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Let Yourself Breathe

Let Yourself Breathe

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Karan Oberoi is a successful businessman. He was 70 years old and had come to one of the reputed colleges in town to attend an event as a chief guest. He was quite famous as he was the role model for many youngsters.

Akash, one of the student, came on the stage and introduced him, “Welcome Sir. It is an honour to meet you in person, and it's a privilege to be standing next to you. I am one of your biggest fans, Sir. I admire you a lot, and you are a role model for the young generation. There are so many of us here who want to become the next Karan Oberoi. So, thanks a lot for inspiring us. Please tell us, what is your mantra to succeed in life."

Karan walked on the stage slowly and took a deep breath and smiled at the crowd and everyone cheered. He said, "I guess everybody knows about my life and my struggle in becoming who I am today. So, let me not waste my time in telling that, instead I would like to tell you something about success that nobody knows. Success is an addiction. It craves for sacrifices. If you are not vigilant enough, it takes more than what you had expected. I have also sacrificed a lot in my life.

My father was a farmer. We were very poor; The rain decided our fate. The year when there was less rain, we had to eat once a day, and with very few benefits around we survived for many years. However, due to constant low rain in those days, one day my father gave up and committed suicide. That day, I decided to make my life better. I worked with my mother on the farm early mornings and went to school in the daytime and again in the evenings I worked on our farm. I struggled a lot but never gave up.

I finished my college and came to this city and started working in a few companies. Learnt many things from my bosses, the good and bad experiences created me who I am today. I started my firm when I was 35, and I achieved a lot in these past 35 years. I feel happy looking at my success; How a farmer’s boy became a successful business tycoon, inspiring many youngsters to become what I am today.

Yes. Sure, I'm a good businessman, but I always questioned myself, how successful I am in my personal life? I couldn't enjoy my childhood as I was busy studying and working on my farmland. I couldn't enjoy my young life as I was busy searching for a perfect job. I couldn't enjoy my married life or my fatherhood as I was busy making my career. I never had time for them as I gave all my time to my work. I always wondered, did I live my life? Did I justify my living? Or did I miss it, as I got so busy working that I couldn't wait and enjoy it? As they say, Life is what happens to you, while you are busy making other plans.

Though I achieved many things in my life, I have many regrets for not enjoying the crucial moments of life. So, my only request to you all is, don't get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life. Work hard to be successful, but make sure to enjoy the journey.

Every bit of life is essential. So, stop once in a while and enjoy; The beauty of the sunrise or the sunset. Come home early and help your wife in cooking. Go for a walk with your children on holidays, have a family dinner at least once a week. Turn your Sunday into a funday by pulling a prank on your friends or family, sing a song while having a shower. Go on a date night with your spouse, take your children on a long ride. Laugh out loud when you are happy, cry when you are sad, enjoy the rain and dance even if you don't know dancing. Hug your family every day and the most important thing is to spend some quality time with yourself so that, when you are near to your deathbed you don't have any regrets.

It's not how many years you lived that matters, but how much you lived in these many years. So, don't forget to live while making your living."

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