Ananya Rutuparna



Ananya Rutuparna


Guy With Blissful Smile

Guy With Blissful Smile

2 mins

She jumped with joy as her Chicken Biryani has finally turned out as expected. 

She was so proud as everyone enjoyed eating it.

She was elated to the peak and then her phone vibrated.

" Yeah say. What who? No. This can't be".

She couldn't believe her ears and felt weak on the knees.

All she could do was rush to Google. It was true. It was not a nightmare yet a reality. Her love is no more.

She remembers the day she saw that smile and was smiling as well. That pretty handsome face with that intellect and that infectious smile can't be seen anymore.

And this can't be a suicide. She couldn't believe it. Tears rolling down her eyes. 

" No Sushant! You can't leave us like this" 

She went to the flashback when she saw his movie MSD and was his fan in an instant. For her, Dhoni is SSR now. And then the last movie she watched was Chichore where he taught the solution for failure, how to deal with it. The guy who admired science and space just like her. She was too connected. Yet she just couldn't digest that he committed suicide as that was the thing he said not to do. 

1 month later and he is still in mind. 

All she wanted is to get a confirmation or justice.

Love for him increased more and more.

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