Ananya Rutuparna



Ananya Rutuparna




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"Okay, mom. Yes, mom. I know. You don't need to worry. I am not a kid anymore," Irritated Sarah disconnected the call.

She put the trunk keys on the shelf, turned on the lights, picked a chilled water bottle from the refrigerator. She dialed a number.

"Hey, babe. Yeah reached home now. Miss you. Come back soon. "

"Okay. Yeah. Prepared a sandwich for dinner.

I am tired. Ttyl. Love you baby. Good Night".

She had her food and after scrolling her Instagram, she fell asleep. It was 2 am in the night when she heard some noise. With half-opened eyes, she could see the TV on. 

"Forgot to switch off that," She thought and switched it off. She turned around and the TV started again having a blue screen. She removed the plug from the socket.

She curled up to her bed and closed her eyes when she felt something strange. She felt someone whispering to her. She tried but couldn't turn around. Her body was frozen. She couldn't move her hand or legs.

That is when her eyes fell on the mirror and all she could see was a figure standing right behind her. She tried to scream but couldn't. Not a single word came out of her mouth. Her heartbeat was running as fast as a horse. 

And then it went all blank. 

The next morning, when her parent returned, they could see the house was all messed up, things were broken. They rushed to her room to find her wall scribbled with all gibberish. They rushed to the washroom, to find her lying dead in the bathtub full of blood. Her face having scratches and bruises.

P.S - Let me know if you want the next part

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