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Ankit was coming home with a sad face. He had promised his dad that he would try his best to do well in the exams, but as usual, this time also he flunked. The reason for his bad results was not because he was dumb in studies; he always used to be out of the house after school hours, playing either cricket or some other games.

His mother, Saraswati, quite contrary to her name, was illiterate, but a very kind person who loved Ankit the most. Despite her requests, Ankit would never come home before it was 8 p.m. He used to be so tired after coming home that his mother used to feed him forcibly before he could fall asleep. His dad used to be so busy working hard, being the only breadwinner in the family, he would come home only by 9 pm. So, Ankit hardly used to get to see his father, except on weekends, that too if his father did not have work.

Ankit used to love his mother because she always used to save his from his dad's thrashing, which he used to get when he used to stand before his dad to get his report card signed every month. Even his mother would get hurt while protecting him sometimes. At that time Ankit would take care of his mother by applying pain balm on the affected areas.

Ankit came home thinking of his dad and the thrashing. This time, he didn't want his mom to get the thrashing. To his mom's surprise, he didn't go to play. He had the food given by his mother and told her that as he had a headache, he would sleep early. His mom gave him some pill and told him to take rest.

Ankit's father came a bit late that day. As he was tired too, he did not ask much about Ankit and fell asleep. Ankit's mother cleared everything from the kitchen and hit the bed soon.

Ankit left for school and submitted the report card to his teacher. His teacher was surprised to see the signature on his report card. For the first time, it was signed as "Saraswati". Feeling embarrassed, Ankit told his teacher in a shivering voice that it was his mother's.

The classes went on well with Ankit that day and he headed home after the school bell rang. There was a gentle pat on his back. He turned back to find his teacher facing him. She asked straight on Ankit's face as to whose signature was it on the report card. Ankit replied that it was his mother's.

Ankit's teacher left without saying anything. Ankit could not digest this, he ran back to his teacher and fell on her feet, started crying loudly. Ankit blurted it out, " I forged my mother's signature." The teacher held his shoulders gently and said, "Realisation of one's mistakes is bigger and better than committing a mistake, but today you proved that you are my student Ankit by admitting that you committed a big blunder.". " This will indeed take you a long way Ankit. Now, the only way you can apologize your illiterate mother, Sarswati is by pleasing Goddess Sarswati to bestow upon you the knowledge and wisdom with which you could conquer the whole World"

Wiping his tears away, Ankit took the blessings from his teacher and lighted the candle of knowledge and wisdom in his heart, which is still burning given the fact that he's one of the topmost University professors in the World.

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