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Return Gift

Return Gift

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Pindrop silence. God hushed in to create a beautiful creation that he had never created before. Everything was perfectly set. He chose the best of everything because he knew that this was going to be a marvellous miracle in the world that he had planned to create. There stood Adam and Eve ready to take in God's commands and blessings. God blessed both of them wholeheartedly and told them to take care of 5 important things during the process of this beautiful creation.

Firstly, to have the attitude of gratitude come what may.

Secondly, respect for the self and respect for others, whomsoever it may be.

Third, consume how much ever you require, nothing more, nothing less.

Fourth, unconditionally love everyone.

Fifth, remember God throughout their lives.

Adam and Eve were excited and promised God that they would abide by everything and that if they don't, God could punish them in whatever way he could. God just grinned at them and wishing them good luck, handed over the apple and moved on.

Adam being a man said he'll eat the apple first and before Eve could react, he took a big bite and gave the apple to Eve, who hesitantly took a bite and gave it back to Adam. Adam's ego wouldn't let him to eat the half bitten apple. He refused to take it inspite of Eve's plea. Without thinking twice, Eve threw it away, which when dropped to the ground, came out water, which was sweeter than the apple itself. Thus, both Adam and Eve broke God's first promise and unknowingly became the reason for water's creation.

Adam moved on along with Eve. Eve stopped near the water unaware that it was the result of her throwing away the apple. She just splashed water on to her face and signalled Adam to quench his thirst. Adam stumbled upon a turtle and in anger, kicked it away from the river bank. The anger in Adam gave birth to fire, with the help of which Adam and Eve ate the turtle. Consequently, the second promise to God, respect to others in any form was broken by Adam and Eve.

Eve could feel a pleasant tickling sensation in her body which sent forth a fragrance that gave birth to air. Eve was trying to take in more of it than required, which was interrupted by Adam when he cut the beautiful buds and flowers for Eve, which were yet to have blossomed. There, the third promise was not kept.

Adam saw a rabbit hole and the baby rabbit struggling to come out of it in the hot sun. Eve thought of helping out and picked it up. Alas, had she known that her breath would cause the death of the baby rabbit, she wouldn't have lifted it up. Adam without knowing what had to be done tossed up the dead baby rabbit to the top of the tree, which was caught by the clouds and thus sky was born. As a result of this, the fourth promise too was not kept up.

Adam and Eve were so much in love with each other despite the differences between them that they were totally involved in the mere physical intimacy than the emotional connect. God had said rightly, physical intimacy will help you forget everything and everyone including God himself. Eve was in labour pain seeing which Adam remembered God and prayed to him asking for forgiveness. Eve started praying too. God felt since the weightage of error was more, he could just speak to them.

God spoke from nowhere but was heard by both Adam and Eve. He told them that regardless of breaking the promise, he wanted both of them to realise their mistakes and purify themselves, till then, God said they would be living in the world created by God himself undergoing the same whatever treatment they gave to others. Eve could no longer control herself in pain and screamed at the top of her voice. Adam rushed to help her and totally forgot about God's omnipresence.

On hearing the baby cry, God moved past them and ushered, As You Sow, So Shall You Reap.......

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