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Kumar Shivam



Kumar Shivam


She Left The City

She Left The City

12 mins 1.4K 12 mins 1.4K

"I wanna tera isqh isqh"alarm beeped at 5:30am….
  Who the hell want my isqh so early in the morning..i pressed the red button nd snooze the alarm…and again went in sleeping mode…..
   Again "ishq ishq" started…this time the sound and lyrics were different. As it was a Chinese phone so the sound was too high but if somebody hear that sound of song, I'll be badly punished because the lady in the song was making sound like a porn star do. I immediately woke up and stopped the alarm….
    Oh shit.. it's 6:30, again I m late. I came down from my bed and briskly did all my work what we usually do in morning time……
  Maa I am going to computer class…no no I won't take the breakfast. I am already late today bbyeee…
   I called Rahul when I was on the way to his house."My heart beats fast whenever I see you" his hellotune was soothing but we were late so i shouted "pick up the phone idiot".
Hello…he said
Fucker, where are you? You saw the time! We are already late come quick. I am waiting here, I replied…….
  I was at Kishore's house that time which is our meeting point as like lover's point where couples meet. we also have our meeting point where we all meet before going anywhere..
   Both of us were ready and were waiting for these three stupid  Prince, Rahul and my lazy brother Shubham…..
    "Kishore" I shouted where is our hitman Prince.. 
He'll join us at the class, he replied and came downstairs…
(Rahul and Shubham had also arrived there)
Let's goo, I said..
Hey! Shivam look at your beard isn't it so weird. I mean you should trim it because it has grown too and make you look like an uncle. Isn't it Kishore?? Rahul taunted and asked Kishore…
    I think he loves when somebody call him uncle, Kishore smiled and supported Rahul….

I like beard and also it's on demand(hehe)..I replied and smiled. By the way nice rhyme Rahul "beard-weird"…
   (With such more conversation, we reached to our class)

  I opened the door and entered the class with my gang. Every eyes were on us as like we were celebrities..
Wow! What a great feeling! Isn't it Kishore?? I said
you fucker can't you see how teacher is staring at us?? I guess he'll kick us out today..
  We entered in the class and took the last seat but were sitting just next to each other as we often do….
I took Rahul phone and logged in my Instagram. Ohh it's been 18hrs I didn't talk to Siya, Iwhispered

 Ohh were that your father who logged in at my house in the morning Shivam? Kishore taunted….

Hahaha….Rahul burst out
Anyway leave it, I have some work so I am logging in and nothing else….I replied and ignored
 Ya ya.. I know your work my son, this time Rahul started..

  Can't you guys mind your own work? Focus on his lecture instead of watching me, Ishouted on both of them

   Aww how beautiful she looks. Hello good morning dear,  I sent the text
  Kishore look at his important work "good morning dear", Rahul again started….

   Brother I have some doubts so I am asking her, I smiled  this time.
  Hello.. she replied
How's you?? I asked…
   Fine and you? She asked
Before 5 min I wasn't fine but now feeling good.
Hehehe…she replied with blushing emojis.
   Hey! Are u going somewhere for your CA course?? I asked

Ya I am going on 22nd may to Ahmadabad and where you going for CA….
you know because of financial issue I had to changed my mind and decided to fill the form next year….I replied
  Oh! Don't worry everything will be fine, she consoled me
  you are going next week on 22nd may, I said…
Are you…..she replied
What happen? I surprisingly asked

Today is 22nd and I am leaving today at 5:30pm idiot, she replied
Whh…what..you are going today?? Noooo…isn't it too early?? I texted
What noooo and what so early?? Half of the year has passed, she replied..
Ya I know but you are going away from me,  i replied in sorrow as something of me is going away from me
 I have to go shiv for study, she replied 
Okk which train, timing,compartment and seat no, I asked all these frequently…

H..heyy..wa…wait..stop this rapid fire. Did you plan to kidnap me?hehe..she replied.
(I want to retain you forever in my life) I whispered
No no i am just asking…i replied

  Okk train is at 5:30 and name Sabarmati express and i'll inform you the comparment no. and seat no. Okk fine no…
Now i have to goo you know to pack some stuff bbye and take care..

Hey listen! Promise me one thing..I texted
What? She replied…
You are going to a new place and I know our bond is not of that type you know so in the new city you'll get new friends and may be you get someone more special because you are soooooooooooo beautiful but please then don't stop talking to me…

Awww why would I stop?? ok I promise I won't.. Now bbye.

