middle, they couldn’t shoot. But they shot Thomas. Surely I think there is some connection between the two.”


I thought for some time, “What does the report say about Thomas’s murder?”


Tom searched for Thomas’s file. “Here it is. Okay let me open it.” He opened the file. “Initial forensic reports suggest that his murder was committed between 5:30 pm to 6:30 pm. They found a bullet shell is being said that it’s a pistol but research is going on. He was shot on point blank!”


“Tom, call the forensic department and ask them whether the person who shot the constables is the same person who shot Thomas?”


Tom dialed the number on his smart phone. “Hello this is Inspector Tom. I want you to check a match between the killer who killed the constables and Thomas whether is the same or not?” He paused. “I also want a report of the fingerprints found.” This time he got angry, “I don’t care, work the full night and send me the report by morning. I have to give answers to the commissioner.” And he cut the call.

“Relax Tom; it’s very hard for them to manage two cases at a time.” I patted on his shoulder.


“Shouvik, I think we have to interrogate Ram because someone wanted to kill him. Maybe he can give us some information about it. Maybe the killer tried to kill both Thomas and Ram but succeeded in killing Thomas only.”


Tom and I went to the cell where Ram and his men were held captive. A constable opened the cell and we went inside.


Ram said, “Inspector, I am again saying, this is the plan of Arjun. He only called me and told me to come. He only got me captive and seized my drugs.”


“Ram, just stay quiet and answer our questions. We are keeping a watch on Arjun. He is still the main suspect.” Tom pulled his tool closer to Ram while I sat behind Tom. Tom was unhappy with my gesture. I replied, “Tom, you’re the Inspector in charge of this area and you caught Ram, so it is your right to sit forward than me. I respect that.”


Tom laughed. He pulled his stool more closer and asked Ram.


“Do you Thomas Bhai, Ram?” asked Tom.


“Yes I know him. We used to deal together. But now, he is my arch enemy. We both want to kill each other.”


“Ram, today evening around 6 pm, Thomas was murdered and we suspect that the person who killed Thomas also wanted to kill you, but since Arjun came in between and arrested you people, those guys shot only my men took all your drugs and they escaped. So, we just came to ask you whether we have any enemies or not?”


Ram listened with eyes opened. He couldn’t believe it. “But Inspector Arjun is.....”


I interrupted in between, “Why are you pulling that poor Arjun into this matter? That innocent guy saved your life, you must be grateful to him. Now answer what Inspector was asking. Sorry Tom, I lost my cool.”


Ram answered, “Inspector, in this business of ours. We make more enemies than friends. We don’t even know who all are my men and who all are my enemies. Everyone time we have to careful. But, if you ask specifically, I can’t say any name. I suspect all the drug dealers.”


Tom asked, “Ram tell me one thing, why so you keep saying that Arjun called you? Do you know him before? Have you met with him earlier?”


Ram was about to say something, but he changed his facial expression to say something else, “Well Inspector frankly speaking, I don’t know Arjun. I just wanted to self defense myself because I was angry on him because of him only I got caught. So just for fun, I wanted to throw my anger on him.”


Tom sighed. “Well Thank you.” And we left the cell. We went straight to Tom’s cabin.


Time: 10:30 pm


“Well Shouvik, one thing is clear. Ram and Thomas had a common enemy.”


“Yes, I think so.”


In the meantime, a constable entered and gave a CD to the inspector. “Sir, this is the footage which you asked for?” and he left.


I was curious to know it. “Tom, when did you say this and what is footage about?”


“Well Shouvik, this footage is from the CCTV opposite to Arjun’s house. While we went for Tea break, I just told him to get it for me, in case if we suspect Arjun. But know, it’s clear that it’s of no use.”


“Well I also think about the same. Maybe we can have a look at it tomorrow morning.” I paused and continued, “Well to sum it up, what all reports are we expecting tomorrow.”


“Well, first, the voice sample report and whether the woman is Divya or not? Second, about the fingerprint match in the closed factory, third, is about that small industry, fourth is about the finger print report from Thomas case and last whether the killer who shot the constables and Thomas are the same or no?”


“Well then Tom, see you tomorrow. I have to leave now.” Y saying this, I left the police station.


Meanwhile, in Arjun’s home.....


“Well done, everyone, tomorrow we might go and capture Rohan Bhai’s area. Today night the shipment will arrive. Zingora Bhai will call for a meeting for us distributors and then he put ask me to deliver to Rohan Bhai. Let’s hope for the best.” Arjun spoke. “Let’s make the plan for tomorrow.”


