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Preetish Mandaokar

Drama Romance

Loves A-part

Loves A-part

3 mins

She called me yesterday for the first time, after our breakup. Her cringing voice, suddenly made me stop my tinkling wind chimes. I never heard silence had so much to say, a long pause... Suddenly, a gush of wind passed and wind chime broke its silence.

Hello Ruhi, (still feel the soul in her name) what happened?

She waited for a while, Aman... that long. Aman, I knew she was going through something. She didn't utter a word, and I was like shall I continue the call or disconnect it. She cut the call, and I thought let it be. 

But when you disagree with your heart, suddenly the buried feeling comes out of nowhere, that night was like the shittiest night I had spent after our breakup.

The next day I tried to call her, but she didn't pick the call, so what does an aggrieved loved one would do? He would go immediately to help her, but I was the hard one, So I decided instead of rushing in, let's wait. 

Three days went like this, the hard nut which was very hard to crack started melting, I tried contacting her, but she was not receiving the call, I messaged her, but still no reply from her. So I decided to go to her house. While on the bike I got nostalgic, suddenly the love rides flashed in my mind, which Ruhi and I used to take. Somehow, I recollected all the memories, and cherish the moment.

Soon, after my so-called love sojourn, I reached her house, I saw a big lock on her house gate, so I inquired about her whereabouts from her neighbor. The neighbor told me, the family went to Varanasi, after Ruhi's father died a few days ago due to a heart attack. I was shocked to hear that, How stupid I am, she called me just because she just wanted to tell me about her father's death and me, How such an *sshole I am. 

I asked the neighbor when they will return, he said, about a week. I said, a week! What the *uck? You know, when you again fall in love with the same girl after breaking up, you actually realize the mistake you made. 

That night, I was incessantly calling her, but she didn't pick the call, instead, she messaged me, do not disturb me, I am not in a position to talk. I agreed to her request, not to disturb her. 

But the viruses of love had completely taken over me. So I decided to pen down a letter for her....

"Dear Ruhi "

I can feel the pain, somewhere those rose petals have dried in the heart of yours, no one can smell the pain of those petals. Sometimes, it's very hard for us to forget someone, especially the one, whom we love so much. Seeing them in the ashes is even harder. But the thing is that somewhere these flakes of ashes find their ultimate destination of "Eternity". So when you love someone unconditionally your feeling and love become eternal for them.

I know your father's death left a blank space in your heart, and no one could fill that space. But the universe always knows how to fill those blank spaces. Let's give a chance to the universe to fill that space. And let me be the part of that universe.

I know you lost your precious and adorable gift of the god.. even "I had"...

Love you "Ruhi".

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