(Couldn't she say I won't get anyone because I have you in my life)I whispered..

Okk bbye and take care…..I replied
I logged out gave Rahul's phone and sat silently in last seat..I was sad that time not because she was going but because if she get someone how would I live without her. Now my eyes won't search my girl when I'll cross from her streets. Why she is going? I was talking to myself…
   Kishore! What did he taught? I asked..
you keep on surfing, idiot. He taught several formulas of MS-excel. It's too tough brother…he replied
Same here. Its too tough bhai…I replied
  Tough? Did you saw what he taught? He asked…
No..I replied
Then what tough??Are you alright??
Nope bhai, she is going, Isaid
  Who? He asked…
Siya, I replied….
where??he asked
Siya is leaving today. How would I live without her, with emotion in my voice I talked to Kishore.

Let the class over, we'll talk later okay, he replied
Okk but when will he stop these all bullshit excel formulas?? Isn't it too much today, I can't tolerate him anymore and I am going stop him now, I replied
Wait idiot…he tried to stop me
  "Excuse me sir".. I interrupted and stood up..
Shit, I heard Kishore murmured….
Suddenly everyone turned around and gazing at me as I committed  a blunder but I ignored and continued….
Sir I think today we learned some important formulas but if you'll be continue teaching us then we might forget those so can you please wind up the class for today? I asked like I was begging him to leave the class…
  Do you guys agree with Shivam? he asked
(Is he a fool? I mean who ask to a cat that do you want milk?? Dear sir students are like cat and vacation is like milk. Don't ask just give them)
Yes sir, everyone supported me as I expected…
Hehe…I knew this reply thank you guys..I whisphered.
See, the magic in my voice, I said with cunning smile…..
   One by one, students started leaving the class. We also went towards the stairs and came down and when we reached down I made a huddle of 5people as if we were Indian cricket team and were planning to win the match and I was like MSD.
Guys listen…I started
Meet me at 5:00pm at Kishore's house and listen please don't be late, sharp at 5;00 pm…please brother I completed my words….
  Are we going to meet someone special or going in a party? Prince asked in excitment.
Nope brother not to meet someone just to….I stopped and made my face..
Just to what? He asked
 Siya is leaving today for Ahmadabad and I want to meet her last time because may be she'll get someone there, I replied in sorrow
   What last time idiot! She is yours, he said as he was sure that she is actually mine….
Oh bhai..I wish if she were think like you but..I hugged prince
  So guys it's final at 5:20pm we'll be at station because train is on time and I don't want to miss this chance…please dear don't be late, I folded my hands and requested them…
  Hey! Shivam what are you doing? idiot don't worry we won't be late..
  Ok, by the way Rahul was right, I should trim my beards because its too weird. You know yesternight Maa was saying this too…I smiled and said.
Oh now I am right but you like your beard no... you said in the morning…Rahul smiled and taunted
  Brother for me nothing is more important than your happiness…you wanted me to trim, I will do it today. Don't worry, I laughed.
  Hahaha… Chutiya(bustard) for me, Rahul laughed…
Let's go now! I have lot of work to do…I said and went ahead
bbye guys don't be late… Shubham let's go bhai, I called my brother and we both went away…
Will you give some gifts? He asked
Not at all she will be with her mom. I'll just see her and that's it, I replied..
(With such conversation we reached home)I opened the door and ran towards the washroom to pour some water on my face because it was too hot day.
  Later on I started doing my rest of work and gradually I did all those works of mine and now free.
what's the time now?? I murmured… 
  I saw it was 3:30 pm. Oh now only 2hrs I have to wait to see her after 1year 1month and 25 days. I was so excited…
  I logged in and saw her message..
AC-1.. and don't enter I'll come outside…
Ok,I replied and logged out..
What you doing Shivam?Maa entered in the room
Maa you were saying yesterday I should trimm my beard so I am going now. Byee...
Listen beta, Tts too hot now trimm it next day. Okk come and sit,she suggested
  No Maa I can't wait..ahh I mean we can't stop our work just because of hot summer, I replied like a preacher and went on. Byee Maa.
  Within 5 min I reached to salon luckily no one else was there
Bhaiya can you trim my beard please?? I asked
  Come inside brother?? he welcomed me