Everyone came forward. Arjun spoke, “Okay, here is our plan of action. Manoj, though you are from Thomas Bhai gang, I heard that your best friend Nitheesh works for Rohan Bhai.” Manoj nodded. “Okay, tomorrow go early and meet Nitheesh. You take him to a lonely spot and start talking to him. Then all others will slowly approach these two guys. Nitheesh will definitely get scared, but Manoj you introduce our gang members to him and make friends. Then ask Nitheesh to call his gang members and slowly everyone should make friends, give them each a bundle as a token of our friendship. This is the place where I go in and deal with Rohan Bhai and then the usual drama. Since, I visit frequently to Rohan Bhai, it will be very easy for me to go in and very east for Manoj to make friends with them. Zingora will come, shoot at Rohan, accuse him that he is a cheat and then ask everyone to join my gang. By doing this, I would eliminate the top drug dealers in Pearl City and I would be the only supreme leader of Pearl City. “Everyone cheered and smiled at each other. Arjun continued, “I think you guys can go, you have to take rest.”




One of his men asked, “Don’t you think the police would record our movements from the CCTV camera?”


Arjun replied coolly, “No, I don’t think so.” And he laughed. Everyone left, only Divya stayed behind.


“Arjun, I want to ask you something.”


Arjun replied, “If you are again thinking of us, then I would say I am not interested. Firstly, I have a goal to reach, I have a dream, and I want to achieve that. I don’t want emotional disturbances. Second, whatever business I am doing now it’s very risky, I can go to jail anything or something might happen to me. Then have you ever though what would happen to you? Third, my enemies, if there in the future, might target my family and hence, I would have a weak point, which I don’t want. Fourth, I don’t want to get attached to anyone either mentally or emotionally or physically. Cause moment the attraction starts, the pain of separation starts. I get only attracted to my body because it will stay permanently with me and if anything happens to my body, I will become weak. So, I want to get attached only to the needs of my body. Fifth and the last point, I don’t know the concept of love, I know only the concept of attraction which is different from love. First let me be responsible myself, and then only let me show some responsibility to my spouse or others. When we fly by airplane, they make an announcement, ‘Please put your seat belt first and then help others’. Okay are you happy, now come can leave.”


Divya left the room without saying anything. Arjun laughed and said, “Great, which means I learned something from him.”



Next morning....Date: 13/03/2016.....Time: 10 am


“Sorry Tom, I got up late. I was fully thinking about the case last night.” I rushed in to Tom’s cabin as I was late because in an hour, we have a meeting with the commissioner.


“It’s okay relax, we have time. We have got all the reports ready. Shall we start?”


Tom paused, drank a sip of water and he continued, “Okay, so according to the voice analyst about the restaurant footage, he concluded that they were really speaking in Malayalam and they did mention about Ram and the deal as Arjun confessed and as per as the visual match, it’s an 80 percent match with Divya. So, which means Arjun was speaking the truth, conclusion one.” He took the second file and read, “From the fingerprints match, some fingerprints matched with Ram and his men. Some fingerprints matched with some small criminals in our database, but none of them are excellent shooters. I asked Ram whether he knew those small criminals, he replied that he has seen them with Thomas Bhai, which comes to the second conclusion that Thomas hired his men to kill Ram. Other prints were old and those belonged to the factory owner and the workers.” He closed the file and opened the third one, “Shouvik, this is the most twisted one. I told you about the food packets we found in the factory, a name was there, ‘Natural Industries’, we couldn’t even find its name in the internet nor in any government records or any other NGO registered.

Even we searched if it might be some village industry but it was negative and no wholesale or retail shops ever sold these brand snacks, which comes to the third conclusion, those men were smart, they brought their own brand of snacks.” Now, he moved to the fourth file, “And about the fingerprint report from Thomas hideout, we received many prints. We were expecting a match between the prints obtained in Thomas hideout and the prints obtained in the factory, where I concluded that Thomas asked his men to kill Ram, but both the prints are different! There is no 0.1 percent match also. So, we can conclude that Thomas hired men outside his gang to kill Ram because Ram mentioned that he saw them with Thomas. If they don’t belong to the gang, then obviously, they are outsiders. Finally the last file,” Tom opened the file, “There is no match between the killers, and both of them are different. The first killer is an expert and second killer is an amateur which can be understood from the bullet wound. “


Tom almost fainted after speaking his monologue. I appreciated Tom for his efforts but we have to report our findings to the commissioner.


