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Shouvik Das

Comedy Drama


Shouvik Das

Comedy Drama

John And Sid: The Prom Party!

John And Sid: The Prom Party!

31 mins 388 31 mins 388

Sid, an 18 year old boy, always wanted his fellow mates to gain attention towards him. According to him, in the 21 first century, we boys have to be modern that is, stylish clothes, expensive shoes, a smartphone, headphone and obviously girlfriend. Sid, was very particular about the last one, yes, girlfriend. This idea struck to him one full moon night, when he took his dog, for a walk in the central park, where he was fascinated by seeing ‘the couples’ walking around, he means boys so their age group along with their dates. Since, then he felt depressed and wished to god that he wanted a girlfriend.

“Hey God, I don’t want anything in life. I don’t want to pass in exams, I don’t want a job also. I just want a model material with whom I can marry and wherever she goes I would follow her like a dog. I will spend my full life by just looking at her. This is my first and last wish, God!”.

Next morning, a boy entered the college gates. He was no ordinary boy! He was wearing pure leather jacket with white vest and Peppe jeans. A Kashmiri scarf hung it’s around his neck, cool shades and chains covering the entire neck and obviously electric shock hairstyle! Hand was covered with Adidas wrist bands and American Tourister boy hung from his one shoulder. His swag motion attracted the fellow mates standing beside him. He felt like he was the hero and he saw many girls stared at him. Then suddenly, a girl approached him, the boy stood still, removed his shades, raised his eyebrows and again put back the shades with his index finger. In the nearby car window, he spiked his hair properly, a girl waved at him. He tossed the bag from one shoulder to another, raised his hand in the air, shook it, so the bands come in proper positions. He pulled his leather jacket once hard and approached the girl.

“Hi”, said the boy.

“Who are you?” asked the girl.

The surprised boy, removed his shades and asked, “you waved to me right.”

“No. I was waving to my Rahul behind who is coming in KTM 390 duke,” said the girl. “And by the way, put your pant zip its open” and she rushed to meet Rahul.

“Oh God!”

In class,

“That was a very stylish entry to the college, bro! Even Salman Khan would fail in front of you! Wow! I never expected you to change so easily, so you’re also looking for girlfriend right.” They both were childhood besties.

“Ya Sid, I feel jealous of those boys who already have. Look, how they roam around. Even in the breaks, you won’t even find boys gang roaming, you will find only couples roaming here and there."

“Bro listen, this is college. School was the place to study, here is the place for enjoyment, we have to enjoy to the fullest, look don’t lose hope….we will surely find someone. These days girls just focus on external beauty, just like those Tik Tok stars, who just impress girls by their hairstyles or looks! Girls just see the external beauty, and how you maintain your body. Look we both are handsome and both have body, but why aren’t the girls getting impressed?”

“Then should we also start making Tik Tok videos?”

“Do you want a play female or do ‘Mujra’ in Tik Tok? If no, then think of some other ways.”

“Hey dude, maybe we should observe some couple together about how they walk around, what they talk, their body language, how they manage to execute with such ease? Then just like our Physics, we will extract those techniques from them, add some’ masala’ or modify it and then we can apply ourselves! What do you say?”

“Good! We will just wait for the break”

The bell rang and their teacher came in, along with him were two seniors.

“Guys we have an announcement to make. We are your direct seniors studying in fourth year and still unplaced, but who cares! We came here to enjoy life and we won’t disappoint you! Whatever fantasies you guys dreamt about college we will make it true! You guys have just joined college and it is just your first day and we will start with the fun and excitement right from day 1! Well, that’s why we come to college! So we are conducting a prom tomorrow and we want all of you guys to participate! We all know that it is your first day and you haven’t made friends with each other and you guys know, Girls ratio is very low, so it is the survival of the fittest! So guys apply your flirting skills and impress your partner and the best couple gets an award and prize money! So, are you guys excited for it? The rest details are put up in the notice board”

At lunch break…..

