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Shouvik Das

Drama Classics Inspirational


Shouvik Das

Drama Classics Inspirational

Story Of SSR: Shekar Singh Ranawat

Story Of SSR: Shekar Singh Ranawat

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“This is it! I am fed up with my life. I can’t handle it, anyone. Now, it is crossing a limit. I can’t handle this stress anymore.”

I closed my VLSI book with a bang, enough sound to send vibration across the room! I folded my legs on the table, took out my phone, and opened Instagram. I opened my direct page only to notice that a message which I had to send to my crush 2 hours ago was left unseen although it was showing last seen 10 minutes ago!

“Now, seriously I am getting mentally disturbed. First of all, I can’t concentrate for more than 1 hour and that half an hour goes by just dreaming about her. Now my mood has become off.” I logged out from Instagram and jumped into my bed. I took a pillow and covered my face with it. Just then a notification alerted my phone. I took my phone in the excitement that my crush gave a reply but only to get the news that the company which I was employed started to lay off employees. Another bad news! I started to have a headache. I thought, ‘Let me order ice cream from online.’ I went down to ask for permission from my mom. She denied stating that due to the pandemic outside, she can’t afford anyone from outside.

I raised my hand in the air in disguise. “Why is it happening like this to me? I think I am getting depressed. I am feeling a sense of uneasiness inside me. All of a sudden I am feeling very low. Let me do one thing, I will call my best friend and talk to him.”

I rang him. He replied, “Bro, I am very busy playing PubG. I will call you in an hour.”

Tears were rolling from my eyes. I thought, “I can’t handle this anymore. I am getting mentally affected. I am feeling very weak. I feel like closing my eyes and sleep. Just sleep and do nothing. I don’t care anymore. I have happily lived 22 years of my life. Why there are so many complications in life? Why can’t we just live a simple, happy, and stress-free life?”

I opened my Instagram again just for one last hope whether my crush had replied or not. Still no! I got very angry. “I am going to block you. You are a …….” I was about to logout when I noticed a post in my feed. It was written, ‘Feeling low and depressed. Contact Psychiatrist Shekar Singh Ranawat (SSR). I don’t know what had happened to me at that time; I automatically opened his insta page and send him a message. Immediately he replied, “Yes, how may I help you?”

I thought, ‘I think it’s worth a try.’ I messaged him, ‘Sir, I am feeling very low and depressed. Please help me.’

He replied, ‘Yes, tell me what your problem is?’

I replied, ‘Tomorrow I have my VLSI exam and I haven’t studied anything. I hate this subject. But I am forced to study it. If I fail, then I would have a backlog and during my interviews, I won’t be eligible for any companies. This is increasing the pressure and fear inside me. Today, I wrote a placement test for XYZ company, only to know the news that I didn’t qualify for the online test round. I had high hopes for that company because it suited my area of interest. Next, I got placed in some IT company, but due to the recent pandemic, they started to layoff freshers and I lost my job. I wanted to have ice cream, but my mom told no. I have a crush on a girl whom I met online but she ignores and me and doesn’t even reply to me. This adds extra pressure on me. I really love her. Then I called up my best friend. He is busy playing PubG. Basically, I am surrounded by negative energy. This energy is choking me to death. I can’t handle this stress anymore. I feel very depressed. I feel like committing suicide.’ I send him the message.

He saw the message immediately. I waited for his reply. ‘Don’t even think of committing suicide. It does not end to problems but it will create more problems. Just close your eyes and meditate. Take deep breaths. Try to relax your mind. Just stay calm. Don’t take any forced step. Remember today might be a bad phase for you but who knows about tomorrow. You can be the luckiest kid in the world. ‘

I felt nice upon reading his message. I closed my eyes. I took five deep breaths. Upon opening my eyes I read a beautiful optimistic message send by him.

