Rilsina Pegado

Horror Thriller


Rilsina Pegado

Horror Thriller

She Visits Us Every Night - The Twist

She Visits Us Every Night - The Twist

4 mins

I was scared AF that day and we decided to leave the place. Few days went by, but the night never went out of my head, maybe something struck odd to me or maybe I was not as strong as I thought.

"You seem lost nowadays, talk to me", Vaishali knew something was wrong with me but she did not know what happened in Pegaspur, she would be frightened and so I never told her the story.

"Vaishali, You remember Pegaspur, that night when I tried to wake you to listen to the bicycle and you said which sound?"

"Oh that, yes I heard it but I was so sleepy I did not wake up and what's so big a deal, it was like someone was watching TV on full volume."

"So you heard the sound on both days?"

"Ya, the first day you didn't wake me and on the second I was too sleepy, I wonder why I was so sleepy just after dinner... weird yaar."

"Ok listen to what happened that night ", saying so I narrated the story to her.

"Wait a minute, you mean you saw that man and his kids in bright daylight and then in the night, seriously??, Ok I am afraid of paranormal activity but a ghost in daylight... who is crazy now???"

Her words did make sense to me.

"And and and, let's take the story of the daughter seriously but then why is she telling it to you?, Like how is she making the decision of who understands her? And which family doesn't have a single picture of their dead daughter or their alive grandkids?"

Fear makes you forget logic, something that I discovered that day, Vaishali was not afraid, she had not felt it and she was using logic to interpret the facts, all facts that I missed.

First things first, if Vaishali heard the sounds, even the house owners would have and this story of the snake, if they knew it from 3 years, why do they still run this homestay, or are they hiding something. 

“Crime is common. Logic is rare. Dr Watson, let's open some graves...what say?"

Yes, Vaishali did make it sound like we were in 221B Baker Street but who doesn't want to be a detective. We had a mystery to solve and every mystery has a motive, a crime, ok we were hyping it a bit but not everyone gets to solve a mystery.

So we are narrowing on possibilities, we had two scenarios, either what happened that night was true or it was fake and the best way to solve a mystery is to go in the past. The past of the homestay in Pegaspur. We decided it was best to interview all those who have stayed there on vacation. If the ghost tells her story maybe there was someone like me who saw the same scenes. We searched for agents and online booking sites to get information of who had previously visited that homestay but it was difficult, agents won't tell and sites had their confidentiality rules.

"Think Vaishali think, what is an easy way to know who visited Pegaspur, all homestays are owned by the same couple so we just need a list of people."

"Social Media, sweetheart. Let's search Pegaspur there, some tags, some mentions, we will definitely find something."

We started our search, data analytics as a study subject wasn't as fun as doing this data research was!

We finally had eight names, something is better than nothing, now we decided to DM and call them, would they respond was a big question.

After four negative reactions, we made our next call " I speaking to Sharon?"

Sharon was our person, she had visited Pegaspur, a few months ago and she had an experience to share.

"On our first day it was perfect, the granny was really sweet, it was at midnight that I heard the bicycle bell but I did not bother to wake up. I asked the granny next day and she said it might be the locals, they used bicycles to travel. The next night after dinner, I was too sleepy, I wasn't tired but sleepy and that was it."

We asked Sharon if she had visited the house on the hills or if she had seen any pictures of the couple's daughter or family.

She only remembered being told by granny to not go far towards the hills.

Ok Vaishali... good info but not that helpful, thinking so I texted the next person. We did not get any response from two and one person blocked it as Spam, now we had just one hope left. Daisy... would she respond?

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