“I’m sure, we both won’t be able to come to the prom definitely. Where do you think we are going to get girlfriend in just one day? We can’t ignore it also; we will lose our respect in front of everyone! People would laugh at us. I’m sure the other boys are already planning what dresses to wear and we are planning which girl to choose.”

“According to my census, there are 5000 students in first year with 3000 boys and rest girls. Assuming, some boys are not interested and some are geeks, that to girls, so their maybe around 300 boys left around, and we shouldn’t be within those 300 boys. “

“So, let’s first observe some couples, as we discussed. It will be our stepping stone towards success”

So both of them went to main canteen, which is the favorite place for couples to hangout.

“Sid, according to my census, all the couples will sit at the rear corners of the canteen, let’s find them”

So both of them started moving from tables to tables seeing boys and girls talk. “hey how about this one, the girl looks nice”, “Bro, look at that, how both of them are drinking from the same cup”, “Hey, look there, how the boy is feeding the girl with the spoon”, “Check that out, how those two are sucking from the same noodles plate and looking into each other’s eyes”.

At last Sid said, “Bro, this is too much! We don’t know which couple to observe. Everyone looks professional with at least a month experience!”

“This is a very big confusion bro, even our JEE advance organic chemistry was much easier than this I suppose!"

“Hey John, how about that one, where that boy is offering rose to that girl, maybe they are just starting to be in a relationship.”

“Yeah bro, nice one I guess. But that boy has muscles, if he is able to find out that we are observing them, and then we might reach heaven very soon that too without any girlfriend!”

“Think that later, let’s go first.”

So both of them went and sat on the table beside them with Sid on the right side and John on the left side of the table.

Both of the boys took out their phones and started looking at their phones. Sid was disturbed when, when he saw the boy touching the girl’s hand. The boy looked at him; Sid pretended to speak on the phone but continued to watch the couple. Every time the boy looked at him, Sid would turn his face away from them and speak on the phone. Then that boy got up, cracked his knuckles, which made Sid to jump out of the table and walk out. John was laughing a bit, but he also got disturbed, while drinking water, when he gave a sudden cough when the boy touched the girl's hair. The boy looked at John, who made a dashing run out of the canteen outside where Sid was waiting.

“Bro, I can’t understand, in the course of ten minutes they only spoke I love you, a hundred times and talked about each other physique, that’s all.” said Sid.

“I coughed a bit, when the boy told that we will meet at night at my house while touching her hair.”

“Well, this is most serious concern for us, we can’t simply let go of our handsome beauty and our 6 pack body. We have to find some solution fast. Hey look, another couple is walking, let’s follow them”

“Look dude, this is the last and final time”

They began to follow the couple. “Hey bro, look at her, how she is holding his hand and smiling at him and how he is returning that smile to her.”,

“Oh no, they are speaking so softly I can’t hear at all.”, “I can’t see anymore! It’s becoming a nightmare for my eyes! Just see, how they are laughing merrily, holding each other hands and John look at that! The boy just touched the girl’s back and she just happily punched him on his stomach! This is very complicated, man. Cracking JEE advance exam is much easier than this!”

Then the boy turned back and saw them. He asked, “I have been observing that you guys were following us, what you think you are up to?”

“Actually bro, we weren’t following, we were going ask you, the way to the library, that’s all, isn’t it Sid?”

“Ya…..Yes, obviously, we were going to ask the way for the library.”

“Don’t lie, you guys were laughing and giggling, and what’s this joke about library? Don’t you know its close now?”

“No, we were just discussing about the latest memes on Instagram, that’s why we were laughing and then all of a sudden we remembered that we have to go to library for getting membership, so we wanted to ask you, bro.”

“Okay, this is your first and last warning but next time if I see u guys follow, then”

“We know!!!!”

Both of them turned and walked away when suddenly they released that they were late for class! They ran as fast as they could to the class but the lecturer was already inside taking class.

