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My eyes were elated like they saw someone familiar, but her eyes had regret, guilt and ocean of emotions. Not to say eyes are truly the mirror of the heart.

She asked for permission to let her in, and my heart was saying, please let her in even I want to fall in love with her, again and again. She graciously rose her eyebrows, trying to see in my eyes, while sipping the serene molecules of H20.

I never thought she would come in my life again, she winked her eyes twice, as if, she wanted to say something, I hesitated but winked my eyes back, both were feeling uncomfortable, suddenly, a little angel came, her crackling voice reminds me of childhood.

She was calling her “Mama” my heartfelt for her, Riya took her into her arms and hugged tightly, that hug was quite firm, a sense of emotion showing the strong bond between both of them.

Suddenly, the wind just blew from the east, making wind chimes dancing to its tune. Anaya the little angel asked her mummy to lift her, she wanted to feel the sound of wind chimes.

I lifted her, and offered her some chocolates, Riya was feeling uncomfortable, she had lots of answers in her mind, I am being the examiner, looking for those answers.

Riya said it's her? I asked, what? Riya, Anaya, she is your daughter. The most unexpected answer, which I wasn’t expecting. For the first time, answer itself questioned the answer.

Riya asked me to forgive her, she thanked me, for saving his father life, as he had always opposed their relationship.

All these days, you don’t know Amit how I lived, these three years, I have seen springs, summers and winters, but the twinge I had for these three years is now unbearable.

I came here, just to allow Anaya to meet her father, my husband is waiting outside, I couldn’t thank anyone more than him, he allowed and supported me to do this.

I held Anaya’s hand, and kissed her, her face, her cheeks, her tiny fingers, I couldn’t stop beholding her. I firmly held Riya’s hand, although she felt embarrassed, and prayed to god.

Riya, I love you and will always love you, kindly fulfil Anaya’s life with love and care. You know Riya, some time love isn’t about living together, but caring and sacrificing for each other.


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