I said, “Tom, send forces to investigate towards the village. Ask them to interrogate any shops, hotel, petrol pumps, anything. At least, we can say this to the Commissioner.”


“Okay” said Tom.


Meanwhile, Arjun’s house.....


“Rahul, I have to meet Rohan Bhai at 1 pm. I hope Manoj has already left.”


“Yes, don’t worry. Everything is fine; he called Nitheesh and told that he was coming.”


“Good, you people also take your position. We have to do this.” Arjun cut the call. He made another call, “I hope everything is ready.”

“Yes, don’t worry. Just be ready” said the receiver.

Arjun cut the call and he smiled.


Time: 10:45 am


“Just be ready.” I said to nervous Tom. “We will speak out everything we know to the commissioner. After all what can we do?”


After sometime, the Commissioner entered and we were summoned to the conference room.


“.......and this is how we conclude that Arjun is innocent after seeing all the reports.” I ended my presentation.


“So, what is the present status?” asked the Commissioner.


“Sir, currently our team is interrogating all the owners of the car that passed by the Factory road. Then we have send forces to investigate further down the road to villages and asking every shop, restaurants about very minute details. Further, we have those small criminals who were present in the factory, whose prints got matched; our team is searching for them.”


“Very well, then. Update me with everything by tonight 9. I am responsible to speak to the press and to my seniors.”


Time: 12:45 pm


“Rahul, come in what is the status?” asked Rohan through Bluetooth.


“Everything is okay bro; we are having a lot of fun. We are dancing to tunes of baby doll, hookah bar and party of all night. It’s so much fun. One thing I can say, we have made complete friendship with them. Bro, don’t worry.”


“That’s great, okay I should enter now.” Saying this Arjun left his car and went through a narrow path through the dense forest. After walking 500 meter, a small hut was visible. E went through the path, two armed bodyguards stood outside the door. They waved at me.


“What’s up, guys?” I asked them.


One of them replied, “Nothing as usual. Keep standing the entire day, look at the sky, and hunts for enemies and so on.”


“That’s nice. It takes a lot of gut to do this kind of job. You have to be alert all the time. You must be getting paid well, I guess.”


The other guard replied, “Yeah kind of, but after these Coronovirus lock down, boss has reduced our pay coz the business went down. Otherwise, it’s fine.”


“Where are your other men? I can’t see anyone.”


“They all are in that side, gossiping. I have heard that Zingora Bhai is also coming and some of them are from his gang. I have heard a lot about him; today we are getting the chance to meet him.”


“Wow! Zingora Bhai is coming! Don’t lie; I always wanted to meet him. When is he coming?” asked Arjun.


“Well, in other 15 minutes I guess.”


“Till he comes, I will go inside and give this week supply to Rohan.”


“Sure” said the bodyguard. He opened the door and Arjun went inside.


“Rohan Bhai, How are you?” He went and hugged him.


“Fine, everything is going well. I guess the quality of product has gone down since the Coronovirus pandemic. It is not as strong as it was before. My party and all are not happy with the service.”


“Bro, what can I do? There is a global crisis in the world; it will take some months to get the situation back to normal. Till then, we have to adjust like this.”


“Yeah, but the party is paying less to the drugs which comes to our loss. I think that’s why Zingora Bhai is coming to address this issue.”


Rohan reached for his phone. “Hi Nitheesh, ask everyone to come. Zingora Bhai would arrive any minute from now.”


“Zingora Bhai’s boys already arrived an hour earlier so our boys and they are having lots of fun I guess.” Rohan laughed.


Finally, a bodyguard shouted, “Sir, Zingora Bhai has come.” And he opened the door. There in the threshold stood Zingora Bhai. Rohan was very pleased to meet him.


Zingora spoke, “Guards, ask everyone to wait outside. Don’t let anyone come in.” He turned his attention towards Rohan, “Well Rohan, nice to meet you.”


“Nice to meet you Zingora Bhai, it’s my pleasure to see you. I have been waiting for years just to get a glimpse of our God.”


“Without wasting time, let’s start the meeting. Rohan, just for an experimental basis.........”Zingora Bhai took out his gun and shot him. Rohan lay dead on the floor. “Now it’s time to address the people outside.”


Zingora Bhai and Arjun went outside to address the small crowd of men. “Well your Rohan Bhai was a fraud. He used to buy drugs from Arjun and sell our same drugs double the rate to Mexico cartels. This is against our rule and I got orders from the top to find that dealer and kill him.”