“Wow! I can’t believe you guys. It’s just the first day and you are late for class already. I don’t know what will happen to you in fourth year! Sorry, I can’t let you inside.”

John kicked Sid on his leg and he said, “Sir, we went to hostel to get our books, then all of a sudden we had to urgently go to bathroom and there was water problem. So, in the haste we both forgot to take our books and we dashed straight to the class. See sir, we are sweating, that is the proof and we are gasping for breath!" and they started to grasp for breath more harder and faster!

“How come both of you went to bathroom at the same time?”

Both of them looked at each other. John said, “Sir, yesterday night, we both ate the same food at the Dhaba sir, fried rice and fried chicken! Maybe they might have put bad oil, if you want sir; I can register a complaint against them.”

“Okay okay, get in.” Both of them got in and went to their favorite last bench desk. “I can imagine the fate of you both in final year and all. You have bright future.”

“Thank you, sir. Even our parents say the same.” replied Sid.

So, it was 4 in the evening. The last period got over and then some seniors entered the class.

“Okay guys, I hope everyone is ready with their partners for tomorrow. Guys, raise your hand if you guys have already chosen your partner.”

To their surprise, almost everyone raised their hand! Fearing that they might be the laughter stock for the next few days, they also raised their hands!

“That’s nice guys. Can I have the last boy to stand up?” and he pointed his finger to John who was surprised but stood up.

“So, how did you find your partner and what is her name or his name?” other students began to laugh.

John looked at Sid and he stammered, “Yes, eh, I know one girl. We have been dating for almost a year and eh, yeah, name…eh…sorry, I can’t say. It’s confidential. I will reveal it tomorrow as a surprise.”

“That was nice, so let us wait for tomorrow and see that surprise. Can I know the names from some other of you present here?”

To both of them surprise, almost everyone told their partner names, except them! They looked at each other and fainted!

After sometime both of them sat on the bench park…

“Tomorrow is prom, and still we haven’t made any progress. What we did today was, we just found out how both of them behave after commitment. What our main target was to see what all they do for getting committed.” said Sid.

“See bro, we found out at that, after commitment they speak only few words, most of them either look at each other or touch each other. How do you think that girls know that, yes, he is the perfect for me, not u? how do they understand, we boys have feeling for all the girls, even if we try to talk to her, it ends up either in flirting or slapping. These girls have to change their mindset; they have to love those boys who really love them from heart and feel like yes, your mine….” John started with his monologue after getting inspired by relationship monologues given by Karthik Aaryan in his movies!

But Sid, was not listening, his mind was stuck to the scene of a girl wearing churider, was trying to get her dupatta, which got stuck in the branch of a tree. Sid was lost in his senses that he began to walk towards the girl. John was amazed. Sid slowly walked to that girl, made a huge jump and within a single attempt was able to grab the dupatta. The girl was clapping her hands and shouting, “Thank you, Thank you”. Sid was out of his senses when the girl hugged him! while hearing compliments from her, he felt like as if he was flying in the sky and began to have exotic dreams just like Uday Chopra in Dhoom movies where he used to imagine getting married to his crush and starting a family with her! The girl extended his arm to say, Thank you. Sid got the shock of his life! He began to jump with joy, and felt like he was the king on the Earth. In his unconscious state, smiling like a mad man, extended his arm and shook her hand. Sid was like now on the seventh heaven, he got a shock of about 440 volts, just like Salman Khan in Sultan movie, but he still survived, he began to pinch himself.

“Hi, I’m Lavaniya, nice to meet you. I live on the third block to the left of the park. You Mr. Tom Joseph, right? The head of the KYT company. I am her daughter. May I know your name, please?"

In his unconscious state, Sid was thinking, 'Her dad is the head of KYT company. She must be rich, so I have to match up to her level so as to become friends first, then crush, then girlfriend, then my wife.'

Sid replied, “I’m Sid, I also have a big house like you, a very big garden, a swimming pool, a rooftop dinner table and a badminton court only for……’

At that correct moment, John slapped Sid; he came back to his conscious.