‘According to your mind, you feel it’s all negative for you. But we have God above us; does He want us to suffer? He only wants you to receive the best things. Whatever happens, happens for a reason. You might feel horrible from inside. But believe me, it’s for your good only. Maybe God doesn’t want you to learn to engineer; He feels that you have some other special talents which might be the right career path for you. Engineering is not for you then. You have to pursue your career interest. Maybe the XYZ Company doesn’t desire you. There might be some other big companies which you may be suitable and also might fit their job requirements, which you may not know now, but He knows. He is just trying to convey a message that something great awaits you in the near future. Similarly, for the girl whom you have a crush on, God knows that you desire more than her. You always deserve the best. She is not perfect for you, which is why God is not allowing any sort of communication. Just have trust and faith in Him. He will always guide and protect you on the right path. Maybe that ice cream, which you were talking about, might contain some harmful chemicals or something which can cause harm to your body. That is why God refused to grant you the ice cream. And that best friend of yours, if he is really our best friend and cares for you, then he would have spoken to you. But no, he was busy lost in his world of happiness. You deserve a better boy. Remember, you are born to win and to conquer this whole world.’

After reading this message, tears rolled down from my eyes. Now I changed my perspective of thinking life. I began to look in a positive way to all the things that are happening around me. I felt like I was regaining back my mental strength and power. I was feeling active again! A new, fresh positive energy accumulated inside my body. I opened my palms just to feel that some positive energy swirling above my palms! I wiped my tears. I texted ‘Thank you, sir’. Now, I feel so proud and lucky to be alive on Earth and protected by the Supreme Power!

SSR texted me, ‘Just remember to be like a river! It flows only in the forward direction! It never flows backward and it never stops flowing. It just flows on with time. If it doesn’t find a path, it will push open other doors, that is, it will find another path but it won’t stop flowing or give up. Even if it dries up, it has confidence that it will again take birth during the rains and will again start a forward journey. In other words, it doesn’t give up. It feeds and satisfies the thirst and hunger of many people, that is, don’t be selfish. Continue with your good deeds and serve humanity for a better purpose. The river also supports life. Similarly, you with your good actions can save the world nourish food to the poor and always help people. Remember all the rivers have a name, which is remembered by people for centuries and centuries because of its good deeds. So, just be like a river.’

While I finished reading it, SSR went offline. I replied by saying, ‘Thank you for showing and guiding me.’ But he didn’t reply. I texted him again after 15 minutes, but still, he didn’t reply!

I thought, ‘He must be busy with his offline clients.’ I logged out of Instagram. I got up from my bed. I smiled. I don’t the reason behind this smile, but still, I smiled! I felt very light. I felt as if I don’t have any tension. I looked up to God and prayed, ‘Thank you God for showing me the right path. I have complete faith in you. Whatever we don’t get in life, I will assume that you are prevented from me. The best reasons are only known to you! But if I achieve something in life, I would say it is your blessing.’

I went down to the hall where my parents were seated. I thought of sharing it with my parents. But they were busy watching TV. The moment I turned towards the TV screen and read the headline, my smile vanished!

‘Famous Psychiatrist Shekar Singh Ranawat, also known as SSR committed suicide three hours ago by hanging from a ceiling fan. It is shocking that a person who treats mental disorders of others, himself lost the battle today.’

I got the biggest shock in my life! Then with whom did I chat for the last 20 minutes? I ran upstairs to check my Insta direct only to see that his chats were deleted! Only my crush replied, ‘Hey’. I was in no mood to answer her stupid messages! Later, I remembered that late SSR told me to stay calm and cool. I relaxed, took five long deep breaths, and then opened my eyes. I opened my Insta feed and saw the messages of SSR!

He replied, ‘I will always be with you and guide you. I may have lost the battle but I won’t allow anyone else to lose the battle. I took my own life because of so much negativity in this world. People hate and cuss each other. They talk bad things about each other and always try to compete with others. This has resulted in a lot of negative thoughts, which I couldn’t see. Day by day the world is becoming a cruel place to live in. So, I took my life. But I see hope in you. I will stay with you always. But if you have to talk to me, then you have to relax and have a cool and composed mind. Just take five long deep breaths, and I will be standing beside you to help you, my friend. Stay positive; make this world a positive place to live in. Spread positivity. Then everyone can have a friend like me even guiding every step.’

I swear to myself, ‘I will become like a river. I will spread positivity to everyone. I will make this world a happier place to live. You trusted me. I won’t betray you. This is the word I am giving to you. You will always be remembered SSR. Thank you for your words and thoughts. Thank you for your contribution!’

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