The Stamp Paper Scam, Real Story by Jayant Tinaikar, on Telgi's takedown & unveiling the scam of ₹30,000 Cr. READ NOW
The Stamp Paper Scam, Real Story by Jayant Tinaikar, on Telgi's takedown & unveiling the scam of ₹30,000 Cr. READ NOW

Kumar Shivam

Drama Tragedy Crime


Kumar Shivam

Drama Tragedy Crime

Her Last Night

Her Last Night

6 mins
280, don't get close to me, with fears in her eyes she was facing them.... Perhaps, she now knew that destiny started its worst game but still she was trying to keep them away from her…

(After 5 min)

Ple..please let me go, please, please, her trembling body with fears was now begging them to leave her…. she was screaming aloud for help but it seemed that the entire city was in deep sleep and her hope is now shattering but still she was trying to skip from them, then suddenly one of them touches her shoulder……..

Noooo…she screamed(It was like a nightmare which was turning into reality that night)

she was trying to run as fast as nobody ever ran before but perhaps that night her destiny had decided her to face the most tragic, unbearable and unforgettable pain that she never thought about…. That dark night was going to write a dark story again…….

       Her legs were now giving up and then she got cramp in her right leg but the fear of being physically harassed by those four miscreants was not letting her to stop running and so she kept on running but she better knew that she won’t be able to run longer….After running a lot with pain in her legs….she was now unable to run faster but was still moving step by step to reach a secure place but unfortunately due to cramp and fatigue she fell down…… After a few min, all those fours came there…(one side someone’s eyes were filled with tears and another side were filled with lust)….One by one each of them gets close to her…. 

She screamed, cried for help but no one was there who could save her….Then, one of the four tied a cloth around her mouth and hit harder on her head…..

(Nothing could be so cruel than it)

she now fell down unconscious on the ground but still her eyes were open a lil…she begged them to leave her but none of them melted and gradually she ended her fight with her destiny and almost lose her strength…still cold-hearted didn’t melt….Further that night again a heinous crime recorded in our so called FIR, and that night increased the number of rapes in our country…….

   Next morning, the girl who was screaming for help yesterday night was now surrounded by the number of people, cops, media and all(this is how our people and cops are).Her stark body was lying on the road but instead of putting a cloth on her body, people were looking at each other as to went close to raped women is a sin.. This is how our country people are, no one will step ahead to help you but always ready to mourn to show that they are in grief for what happened to you…. Among the statues who were looking the bare body of a women, a 14 years old boy came ahead, take off his jacket and put it on her body…The news of rape as always went viral in our country. People started posting and sharing the pic of girl with a caption “JUSTICE FOR VICTIM”… Further people started candlelight vigil. 

 Media were telecasting the news from day to night, political parties as always started blaming each other for what happened that night and I better know all these are fucking bullshit that will end within a month…Accused are still moving free in the country and every time when you open the news, they will say “cops are finding the accused”…and let me tell you whether if the cops find the accused, our gov. won’t hang them. Either they will be confined for20-21 years or will have to pay 5-7 lakh as a fine to the government……

when in 2011, a girl was raped brutally and the people were demanding to hang the accused or to give them to crowd, then a statement given by a politician who was a female  “Girls shouldn’t wear short-cloth and our constitution doesn’t allow us to do such with the accused”, isn’t it too much strange statement by a female politician…To rape a women is written in a bold letter in our fucking constitution but to hang the rapist becomes against the law…and if anyone think that the girl should not wear short-dresses then please contact me I promise you'll not get against it from the day you meet me. The pain that she felt was of no value but to give pain to those who deserve becomes illegal in our constitution..IF this is our constitution, I can proudly kick it off…..

After a week a news came that the girl who was raped that night is now no more with us, doctors were unable to save her life..May be for the world she died after a week but for herself she died in that dark night.. Tears rolled down on my face and the entire country was in a state of mourn with the death of that girl. One of the heinous crime is “rape”…I request to the rapist please rob her, take everything of her you want but please don’t rape her because when you rape you take the primary reason of her to live…I know I shouldn’t request to the rapist but what else I can do because I know our fucking system won’t change, politician won’t stop blaming each other, cops won’t be available on road at night because if this all happens then how will these departments get the attention of media and public…and again and again such heinous crime will take place……..

Nobody thinks about the pain that a girl/woman suffers in her whole life, since the day they born to the day they die…can those people who make rape as their passion are able to bear the regular bleeding that a girl bears from age 12/14?? I bet they can’t but how easily they rape.. “ashamed of being human”…. Our society is always making numbers of restriction for girls, “she can’t do this”, “she can’t go there”, “she can’t wear this”…and moreover but no one slap their boys who disrespect girls because they are boys, our society gives them the freedom to do anything…(This is how our society thinks)….

Nowadays, conditions are lil better than before but still in huge part of our country the birth of girls brings sadness around.. If you ask me, I won’t blame the families thinking because the norms of our society for the girls give the reason to middle-class or poor families to dislike the birth of a girl. They think girls brings liabilities with them. Most of the families either drop their child or started accumulating money for dowry.

 A few of gentle families thinks about girls. Instead of giving priority to their marriage, they thinks about their bright future but alas such families are less in percentage in our country…

  I think in the year of 2016 , when I read the newspaper, the land moved beneath me because the news was “ A four-month-old baby girl was raped in Delhi hospital”. In the morning when the doctors entered in the room, they found blood b/w the baby girl legs….

In remote time, Dowry was the reason because of which people become sad when a baby girl born in their family but now this cruel world place a threat in all the hearts that a lil can also be raped..Perhaps , now all will think before giving birth to a baby girl not because of dowry just because of losing her….  “THIS IS OUR DEVELOPMENT” that a child can also be raped…..

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