“Wow! A badminton court and swimming pool, I love it, where do you live? I would love to come to your house.”

Sid back in his full conscious, was shocked, “Swimming pool and badminton court, I told that!” he looked surprised.

John pulled Sid to a side. “Hey bro, what have you done! You told her about my house and not about your house! Look, tell her that, you don’t have a swimming pool or a badminton court, say that you just live in a simple house.”

Sid said, “I just lost my senses while speaking with her, and she is so beautiful! Just imagine, if I am able to impress her and ask her to come for prom tomorrow, she would definitely say yes and I would be saved. I am in love with her, look at her smile, her happiness, please bro, your mine friend, and please help me in this situation. Bro, it’s only for this night and then for the prom tomorrow. Nothing will happen, if I’m able to stay in our house for a night! Look man, I did just for the prom tomorrow, please help!”

John was in a dilemma. Since Sid was his best friend, he can’t say no also. He told, “Okay, but just for a night, you can come to my house.”

Both of them came back to lavaniya.

“Okay lavaniya, let’s go to my house, it’s only a walking distance from here.” said confused Sid.

“Wait Sid, I have called my friend Gayathri, she would also be coming with us, to your house, I hope you don’t mind.”

“What!” Sid began to stammer, “That’s impossible, eh, it would create a very big problem for us.”

“Okay, I have no problem. I just thought about your friend. What will he do alone? He also needs company right.” said Lavaniya.

“Yeah” said John and he looked at Sid. “This is not fair; even I also have my rights to enjoy my life. All are equal before law and no one should be discriminated based on their happiness. If you are happy, then I also have my rights to be happy. Lavaniya, I just call your friend.”

Sid looked at John with eyes open and John pleaded before Sid to node is head!

Sid began to stammer, “What! Yeah okay, no problem……it would be my pleasure, if both of you come” and Sid began to cry.

“Hey God, please help us!!!!!”

They both waited outside the park until Gayathri came. Now, it was John’s turn to get electrified! He was staring her while she came running, with her long silky hair dancing while she came, she just stopped near to lavaniya but her hair smoothly touched John’s face. John was carried away by her such sweet gesture that he began to dance, “Wow! What smell, parachute oil and clinic plus shampoo, wow! Smell the scent.” The girl wiped her brow and turned towards John. He got more shock and swallowed some saliva! Dark eyeliner and lipstick wow! John was like dancing in the tenth sky! He began to imagine himself as Shah Rukh Khan playing guitar in the wide open fields and Gayathri in saree, approaching him in slow motion!

“I’m sorry, I came so fast.”

“Not at all a problem, I wouldn’t have minded if you would have hit me and then both of …..”

Sid slapped john. John quickly regained his senses. Gayathri just smiled at John.

“Hey Gayathri, this is John and that is Sid. Sid has just invited to his home and so I thought of calling you also otherwise poor John he would be single.”

John’s face lit up when he heard the last words of Lavaniya. He gave a slight cough, raised his shoulder , pulled his jacket his bit, adjusted his bands on his wrists, spiked his hair and just smiled at Gayathri!

“Okay girls, shall we go? You ladies lead the path and we would follow you. We follow the rules and regulations of a true gentleman.” Said Sid.

The girls led the way, while the boys followed behind. “ Sid my parents would be out of town and would return mostly by late night. So, we just enjoy for some 2 hours, propose them and ask them to come with us to prom tomorrow. It’s simple! The girls would never find out that it is not your home but my home! Yes, for tomorrow’s prom, we are going to be the hero’s. Those guys will only stare at us. We won’t be left out now.”

They were very happy that they began to dance.

“What are you guys, doing?” asked the girls.

“Mosquito bit us, so we were doing the mosquito dance. Look another mosquito”, and they both slapped each other face.

After ten minutes, they both opened the gate of the house. The girls were amazed!