“Then Zingora Bhai, who will now lead us?” asked one of the men.


“I don’t want to make anyone a leader. I want all of you to give your own leader. I want all of you to create your own network and be the leader of them. Let all of you be free like birds. Do whatever you want but stick to our rules. I want everyone to explore their own character more. I know everyone has the capabilities. I don’t want anyone to be suppressed under anyone. My area of control is only the sudden region of the country, so call your friends and ask them whether they want to join us or be slaves and obey commands of their leader. But, before making any decision, please inform me, so if many of you get caught, I will make arrangements to save you. But if you don’t inform me, then your situation will be like Rohan Bhai. Since, all you can’t contact me, I appoint Arjun as my point of contact. Whatever decisions you guys make, report it to Arjun who will inform me. If I give the approval, then do it or else change your strategy because I won’t say now as I want all of you to think. Now, everyone take all the drugs from the hideout and load it in the car. Take it to your new safe house.”


“But Zingora Bhai, if we take the stuff in car, won’t the police check us.”


“Don’t worry, as far as I know, half of the police force are interrogating the villagers, other half are questioning the car owners recorded in the factory CCTV camera, other half is busy inspecting Thomas Bhai hideout and other half will come and inspect here once they get the news. So go home, Netflix and chill!” Saying this Zingora Bhai left the area.


Arjun asked everyone to take the package and load it in the car. Rahul spoke, “Well Zingora Bhai indirectly appointed you as the leader.”


“I know” and he laughed.

Arjun called everyone to discuss the plan. After the meeting, Manoj asked, “Arjun, if we start doing drug deals in our homes, won’t it be risky? There is CCTV camera all around, we might get caught.”


Arjun laughed, “Well after we leave, the police will get search and seize all the possible hideouts like empty houses, slums, busy markets, new construction buildings, factories, forests and all. So, it won’t be safe for us to be outside. For some month, they will keep a watch on these areas, they will install new CCTV camera and keep an eye on these areas. So, we can’t do deal here. The only safe place will be our home or in the city or residential areas. Remember the rule we followed during Corona virus pandemic? The government banned meeting of five people together. Similarly, we will follow the same. So, they can’t catch anyone and they will think that since the entire major drug dealers are shot dead, the level of drug supply has decreased and within days they will issue that our city is free from drug dealers. But, we can stay in our homes and secretly do the business. Today is the world of technology. We can conduct meetings in Skype or Google duo or we can do our own Web-ex call.”


Time: 2 pm


Tom and I were sitting in his cabin trying to find new leads when a constable arrived. “Sir, near the forest, we have found the dead body of Rohan Bhai, another drug dealer.”


Tom jumped from his seat, “What is happening all of a sudden? Three murders in 24 hours! I can’t understand why all the drug dealers are getting targeted?”


“Tom, its nice right, all the drug dealers are getting eliminated and our city will be drug free.”


“That’s nice but I fear something bad is going to happen. Someone is planning something big.”


“But Tom, I noticed one pattern. The places where the drug dealers are getting shot are both outskirts the city and also place where there is no CCTV camera. So, I suggest two things. First, is to install camera in all these type of locations and second we have to ambush all such possible hideouts. I suggest we put this proposal to the commissioner so that we can start with immediate effect.”


“Good idea Shouvik, by doing this we can eliminate all the drug dealers. I will make arrangements to talk to the commissioner ASAP.”


We had a Skype call with the commissioner and he agreed to our proposal. So, we send police force to install CCTV cameras and to ambush all the possible hideouts outskirts the city.


Time: 6 pm, In Arjun’s home...


“Everyone be ready. Zingora Bhai will arrive any minute. He only called for a party tonight.” Spoke Arjun.


Nearly around 100 people were gathered inside Arjun’s home as he has a big hall.. He told the entire neighborhood that it was his office party as he got promoted.


Finally Zingora Bhai arrived. Arjun anchored, “Today, we are gathered here to celebrate the formation of a new gang and this was possible all because of Zingora Bhai.” Everyone clapped. “May I please invite Zingora Bhai to speak something.”


Zingora Bhai stood up. “Thank you everyone. Today I want to tell everyone a secret.” Everyone was amazed. What Zingora did next startled everyone! He put his hand over his face and pulled out a rubber mask he was wearing! Everyone was shocked to see the real face. It was none other than police Inspector Shouvik! In other words, it’s me, the writer of this story.


