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Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win

Shyam R S

Comedy Drama


Shyam R S

Comedy Drama

The Android Baba

The Android Baba

4 mins

    The auditorium was packed to its capacity despite the rough weather outside. People from all walks of life and social strata had gathered together and were eagerly expecting a solution for their problems. In the middle of the stage was placed a rather gaudily decorated throne. The lighting on the auditorium was so arranged to give importance to the throne. When the time arrived, accompanied by the music from a shehnai like instrument, the Baba approached the throne with slow steps. He was wearing a white robe resembling a Parish Priest but with tinges of the orient. When he came near the throne he paused for a moment and slowly turned towards the crowd. He raised both hands and waved it from left to right. This has remained his usual style for quite long now.

     The Baba is a man in his sixty’s. The author who wrote his biography is a disciple of his. It sold a million copies within the first year of its release. The biography claimed that Baba is a prophet, who has taken birth with the purpose of alleviating the sufferings of the Aam Aadmi (Common man) and to carry them from ignorance to knowledge. People started flocking his abode in great numbers. Unable to manage the inrush, the Baba’s manager cum spokesperson informed the public one day that Baba will meet them once a week in the auditorium. Baba blesses everyone and leaves none, he said.

     The Baba comfortably placed himself in the throne kept for the purpose and glanced towards the crowd swaying his head in either direction. Almost everyone in the crowd has problems in their lives and for which they have come in search of readymade solution. Certainly, lack of money is not their problem, as the entrance tickets were sold at ten thousand rupees per seat. The session is so arranged that people, one by one narrate their problem and Baba gives them instant solution.

“Dear Baba, we have all the things in our life except happiness. Please bless us and give us a solution” spoke a wealthy businessman in his Armani suit. He was wearing gold rings in all his fingers and appeared quite plumy for his height.

“When was the last time you wore a hat?” asked the Baba.

“Baba, I do not remember exactly. Probably when I was in my childhood…,” said the plumy businessman.

“Go buy a hat and wear it from today. Buy ten more and distribute it among the poor” declared the Baba.

“Thank you, Baba,” said the businessman and sat back in his seat with great difficulty but with a smiling face.

     The Baba is known for offering unique and out of the box solutions. His approach, though tangential to the problem seems to be effective. He takes extra care to appear reverential and maintains a distant look in his eyes. The auditorium is his playfield. He is the captain and maneuvers his players well.

     Amidst the crowd, there was this young man. He is a regular member and makes it a point to attend all the Baba’s sessions, all over the country. He always sits in the last row and keenly listens to the whole session. He is meticulous in taking notes and even works in his tablet, the latest version from a leading brand. It’s nearly two years he has been attending. He does not interact with the Baba. It’s been always him and his work.

     Today was not like any other day. In the middle of the session, the young man got up unnoticed. He had a sparkle in his eyes and a sarcastic smile in his lips. At first look, it appeared as though he achieved what he ought to achieve. Yes, he has found a pattern at last. He left the auditorium abruptly.

After few months...

     The businessman took out his android smart phone. The ‘Baba App’ was right in the main screen. He clicked on the app and typed in his problem. After answering some seemingly irrelevant questions, the solution was right in his screen. He was visibly happy.

“What a great App”, he thought.

“At such a young age, discovering such an app is indeed marvelous. He should be an avatar” he concluded.

“No, he should be God himself” he corrected.

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