“This is it bro, we are going to have so much fun today”, said Sid. The girls have gone mad and they began to roll and play on the lawn. Then all of a sudden John spotted something and he turned white!!!

“John, what happened? Why you look so scared?”

“Bro, this is the end of us! My parents are in home! Now surely, these girls will find out that we lied to them about this house. What to do now?”

Sid said, “We have watched comedy movies of Govinda and Akshay Kumar. So, we know how they were able to handle. We have to just apply the same technique here, say lies after lies and impress them, it’s very simple. Apply the concept just like JEE advanced exam.”

“Is that possible?” questioned John.

"Yes" said Sid

“Dude, Lavaniya thinks that this is your house, so you have to think my mother as your mother and my mom knows that I’m her son. So, problem is that girls think that it is your house, but I know it is my house, so you have to say mom to my mother and I have to say aunty!!!"

“Oh God! What to do now? If we fail today then for the entire life we would be failures! John, we have to adjust for a night. Think about the respect we would have in college.”

“Okay, be careful.”

With heavy breath breathing and chanting some Bhajans, the four friends stood outside the door. “Let’s go in”, said Gayathri.

“Yeah, let’s go and see our luck! Om Namah Shivaya!"

Sid opened the door, and all the four friends went inside and began to remove their shoes when John’s mother came.

Both John and Sid simultaneously bowed and wished, “Good evening, mom!” The girls were surprised and so was John’s mom!

“Sid, what happened to you, all of a sudden? Why did you call me mom? Anyway come in, who are these girls John?”

Confused and puzzled John introduced the girls and his mom went to the kitchen told them to get freshen up as food would be served shortly.

“John, show the girls round the house and make them feel comfortable.” John smiled and said okay to his mom.

The confused girls looked at the boys.

“Sid, why did John bow and say good evening mom. He should say aunty right?” asked Lavaniya.

“Well…eh…the thing is…eh…yeah…culture.”, stammered Sid.

“What culture?” asked Gayathri.

“Eh….from the beginning of our school life, we were taught to say other’s mother as our own mother also. You know right, it is the culture we are following, eh……so John also wished my mom.”

“Then why did your mom say what happened Sid?” asked Gayathri.

John quickly grabbed the moment and said,

“Well…Sid would never wish her mom by telling good morning or evening. I was the one who taught him to say all these to his mom. So, one day his mom got surprised by seeing Sid wishing her, then I told his mom that it was me who taught him these manners and since that day his mom would always ask like that, what happened Sid, why are you wishing me…” and he pushed Sid.

“Huh! Yeah ….that’s the reason.”

“But this is your house Sid, so why did your mom ask John to show the house?”

Both the boys looked each other in terrible face expressions, John pushed Sid.

“Huh…..the main reason is ya!!! Got it! My mom thinks that John is a better human being than me, he has more values and modest than me. So my mom, wanted a son like john, so she would ….eh….u know right...would consider John as his decent son.”

“So you lied to us that it is your house?” questioned lavaniya.

Sid was in a dilemma if he revels the truth then they would have a hard time for the next four years and would lose her and do not want to be a laughing stock.

“Problem is that, I am not her son."

“What!” exclaimed the girls and also John.

“With respect to her perception, she thinks John as his son, but you guys know that with respect to your perception, I’m her son. Just understand the fact that my mom is very close to John, you know right, parents would always discourage their son before others, they hardly encourage."

“Why don’t you girls just freshen up? After that we can play tennis, badminton or do swimming or talk romantically on the terrace or doing something private in room. Anything as you wish.” said John.

The girls laughed and they went up to Sid’s room, sorry, I mean John’s room.

Later after sometime… the terrace….

“John, it was a really close encounter with your mom! Whatever came to my mind during that time, I spoke, but we have a problem, now those girls think that I’m a culture-less fellow but the real truth is that you are the most culture-less fellow, I have ever seen! “

John laughed, “You let down yourself before the eyes of the girls just only to praise me. I owe you then something.”

