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Sheethal Puttashamachar



Sheethal Puttashamachar


Rich Vs. Poor

Rich Vs. Poor

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“Wow!!! What a marriage! I wish I could plan my marriage like this. A destination wedding, big ceremony, international buffet, movie stars dance show and expensive return gifts.” said Saloni dreaming about her marriage with her mouth wide open.

“Huh! Stop dreaming Saloni, we are not as lucky as them. They have so much money to plan their wedding. We aren’t born to a rich family." Said Deepa making faces.

“Oh, come on guys. Spending crores just for a day! I feel it’s such a waste of money. Do you even know how much food gets wasted in such marriages? They actually can feed one whole village. These are just a showoff party. They just want to boast around their lavishness. Why do they need to waste so much money only to tie a mangalsutra or a ring? That can be done even in temples or even at the registrar office." Said Priya justifying her views.

"Ya. It's true, rich people have so much money that they can lavishly spend however they want. That's how rich people are, and that's not a crime. ." Argued Saloni.

"Yup. What's wrong in spending their hard earned money for their happiness. I guess you are just jealous." Deepa taunted Priya.

“Me! Jealous? Oh! come on…...”

All the three were arguing on the big fat weddings while walking back home from the college. Soon they saw a young boy begging in the street in a near distance, and their conversation shifted towards the poverty in India. The three again started arguing about how appropriate is it to give money to these beggars. Saloni felt these children should not be given any money. This would encourage them to beg more and would never go to the schools. Deepa too agreed, and she also shared her views about the racket who controlled them.

When Deepa and Saloni were intensely discussing their views, Priya's attention was stuck on the boy who was seriously counting the coins which he had collected and soon he ran happily to the nearest shop and bought one sweet bun. She couldn't take off her sight from this boy. She saw enormous happiness on the boy's face. As if he found a treasure. He took a bite and started walking but soon he stumbled upon a stone, and his bun fell on the puddle making it all wet. The boy stared at his sweet bun for a second and his tears rolled down his cheeks. Seeing which Priya ran towards him and wiped his tears and bought a pack of sweet buns, and gave it to him. The boy thanked her and happily walked back to his place.

When Priya came back to Deepa and Sonali, they stared at her and started walking towards their houses and Saloni said, "What happened to you? You just encouraged that boy to beg? Now he'll never feel like working hard."

Deepa said, "Great! People like you who are responsible for India's poverty. You show sympathy for these people, so they always capture that and loot money from us. They never want to improve nor develop. This is the easiest way to earn money."

After hearing their accusation, Priya smiled at them and said, "This is the problem with youth these days. They appreciate people who spend money lavishly but humiliate people who help the needy. Just think, if these rich people contributed just 2% of their money for India's needy people, our country would have been developed long back. But no, they prefer to spend their 70% of their money on unnecessary things but refuse to spend on these needy people, but they'll donate money to all big NGO's which would help them to convert their black money into white money. That's why rich people are growing rich and poor people are getting poorer. They are just hypocrite people."

"Oh! So, you'll change the world, now?" Taunted Deepa.

"I know I can't change the entire world, but at least I'm happy changing the boy's world for a day. I'm happy to bring back the smile which he had lost.”

Soon they reached Priya's house. She looked at them and said, "Just by arguing on these issues will not change anything. Be the change. Help the needy whenever possible." Priya went inside her house giving them a new topic to discuss until they reached their home.

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