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Still No Title

Still No Title

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 It was a cold winter night in the city, so a warm bar would be perfect for her. A real drunk she was, only been at the counter under a half-hour and shaking on her swivel chair.

"An'her one!" she asked half-pounded. Fishing her orange hair out of her mouth (or trying anyway).

"You sure?" asked the young-looking bartender a bit of concern trailing his face and gravelly deep voice. Watching her somehow still elegant form try to stay upright on her rocky stool with disbelief.

 Travis (one of the poor saps on shift) had already served her 8 shots of 'The Devil's Piss', the strongest drink they had. It's around 80% alcohol, leaving most who try to go past 4 go passed out.

 She tipped him $20.00 for continuing to serve her more of it, since there's no set limit to how much one can consume, but on the judgment of the bartender. 

 Despite the horrid looks being shot from some of the other patrons he knew she could handle this much. Especially on nights like this when her speech is still recognizable as ebglish.

"Yup," she piped up with a sly smile sliding another twenty his way.

"Last one,'kay?" He gives her his best customer service smile, thinking she'll do something rash. One she gleefully returns.

"La'one, ah pr'ise!" Travis jumps a bit.

"Good. I don't think your liver can handle any more tonight." Easily he sends his hands to fetch the bottle of clear and already open spirits from under the counter and pours it into her small glass, without his eyes leaving her general direction.

"Thanks, man!" Wasting no time she garfs down the almost burning liquid and gets up from her chair.

"Where're you going?"

The woman laughs, "Oh nowhere special, just my home," with her cunning smile across her soft face she spins around

Travis blinks, "Without seeing if you can at least walk straight?" This clearly wasn't the first time she tried this, since Travis instantly reached out and grabbed her shoulder.

As if seeing him do it, the woman drunkenly stumbles to the side."Come on Travis, you know better than to try and stop me."

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