“I don’t know whether what we are doing is correct or wrong?”

“Don’t worry friend, what we did was to save our love. We can do anything for our love. After all, your happiness is my happiness and I don’t get anything from the fact that I have risen in front of their eyes or became low in front of them nothing. At present we are in trouble and we must co-operate by helping each other every time. We are friends and we must work together.”

“Thanks friend.”

The two girls freshened up and came to the terrace. Both the boys were stunned by their gorgeous beauty! Their mouth opened wide, eyes became round but they quickly recovered to their original state when the girls slowly approached them. They thought that it was the moment. They were just able to do it when john’s mom shouted,

“John, there is a girl from your class who wants to return her notebook to you.”

 The boys quickly moved away and began to look tense.

Sid whispered to John, “Whom did you give your book to? And when did u start maintaining notes and listening in class? It was our very first day and you began to write notes! I never expected this from you; I thought we slept in class!”

 John suddenly remembered, “Shit, I gave it to Rani!” Rani was their school batch mate then, but now they study in the same class at college.

Sid began to cry, “Oh no, the bitch of our class, shit, all these things should happen today only.” And he punched his fist to the wall.

“Sid, if this girl, Rani, finds out that two girls are in my terrace, she would say it to everyone about them and they would think that these girls are our partners for the prom tomorrow. But the truth is, we haven’t proposed them yet and what if they say no, we can’t bring them! But, if this girl, Rani, sees them and tomorrow by mistake we couldn’t bring these girls to the prom, she would say to everyone about what happened last night and then everyone would laugh at us. We would be the laughing stock for the next 4 years!” John paused, took a breath and continued,

“Sid, you do one thing. I will go down and make sure that Rani doesn’t come up and you make sure that these girls don’t scream loudly.”

John hurriedly went down leaving Sid to answer those girls’ questions. He smiled helplessly and innocently.

“Sid, why would a girl come to your house and deliver John’s book?”

“Well… like It just must be a coincidence that she went to John’s house and found that he was not there and since we are best friends, she knew that we would be here, so…eh, that’s why she might have come here. She is Rani; she is studying in my class. We know her since our school days”

“She could have atleast kept the notebook in his house and come right; tell me did she come here to meet you as an excuse to give john’s book?”

Sid was speechless, “Swear on everything! I have never spoken to that girl”. Suddenly idea sparked in Sid’s head, “Well, it must be that John must have called her told that he will be in my house.”

"But, why should she return now only? She could return it in class tomorrow also right?"

Sid starred angrily at Lavaniya, but smiled. he began to wonder why she is speaking so much. "We have some homework to do, that's why she returned to him, otherwise who cares to do homework."


“Thanks John for the book, it wouldn’t have been possible to complete without your help.” said Rani.


John was about to go when Rani asked, “Hey, it would be nice if I see the terrace of your house, I would like to see the view of the city.”

This scared John, “Eh…the terrace is closed, it’s under repair…..”, but his luck was bad because his mom happened to pass by.

“No daughter, the terrace is open, he is just lying, you can go up, no problem, even Sid and two girls came.”

John stared at Rani who returned an evil look towards him. “No I should definitely go up.”

Rani hurriedly ran up the stairs with John shouting behind, Rani did not listen and went straight to the terrace. On the terrace, Sid laughed and gave a smile when he saw Rani.

“Where are those two girls?”

Sid was amazed. “Which two girls you are talking about, there are no one in the terrace except John and me. See you can see, no one, clear view.”

Rani looked around the terrace, no one. She was about to go down, when John shouted, “Hey Rani, those two girls…..don’t mistake us...!”

This moment was the worst moment of the evening! John unaware of Sid’s plan came to the terrace with a terrified look. He shouted from the staircase, “Rani, sorry for the….” As he entered the terrace, John was surprised to see only Sid standing alone! Both of them looked at each other . Rani who was staring at John asked, “What two girls!” John was puzzled but saw the Sid was giving him some hand gesture and whispering something that Rani was unaware of. John opened his mouth stammered, “Well…..girls….eh…..huh….let me see….what girls they were no girls here.”

