Read a tale of endurance, will & a daring fight against Covid. Click here for "The Stalwarts" by Soni Shalini.
Read a tale of endurance, will & a daring fight against Covid. Click here for "The Stalwarts" by Soni Shalini.

Pinky Dubey

Abstract Tragedy Inspirational


Pinky Dubey

Abstract Tragedy Inspirational



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Siya most caring and adorable girl.Siya was born in an orthodox brahmin family where she was treated as a doormat. Since the day she was born she faced rejection. Her grandfather who always wanted a grandson looking hated Siya. Siya's father passed away when she was 3 years old and she was left with her mother, little sister and a strict grandfather. Siya was always escorted to school with some of her family members .Siya was not allowed to talk to other children in the class as she fill get spoilt by them. So Siya didn't had any friends in her life. She was not allowed to go out and play. She was always kept in the house. Siya was always shouted for even small things that she did. She was always instructed to do things. When she got low marks than also she was shouted. She was really fed up of all this rejection. She was completed demotivated and broken. But she had Mother who used to support her. Siya grew up and started going to college.

She had seen so much of rejection in her life that she now thought everything would be fine. As Siya was escorted by her mother to college children used to make fun of her and say look we have a "Baby in our class" she used to tell her mom that she dislikes her coming to her college and sitting with her. But her mom told her that if she lets her go alone than her grandfather will scold her and will stop Siya from going to college. But when her mother said this she didn't had anything to say after that. She just used to pray to god that what wrong she did that she is getting a such big punishment. Days passed by and a day came when Siya's grandfather passed away she was happy but little sad as her adolescents days of enjoyment were gone. Now she had responsibility of her mother and her little sister. As she was the eldest she had to take care of the family.

Siya due to her work had to leave studies. After earning little money she decided to continue her studies where she had left.

She had wasted 2 years of her life. In this fast growing world where every minute counts. She had already missed her 2 precious years.

But she never gave up and she decided to continue her studies. She joined college back. Now she was allowed to go alone to college so she was happy. While going to college she met a guy named "Varun" whom she started liking. Varun proposed her on Valentines day and she accepted the proposal. She thought that her good days have now started but she didn't know what was there in Varun's mind. He was narrow minded. Siya was 2 years elder to Varun. Siya being through a tough phase in her life used to look little elder for which Varun always used to taunt Siya. Siya had told him everything still Varun used to taunt her. One day he took a first selfie of theirs and showed same picture to his sister and building friends stating that she is my girlfriend. His sister gave Varun advise that she looks elder to him and to leave her. Whereas his building friends teased him that are you dating your mother. Varun felt bad and said the same to her and said that he wants to break up as there is no future. He told Siya that she looks elder and his parents will not agree. In fact he called Siya his Mom and insulted her by saying ugly lady who doesn't have any dress sense and who smells like a pig. Who is 24 but looks like 40? Siya was depressed. Again one more rejection of her life.

First time in her life she had loved someone and seen dreams with him and he rejected her as she was elder to him. She didn't had courage to even say this to her mother. So she asked one of her classmate that is it a crime to be elder to someone. Her friend replied no its not a crime. Where there is true love age doesn't matters. 

She was madly in love with Varun she told him that she loves him like anything and so what she is elder to him to which Varun replied I think I never loved you. I was just using you and anyways I was going to dump you that's why I never ever introduced you to my family, friends and nor added you in any of my social media account. 

Siya was heartbroken with this rejection. She felt that she is so bad that since childhood every one rejected her. She loved him a lot. She begged in front of him and asked him not to leave her but Varun left her crying. She tried calling him from her mothers phone but he blocked that number as well.

Siya had no one whom she could share her feelings but she never gave up. She decided to move on. Siya worked hard and she became a story writer. She started writing books ,poems, Songs and movies. She became famous.

Siya now had money, name and fame. Siya had groomed herself from a simple girl to a modern girl. Varun looking at her name and fame unblocked her and messaged her saying that he is sorry for what he did and asked her to meet her.

Siya because she still had a soft corner for him decided to meet him. Siya still had the scars in her heart which was given by Varun.

She met him in a good way. They started talking and became friends again. They started hanging out and once again Varun proposed Siya that he really loves her and asked Siya her answer to which Siya replied "Varun how can you propose your mother ? "Never ever underestimate a power of women". Love is done from the heart and not by appearance and age. Now she doesn't loves him and she walked away from him for ever. She rejected him.

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