But listen something different this time, you know I'll meet her today, I smiled and said.
   Hehe bhai…just give me time and see how I trim, he replied.
  He started his work and in 15 min he was done..it was then 4:10pm in the clock. I gave him rs50 and thanked him for his good job..
  After a while, I reached home but this time I was late. ohh shit, its 4:30pm I have only 30min left to meet them..
   I opened the door and again ran towards the bathroom…
Maa put my towel on the door please, I shouted
   Wow! New soap who bought this"CINTHOL" let's use it. Will think later who's soap is this?? I rub it on my body and bathed properly. I must say it was nice smell..
  After 10min I came out and quickly comb my hairs, wore my jeans and sandal but where is my shirt?? I questioned myself...
  Maa, have you seen my red shirt?? I called her..
I pressed it for you. She smiled and said….
But her smile put me in doubt. Why did she smile? Oh he must be Shubham who opened his mouth…fuck is he an idiot!!.
  Thank you Maa, I smiled and turn around…
  Hey! bhaij..Were you missing me?? With cunning smiled Shubbam said….
  Are you an idiotic nut... bustard!? Ishouted
Will talk later. Let's go you are already late. Its 5:05pm now, shubham replied
Oh shit, Iran quickly and stepped out of my house….
  (After 10 min)
  Hey guys I am sorry.Let's go now we are late brother Iam sorry, I apologized
  Without wasting a sec we reached at 5;25pm at the station. Ohh only 5 min are left and the most awaited moment of my life will come after 5min…
( Announcement)
  "For your kind information please, train no. 33251, Shabarmati express from Darbhanga to Ahmadabad via Laherisarai, Samstipur and (so on) ….. is coming on platform no. 1, I heard the announcement..
  My heart started beating fast. Hey Shivam! How will you react? Will you say hi/hello? Or will you sake hand?? A series of several question were coming in my mind…
Bhai "how will she look" I asked Kishore…
"sexy" …Rahul replied
Chutiya, mind your language she is your brother's wife..I smile and said…
  Which compartment she is in? Shubham asked..
AC-1, she'll come outside, she restricted me to enter because of her mom…
  Finally, the train reached to the station… I was standing at middle of the station but the train didn't stop where I was standing and took ac-1 coach at a far distance away from me….
  Fuck! Chutiya driver, I said and started running very fast without thinking that I might collapse with someone because there was rush at the station but I continued because train stand for 2min here…..
  While running I collapsed with a rod but who cares for pain that time. I continued my running as if I'll get a gold medal after this but she is more than a gold medal..
  Finally I reached there and standing before ac-1 but she was still inside the train….
  Oh c'mon Siya, we have only 1 min left come out please. I beg you.
I wish I could enter in the compartment but she restricted me.. fuck…  I was talking to myself..
My friends were standing at some distance away from me..
Please Siya, I request you my love please come, Ijust want a single glimpse of yours please no… I was soo emotional that time but still my eyes not filled with tears….
  Only 30sec left, please Siya come no.. Okk fine… I won't hug you not even sake hand but please it's been a long time I have not seen you…please aa jao (come out) this time I saw a drop of water on my hands. Oh no, I quickly clean the water in my eyes… 
Now.. countdown has begun 5, 4,3,2,1 and train started moving. 
Hey my love c'mon don't do this to me.. you promised you will come..
Aa jao na please… this time I couldn't control my emotion and that situation watered my eyes but thank to my glasses that nobody could see it….
  Now the train has gone I turned back and saw my friends. They were also emotional and Rahul this time a little more emotional ..
  You know guys its been 1 year 1 month and 25 days… I haven't seen her, I said
Then you should have entered in the compartment, you fucking idiot, Rahul scolded me…

  I was silent and reached to my home…
I opened the door, ate chapati and daal and went to my bed…
  I switched off the light and dark the room…
  Alexa! Play Arijit Singh sad songs…
  Ok! It responded.
  "Pass aaye duriya fir bhi kam na hui" ohh no not this time..  I shouted
  Change the track..I ordered
Ok! It said
"Mahi mainu chhadyo naa
Ke tere bin dil naiyo lagna
Jithe vi tu chalna ae
Maahi main tere pichhe pichhe chalna" 

With tears in my eyes, I slept and went to my dream world where she is only mine… I love you Siya.

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