“But your mom told that there are two girls upstairs?” questioned Rani.

Sid then caught the moment, “Well Rani, it was us in girl’s voice….see…we have a play to perform, where we play female characters, so we were making female voices….we were practicing for that only…” and he began to laugh and raised an eyebrow towards John who understood and he continued, “….and my mom must have heard those voices and told that two girls are up…… “

“Let me call aunty and ask” said Rani.

“No wonder why she is called the bitch of the class”, confessed Sid. John raised an eyebrow and made some hand gesture to Sid, which he picked up. John took out his phone and ringed it to Sid. Hearing the ring of his phone, Sid picked up and spoke, “Hey Sam, don’t worry Rani is here” and gave an eye blink to John. John got a smile back in his face. “Yeah, I will send her there.”

“Hey Rani, your boyfriend called up, he told you to come to his house, maybe to practice for the prom.”

Rani, on hearing the news quickly left the boys. They sighed a sense of relief. “For a moment I got scared that Rani might tell others that we found girls for the prom, and think if we failed to impress them…..hey tell Sid, where did you hide those girls?”

“I told them that go down to the room to get the badminton kit and not to make noise because I told them that Rani likes me, but I don’t. So I told that if you make noise, then she would create problems and then our relationship won’t go any further.”

John laughed, “Just making up some random cock and bull story. But tell me the truth, do you like Rani?” He patted Sid’s shoulder.

Sid laughed, “That would be a different chapter. Leave it.”

 At the badminton court…

Sid and Lavaniya formed a team and John and Gayathri the other, the latter leading the former by a score of 5 points when suddenly john’s dad called up, “Son, would you come here, please” and as usual both the boys answered together, “Yes Dad!” and both went inside leaving the girls outside. While entering through the main door, John went in and Sid came back to the court.

“Hey Sid, your dad called you right?” asked Gayathri.

“Yeah…..John has dehydration problem….so, I told my dad to remind me at 8 so that he can have the ORS solution.”

“But, I don’t understand one thing?” asked Lavaniya.

'Now what!' and he began to curse Lavaniya.

“Why in your house, there is not even a single photo of yours and every photo is about John? Even in the family photo down the hall, I only saw John's photo. Why aren't you there?"

This question really gave heart attack to Sid. Poor fellow….now he doesn’t know what story to make up and say.

“Well, do you know the truth about John?” asked Sid. Both the girls responded no.

“Actually his parents died when John was just 2 years old….”, in his mind he was saying sorry John. “….my dad and mom felt sorry for him that they decided to adopt him. So, John does know a bit about his past…so in order to make him believe all these….and so he won’t feel without a family….so my parents pasted his photo everywhere ..So that he would believe that he was born in this family….but later when he grew up, we told him everything and we have forgotten to remove the photos……” At that moment John entered carrying four glasses of orange juice.

Gayathri felt very sad for John, when he offered her the juice she told, “John, drink your dehydration solution on time and don’t feel anything from the past….”John looked amazed, he turned to Sid who gave him a crooked smile, “Yeah, I will take care of my health and also…..yeah…. I would not feel anything from my past” and he gave a doubtful look to Sid, who winked his eye! John began to feel confident, “Ya obviously, past are past, I don’t dwell in them, I just live the present moment and yeah….by the way my parents, eh …..i mean Sid’s parents are asking you girls to stay for dinner” and he turned to Sid and gave a horrified look. Sid looked tense, now definitely they would catch their lies!

At the terrace……

“Sid, if you hadn’t mentioned this house as yours, then we wouldn’t have been facing such troubles. We have to get out of it now. We are in this pit because of you only."

“What to do, dude, the girl herself was so beautiful that I lost my senses and John tell me the truth you also would have lost your sense if you had met that girl instead of giving your boring speech.”