Everyone was shocked! There was pin drop silence across the corridor! Everyone looked at each other! Some though it was a betrayal and took out their pistol, but Arjun calmed them down.


“Don’t worry, like how every coin has two faces, similarly Shouvik has two faces, he is Police inspector cum Zingora Bhai!”


“I will tell you the entire story, that’s why I brought you guys here to tell this.” I paused and started.


“I am a police Inspector by profession but my real business is drug dealing. I joined police so that I can interact with other officers and learn how they do the investigation so that I will be one step ahead of them. Normally, our rule is that we shouldn’t show our real face, so I would put this rubber mask. Arjun and many other distributors would come to me and get the drugs but I felt Arjun as a different person. He was not the same as others. So one night, after the meeting when everyone was leaving, I called Arjun aside. For the very first time, I broke the rule and showed my real face to Arjun. He was shocked! But then I told him my plan.”


That night..... 1 month earlier,


“Arjun, I don’t trust our dealers Ram, Thomas and Rohan. I think they are betraying our protocols. I have got news that these three held a meeting and they are planning to sell our products to the cartels. I want to kill them.”


Arjun replied, “Yes, they had a meeting and I am Ram Bhai’s right hand man. The other two agreed but Ram Bhai is very loyal, he didn’t agree and told them that it was against the rules.”


Suddenly I got an idea, “Arjun, what if we remove the old drug dealers, i mean finish them off and make you as the new leader because you have all the qualities of a true leader.”


Arjun was shocked. “Is it possible? Can I become the leader?”


“Yes you can, you are smart. You have to trust me. Do you have any loyal friends?”


“Yes, Rahul and Divya.”


“Okay listen to my plan. We will implement this plan exactly one month from now. We will somehow put rumors that Ram Bhai is doing a deal with Mexico Cartels exactly one month from now in the closed Factory. Why closed factory because, it’s outside the city and the nearest CCTV camera is 8 km from there and plus I was the Inspector in charge when I raided the Factory and I know very well each and every corners and also some secret passages. This is the advantage of police duty, I get to know about their investigating patterns and I can plan accordingly. Surely, Thomas and Rohan each will send some shooters to kill Ram, but my men will be present there already and they will kill the shooters and dump their body in the secret passage. My main aim is to save Ram, not to kill him. So this is what you have to do....”


So, this was what happened yesterday afternoon. Arjun called Ram Bhai with my phone around 1 pm and told him to come to the factory unarmed and by the way, while doing business, Arjun used to call only through my number and Ram saved it as Arjun. The first place where Arjun stopped was my informer where he gave my phone. The second place where he stopped was my drug delivery guy!

So Arjun went to the police, as an innocent citizen who overheard a conversation in the restaurant talking about deals.


“How will Rahul and Divya help me out?” asked Arjun.


“The night before you will have a conversation with Rahul using your phone so that it will be mentioned in the records saying about the plan to pick you up but to the police you will say that I had an argument to Divya.......” and I told Arjun.


“So your saying that I must pretend that I am dating Divya in the restaurant and tell my men that not to disturb me, so that the police would think that I don’t know Ram Bhai’s men and also I will ask them to speak in Malayalam about the deal because I came with Divya as a date, sit behind them and listen to the deal in Malayalam which Divya can’t understand but I can. In this way I can attend the meeting and also date Divya simultaneously.”


“Exactly Arjun, now wonder why you’re smart!”


I continued, “When you will reach the factory with the police, my men would already kill those shooters and leave their prints so that police can them. Then, the police would capture Ram, you will become a hero in front of the Inspector and they will leave. By this time, Rahul will come in his car and my men will jump the wall. But, you have to drive at a speed of 120 km/hr.”


“Why is that?” Arjun asked.


“I will explain later. Rest is up to me. I will do investigation in such a way that you will be proved innocent and police won’t suspect you. They will call for investigation and all. So, take this bug and attach to your watch, I will give two more, give it to Rahul and Divya, so they can eavesdrop the conversation with police and answer the same answer which you gave. Don’t worry, I will make you prepare and all, that’s why one month gap.”


So, during the entire police interrogation with Arjun, whatever question Tom and I asked were heard by Rahul and Divya.


Present time.....


“Shouvik, one question scared me was when Tom asked tell me what is there in Rahul’s car?” said Arjun.


Rahul spoke, “Yes, same hear I got scared. But, thanks to Divya, she managed to hear and somehow made the arrangements. Hats off to her!”


