I Clicked Her "Twice"

I Clicked Her "Twice"

3 mins

“How could you sleep in my arms?

 I am still relishing your charm,

 Her opulent smile, the wavering ocean

 In her eyes, even make me lie,

 I am awake, I am awake....

Lost in the realms of her frizzy curls,

I have lost the battle between my heart and mind

her tantalizing aroma, pleasantly knitted lips

even make me insomniac

I sit with her framed pics

her radiant dusky look, priceless expression

encapsulated in those black films,

I still feel her breath.

Emotions have deprived,

life has become barren,

those misty- eyes keep looking for her soul,

I still can't believe

how could you die in my arms..........



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