“Now our main aim is two tasks, one, to ask the girls for go to prom and two, not to have dinner with your family, so let’s do it, John, just few more hours of lies and next four years will be king life for us in college.”

The girls came to the terrace after a quick shower. Gayathri spoke, “John, I’m very sad to hear your story about your parents and Sid I’m also sorry for you that your own parents have started to neglect you for John’s benefit.”

Both of them for first time tonight, felt something correct happened, “Oh! It’s okay, not a problem…” said Sid and then all of a sudden, John’s mother shouted, “Hey Sid! Your parents have called you and asked you to come home within an hour.”

At least some hope they had, that also went down. What they thought was going right for the first time that also got spoilt! The two girls looked at each other and stared at Sid, he also looked at John and put his hand over forehead, with John patting on his shoulder. Sid almost started to cry and John said, “it’s okay, I can understand.”

Sid went straight to the parapet wall, rested his hands over it and started to cry, “See what I told you, my parents have completely forgotten me” and he began to sob, “ they only want John to enjoy his life so when we both wish our mother, she listens only to John, then also, he listens to John only and gives everything of John only. When his parents died, I told you guys…..” and began to produce more tears.

John was very impressed by Sid’s acting and felt that now the girls would really fall for them. He never expected Sid to do such a great acting!

Lavaniya stepped forward, went to Sid, put her hand over his shoulder and said, “It’s okay Sid, now you need someone in your life to take care of you.” Sid wiped his fake tears, felt a sense of comfort and began to laugh, and felt that she would say that she would be his girlfriend, John also waited to hear this! But alas! She didn’t say those words. She stepped back and told the boys, “Boys, I think we should go now, we had enough of enjoyment and thanks for the night.”

Yes, both of them felt some comfort, the girls have already fallen in their trap and also didn’t want to have dinner! So all the lies they told wouldn’t even exist anymore! Sid turned to John, who understood the point, he nodded his head and it was time to say the main part!

Sid turned to Lavaniya, looked into her eyes, the wind was blowing gently, which gently moved her hair, the sky was covered with stars and the moon shone brightly. Sid slowly approached Lavaniya who stood like as if the princess is waiting for the prince. Sid moved close to lavaniya and said, “Tomorrow …” John was showing thumbs to Sid.

Suddenly, lavaniya’s phone rang, she didn’t care about it but picked due to shouts from Gayathri that her phone was ringing.

“Hello, yes Rahul, ya sure, I would love to come, thanks.” She looked happy. “Hey Sid, Rahul just called me up and told me to come too prom tomorrow, yeah, I’m very happy. I thought that you would say first, but he told already, so i have to go with him. I am sorry.'

Wow! Sid was never expecting this to happen. He felt a pain on his chest and began to laugh madly. John also didn't expected this to happen.

“Hey Gayathri, Rahul told that Danny wants you to be his partner him for tomorrow’s prom.”

Gayathri was overjoyed. Both the girls said bye to the boys and went out and in the terrace stood John and Rahul like statue. They began to laugh, laugh like mad men. They put hands over their shoulders, looked to the sky and laughed.

"What was the point of saying so much lies when we could have just told the main part that we just want you girls to be our partners for prom tomorrow." cried Sid.

"We created a lot of confusion among ourselves. we could have tackled it in a very simpler way. We could have approached in a better way."

"That is what our physics sir used to say for JEE advance; always keep it simple, don't complicate things. Just you must know how to approach the problem and apply the concepts to solve the problem."

"We were able to solve a lot of physics problem, but what is the use if couldn't solve a problem is real situation" cried John

“God is great man. How she sent us two fairies, and them later we release that they belonged to someone else. What was the point of saying this much lies? What did we gain? We only lost what we had!.”

“Looks like, in our lives no girlfriend would ever come up. There is a saying, behind every successful man there is a woman and you tell which woman will follow unsuccessful man?”

“What a game, God has played upon us. I don’t know what will happen at tomorrow’s prom.”

"Hey God, please help us!"

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