Nakul Learns The basic

Nakul Learns The basic

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"What do you interpret from this picture?" I asked my 5-year-old son.

My son Nakul just took the photo from my hand and he placed over his lap. Normally, I am a daily writer at Story Mirror and today I wanted my son to interpret the picture.

He scratched his head and said, "This is the picture of a house." he pointed to the same on the picture. "This is Mama, and this is you, papa."

"Good," I said. "Now tell me, who is the small kid on the picture?"

Nakul jumped with joy and smiled, "That is me, Nakul, your cute son."

"Why you, mama is holding each other hands?" I questioned him.

"He thought for a moment and said, “Because we are a family, and we must be together. We should help each other in terms of danger and always love each other."

"Very Good, I will buy you chocolate. Did you learn from your school?"

"No," he said, "I learned from my papa" and he smiled. "But, why are on the other side of the house? You should be holding hands with us?"

I thought that Nakul would be too small to understand, how hard it takes to run a family, so I told him.

"There is some mistake with this picture. Actually, I should be holding hands with you." I smiled because at least let him learn the importance of family.

Then Nakul took the picture and he pointed at some object and he said to me, "Papa, what are this keys and ring doing here?"

"As you have told son, our family should help and love each other. This key signifies that the house is equally yours, mama and mine. Normally, when we go out, we lock the door and go. But, if we lose the key, then we can't open the door, which means that we should love each other, respect each other. If any of these things we lose, then there won’t be love in the family anymore. So, we shouldn't lose the key, we must share it equally with each other."

"But Papa, if we lose the original key, then we have to keep the duplicate key with us? So, if we lose the original key, then we could open the door with the duplicate key also, right?"

To be frank and honest, I never had expected such a question at least from my 5-year-old son!

I answered, "Why should I be so careless to lose the original key. I should be careful enough to have the original key. Listen Nakul, you to be careful with your things. It's not like your toy which you lose today and tomorrow when you say to your dad, he will buy you a new one. I suppose I bought you a toy, again if you lose, then again, I must buy, like that how many times can I buy? You should be careful with the original always?"

"Sorry Papa, now onward I won't lose my toys and I will be careful."

I smiled, and I continued, "The ring tells us about responsibility. When you will grow up, you will understand slowly that for running a house, both the husband and wife should be equally responsible, that is why we have to wear this ring." and I showed my wedding ring to him.

"I also want to become husband like you papa, so I can also wear this ring," said Nakul.

I laughed. " In other words, you shouldn't throw your toys here and there, you should count all your toys and see that all your toys are there. You should not lose any toy. If you have all your toys, then I can say that you are a responsible boy and remember responsible boys can only wear this ring."

Nakul began to feel restless and said, "I am a responsible kid" and he sped off to arrange his toys.

I began to read the newspaper. After 5 minutes, Nakul came back and shouted, "Papa, I have arranged all my toys, I have counted them, so I am responsible. I didn't lose any toy today, so I am a careful boy."

"Good," I said, and I continued to read the newspaper when Nakul stopped me.

He said, "Papa, don't be careless. You forgot something. You should be responsible, papa."

"What is it? " I asked Nakul and I began to think.

"You promised me that you will buy me a chocolate." Nakul smiled.

"Oh yeah, I forgot. Come let's go."

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