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Travel the path from illness to wellness with Awareness Journey. Grab your copy now!

Supreet S. Shetty



Supreet S. Shetty


Quest for Solace

Quest for Solace

5 mins

"What are you watching in the matrimonial Ad? First find a job for yourself else who will marry you?, Karmaveer ki Mataji teach your son he's grown up man now!" saying Mr.Singh took away the newspaper from his son's hand.

Before the drama unfolds into the daily morning ritual, Karmaveer took his umbrella, wore his slippers and went out from the house.As he drove his cycle towards a subway he saw a poster "Call center 20 k per month with an address "Karmaveer went to his friends house nearby, exchanged for a formals and headed straight to the interview venue.It looked like a repair shop and had no such requirement, when he proded more, the manager took him to the corner and said this requirement is for a female not you. Come with me to the basement, look at all these cabins, the girls are speaking to strangers, the more they can get clients the more income we make. Understood the job?not meant for you, now leave and the manager got back to his work.As he checked his account, he heard a new female voice at his office call, " Hello, Pooja bol rahi hoon kaise hain aap?".The manager was stunned to hear karmaveer sitting in the cabin designated for Pooja and speaking to her clients.The call continued for an hour with Karmaveer aka Pooja.Before karmaveer says anything the manager hands over an advance check and employs him.

When Karmaveer returned home, his parents were very happy when he told them about advance money, he told them he got a typing job at a clinic so its a night shift.

Every afternoon Karmaveer would leave from home 5hrs before his actual job at call centre.Their parents didn't doubt because his son was earning and it was a happy environment. Pooja now was just not an employee but a Masiha for all her clients, be it boys, girls, men, women, grandpa, misandry all of them. In these chaotic world and rat race the human chord had been long forloned. All one needed is a friend in ear to share their deepest thoughts.By now everyone had Pooja's no saved in their phone it seemed the thirsty world was in seek for just a friend to find solace.

This continued for another month until 14th July there was no calls being directed to Pooja.Even the manger couldn't understand, they tried to get information from his friends but no clue, finally the manager went to Karmaveer's home.The Manager introduced him as Karmaveer's colleague just returned from Kerala and had a casual chat to enquire why is he not coming office, has he changed his job?. Mr.Singh said my son has got promoted and has gone to US for 3 months to accompany his doctor.

The manager took departure and immediately called his goons to find Karmaveer, we have given him advance payment for 3 months , a car and all luxury, he can't flee leaving my business upturned. Karmaveer's mom overheard the conversation standing behind the door, she hurriedly went to his son's dad n pleaded for his son's safety. 

The parents tried contacting his friends to get information about Karmaveer but to no avail.They search through their entire wardrobe for the clinic address but couldn't find one. In despair his dad calls his confide cellphone, Pooja.To his surprise the phone rang in his son's room hidden among the closet.His dad couldn't understand, he dials the most recent call from the cell , the person on the another end is a nurse of Sris Clinic.

The parents take a note of address and rush to clinic .On their way to the clinic his dad keeps getting call from clients for Pooja in the cell phone received from his son's wardrobe.He gets a doubt if his son is only Pooja , he calls the manager to understand what's going on his son's life and everything gets cleared to parents.Mr.Singh wipes his tears and prays his son is safe. As they reach the clinic, Dr.Shristi explains she has been treating Karmaveer for past few months but due to emergency he has to be under their supervision.The parents are shocked, what happened to my Son?

Dr is surprised at the ignorance and mentions Karmaveer is undergoing treatment for clinical depression.Soon the manager enters the cabin with goons and asks the Dr to handover Karmaveer he is my employ and explains the Pooja story .The Dr is stunned.The nurse enters the room and says Dr.Shristi, Pooja's calls are still going unanswered, just once an old man picked and was enquiring address of this clinic.

The whole room went into silence until Mr.Singh broke into tears.

Pooja aka Karmaveer who was the partner in solace for the entire town and would lit up everyone's life was struggling peace for his own.Depression is not a disease , it is very common in today's pace of life.We as family, friends colleague need to acknowledge these signs, spread awareness and help the survivor lead back a normal life.Life itself is a gift though short to complete in all facets, let us all together light this awareness of love in the darkness of loneliness.

Speak up, help and Encourage.

P.S.Its real great to know movies like Dream Girl are scripted with a view to spread awareness regarding Depression, Loneliness in this cat fight world.Cinema is a strong card to play to influence a large audience by trigger theor psychological instincts. Applause to all such films made with a view to bring a new wave of growth in humanity.

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