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Tushar Mandhan

Abstract Drama Tragedy


Tushar Mandhan

Abstract Drama Tragedy

State Of Mind

State Of Mind

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May 25, 2002

"...Chasing the horizons...What's next?asked Shaun while gently brushing the strings of the guitar.

"Hurrying towards the Sun?" Graham replied, pushing the keys of the piano.

"Now we're lost in the world?" Chris said while stuffing another piece of jello in his mouth.

"Lost, honey we're lost!" sang Varun and then Charlie repeated with melody.

Seeing Chris still stuffing jello in his mouth, Shaun patted him and pointed to the drum stick kept next to jello bowl. Then he also joined the group by knocking the drum rhythmically. Slowly the entire garage was filled with the woven notes of timbre and vocal vibrations and later they were replaced by chuckles and sipping of soda. "We should definitely consider sending it to some label," Varun suggested.

"I agree with you, as always," Charlie replied and took another sip of soda.

Chris smacked his lips and added, "I also think that it's a viable idea."

"I also don't have a problem," Graham told them. "What do you say, Shaun?"

"Why would I have a problem. I'm totally in if you can think of a cool name." Shaun told everyone and then started to tighten the strings of his guitar.

"Cool! What about 'The Boys'?" Chris asked.

"Really Chris? You can't come across any other cliché?" Shaun asked him.

"Yes, Chris. You're really out of your mind." Graham added.

"Hey! What about 'State of Mind'?" Varun suggested.

"Like a name. 'State of Mind'?" Charlie asked.

"Yeah," Varun replied.

They all agreed and that's how 'State of Mind' was born.

February 16, 2003

"I cannot handle this anymore," Varun screamed as he entered the room.

"What happened?" Graham asked.

"Ask this stupid!" Varun replied, pointing at Charlie.

"What's the matter? Why are you hitting the ceiling?" Chris asked Varun.

"Then what should I do? Hit him? I don't have any problems. Do you?" Varun told them.

"You need to calm down. Sit. Have a drink. We can talk and sort it out. Come on!" Shaun suggested offering him a glass of wine.

"We've talked enough." Varun said and hurled the wine at Charlie."It's nothing compared to what you've done to me."

"Varun. Listen...Give me a moment. I can fix this...." Charlie was explaining when Varun interrupted, "You cannot fix a string without leaving a knot."

Varun hurled another glass of wine at Charlie and then left the room. The door smashed against Charlie's dank face.

June 1, 2002

"Hey guys, look here!" Charlie told everyone and handed a letter to Varun.

"Damn. It's from Slur Music Label." Varun exclaimed.

It read:


State of Mind,

This letter is with reference to the song tape called 'Lost' that you sent us. We are glad to tell you that we loved your music and we would like to release it under our label. So, we would like to have you in our headquarters next Saturday to officially sign the deal.

Hugh Johnson


Slur Music Label

"I cannot believe this!" Shaun said.

"But you'll have to," Chris replied.

"And all thanks to Varun. After all, it was his idea." Charlie told Varun.

"Come on, man. It was our combined effort." Varun told him. They both smiled at each other.

February 17, 2003

"I'm sorry Emorie. I've clarified myself so many times." Varun told Emorie on phone.

"But it doesn't change anything,"Emorie replied.

"Please forgive me. It was just a night. A drunken night.." Varun explained.

"Forgive you. Would you have forgiven me, if I were you?" Emorie asked him.

"Come on Emorie. Stop being so narrow-minded." Varun told her.

"Narrow-minded?" Emorie asked.

"Yes. You have a problem because of him." Varun explained.

"It's not him or her. It's you. I don't care with whom, under what circumstances. The only thing that I know is that you cheated on me and I cannot forgive you for that." Emorie told Varun.

"Just give me a chance," Varun asked her.

"You have had enough....." Emorie was replying Varun when suddenly her words were put to a halt.

"Hello? Hello? Emorie? Are you there?" Varun asked.

June 11, 2002

"I would like to extend my heartiest welcome to everyone who is present here on the launch of a new album under our label." Hugh addressed the crowd. "Now, please put your hands together for 'State of Mind.'"

"Let's rock it, boys!" Chris told the bandmates. They all nodded.

"Those sunsets that I spent in your arms, those dawns had their own charms." sang Varun with his one hand holding the microphone and the other tapping his thighs with the beat.

"That sunrise that we witnessed together, I couldn't have asked anything better." Shaun sang while giving the string of his guitar a shake. 

"But you played with my heart like I play my guitar!" Charlie sang and then passed an innocent look at Varun.

The crowd went mad. The hall echoed with the claps and cheers.

February 17, 2003

"Who's this?" a person asked on phone to Varun.

"I'm Varun. Who are you? I called my girlfriend." Varun replied.

"What's her name?" the man asked.

"Who are you? And why are you speaking through her phone?" Varun enquired.

"I'm a police officer. I'm sorry to inform you but your girlfriend had an accident." the man replied.

"What? Is she alright?" Varun asked. He took a deep breath. "Tell me, officer, is she alright?"

"I can't say anything. Can you come to St.Bonaventure Hospital?"

"I'm coming," Varun replied and left for the hospital.

January 26, 2003

"Now that our tour is over, we should start working on our second album," Charlie told everyone.

"You're right. I was also thinking about it." Graham commented.

"Alright then let's start now," Chris suggested.

"Now?" Varun asked.

"Why not?" Chris questioned.

"I am supposed to meet Emorie in an hour," Varun replied.

"Emorie? Isn't she the one who followed you to your room in Denver?" Charlie asked him.

"I kinda liked her. So I just asked her out." Varun told everyone.

"Weird. You wanna date your fan?" Shaun asked.

"What's wrong? Maybe it can inspire me to make good music." Varun told them.

"Let him go," Charlie replied.

"But Charlie.." Shaun was asking him when Charlie interrupted, "I also have a date tonight."

"You too?" Chris inquired.

"What? If he can date his fan, I can also have a date with my high school classmate?" Charlie replied.

February 1, 2003

"So how is it going between you and Emorie?" Charlie asked Varun.

"It's good. She's really into music and me." Varun replied.

"I'm happy for you," Charlie told him and then walked away to the remaining band members.

February 17, 2003

Unfortunately, before Varun reached hospital Emorie had lost the fight for her survival. Chris, Graham, and Shaun went to the hospital to support Varun but Charlie didn't go. He couldn't go. Though he wanted to he knew that his presence would do no good but worst. Charlie couldn't forgive himself. He was finding it difficult to stop blaming himself for what happened. Charlie couldn't imagine being the reason for Varun's pain.

May 25, 2003

"Somewhere in the sky, lives someone who once was mine. I look up babe, I wish I could fly. I know I was wrong, wish I realized it before. Hope the sun never goes up, so that I could stay with you longer." Varun sang while the guitar strings quivered with his heart.

"Every time baby I think of that day, I wonder what you wanted to say before the sun went down and the moon was known." Chris sang before his tears fell on his piano keys.

"I don't wanna believe that honey you're gone, nothing hurts me more than being alone." Graham sang looking up at the sky.

"Could I have been more insane. How could I let your heartbreak?" Shaun sang.

"I'm sorry Emorie and Charlie!" Varun said in his mind.

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