I laughed. “Then whatever happened from killing of Thomas, Rohan to even asking Manoj to make friendship with Nitheesh, everything was my plan. You don’t have to worry, whenever you will get into trouble, I am also there to help you. That’s why in the evening I told, please inform Zingora Bhai well in advance.”


Everyone clapped their hands and they whistled and cheered till their heart content. “Okay guys, I asked everyone to call all your friends to inform. Did you all do?”


“Yes, Bhai” shouted everyone. One of them spoke, “Even the leaders some other southern states want to meet you also.”


“Well then, tell them to meet tomorrow. Yeah, I forgot the main purpose to come here was to announce that after two days we will go for a cruise for a week. Since, the police would be busy installing new cameras and ambushing hideouts, it won’t be safe for you guys. It’s a treat from my side to all of you guys. Since, I am Zingora Bhai and also police Inspector who is in charge of the harbor also. So, please arrive by evening 3 all of you. I have told Arjun about the details. He will let you know.” By saying this, I put back my rubber mask and went out.



After two days....afternoon 3 pm


The number of people who came to the port shocked me! It was around 8 thousand people who boarded the cruise ship! From all the southern states, all the drug dealers and their gang members, I mean everyone came! Every arrived according to my plan also! Everyone wore a rubber mask to his their true identity and also they dressed in casuals so that prove that they are going for vacation. Even Ram Bhai also joined. One of my men bailed him out of jail.

Inspector Tom, some constables and I were present to monitor the safety of the situation.

"Shouvik, eight thousand people going on a cruise ship! I can't believe it! See how badly people requires vacation in life. These days due to high work life, the work life balance is lost and as a result people get stress. So maybe just to have a week relaxation they are going for a cruise." replied Inspector Tom.

"Maybe. I hope that we could have also board this ship and go for a tour." I replied.

"Our duty got doubled due to increase in murder this drug dealers, now we have to do double shifts.". I laughed. "Well then tell to the commissioner that you want to go for a vacation."

"You must be joking." replied Tom, "Let's do our duty. The ship is about to leave. How lucky these people are!"

I thought in mind, 'Yes, they are really lucky.'


I expected such a huge number, so I told the tour operator to arrange for a ship of ten Thousand people! And as told, the ship left at sharp 3 pm with eight thousand people.


After 3 days......


“......a cruise ship carrying eight thousand people sank today. According to the report of the coast guard, everyone who was abroad got killed and there can be no chance of survival.....”


I switched off the TV and I laughed. Finally, my mission was successful! I want to make the southern region free of drugs and now a ship full of notorious people sank killing everyone! To make things clear, I am an honest police officer. Sometimes, betrayal is needed in order to achieve such a huge task.


Let me tell you the original story.


I am the investigating officer in charge for the harbor. One day while doing duty, I eavesdropped a conversation between Zingora Bhai and the higher officials. I got to know the entire details and wanted to finish this drug racket. Suddenly a plan came into my mind, which is the entire story. So, I killed Zingora Bhai, put the mask and attended meeting with the senior officials.


But let me also tell you one thing. What Arjun told in the beginning was,


“It is because; I want to establish my own empire! Do you know how the British were able to rule our country which had more than thousand kingdoms? Well, I will you. They made friendship with one kingdom, saying that they would help to defeat the enemy. Once that kingdom wins the war, the British would betray the king and capture his kingdom! They applied the same trick to all other kingdom and within months, they were able to establish rule all over India. We will also follow the same trick. Now, we have taken control of Ram Bhai’s empire, after betraying him, which is our first taste of success, slowly we will expand.”


But he forgot to mention that Mahatma Gandhi, the father of our nation, was the man behind driving out the British from India using his two principles of Ahimsa and Non-violence. Even the same thing I tried to apply, I called of the drug dealers from the southern part using Non-violence by making friends with everyone. Then without any bloodshed I called them to the ship and quietly sank it hence killing all the dealers, analogous to The British leaving our country. Mahatma Gandhi did it single handily so even I tried to do the same. Even those two constables who got killed were my men, I mean the original Zingora Bhai men! In other words, no innocent citizen life was lost during this entire process.

I knew that I broke Arjun's trust because, "I don't get attached to anyone emotionally, mentally or physically. I only listen to my body because it is permanent as it stays with me till death" were actually my lines which I taught Arjun during his one month training period.


 Then one day I called Arjun beside and told him, “Arjun I have a plan. Can you help me...?”


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