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Amanpreet Singh

Comedy Tragedy Others


Amanpreet Singh

Comedy Tragedy Others

PRAN Card Fuss

PRAN Card Fuss

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“Himmat Singh, you have got a government job. Congratulations!”

“Thanks, sir.”

“Now you have to do one thing. You have to apply for a PRAN card and get it linked to your state government treasury office.”

“Ok, sir.”

“Remember, they are very corrupt persons. You have to give something to get something. Understood?”

“I have understood your meaning sir, but sir, they are getting a salary for their job. Why should we bribe them?”

“Because bribe, nothing can be done in our country. If you don’t bribe, then they will not do your work, and you have to visit their office over and over again. They will harass you so legally, one day you will be fed up and regret not bribing them.”

“Ok sir, I have got your point. Definitely, I will follow your instruction.” I said with a smile on my face.

Next day morning, I was in the treasury office waiting for an official to come. Sukhwant Singh was the person with whom I had to deal with. I was waiting confidently for his arrival. He came half an hour late first of all. He was showing as if he was too busy a person.

I said, “Sir, I want to apply for PRAN card.”

“I am very busy now. Come to me after two hours.”

“Sir, I have already been waiting for you for about half an hour and you came late.”

He said with anger, “What do you think on this earth only you are a busy person and we are free. You know what, my duty is only upto five p.m. and I work in the office upto eight p.m. and I don’t get extra money for that. You can only see that I am half an hour late and you are blind to the overwork that I do daily after five p.m.”

“Okay sir, sorry, sir.”

“Think before you speak.”

“Okay, sir.”

“Then what are you looking on my face? Go and come after two hours.”

“Sir, I need to talk to you on a very important matter.”

“I have many important matters to talk upon. You come after two hours.”

“I just want to give you something special. I want to serve you with tea or coffee.”

“Okay. You can serve me as much as you like.”

I took a thousand rupee note from my pocket and gave him under the table. I said, “Now when will my work be done?”

“Himmat Singh, just sit here and your work will be done. I will give you one form and get one photocopy of it and come back to me.”

I did what he said. When I came back to him, he filled my form with his own hand and he told me, my work will be done soon. I took his permission to go back home. I was very happy that I had successfully completed the task in hand. If for a thousand rupee note, I can get rid of the useless botheration, then it is not a bad bargain.

After about twenty-five days my PRAN card came to my home. I checked its status online and found that it was not linked to the state treasury office. Now again my mind got tensed. Because no PRAN card meant no salary. I had to get it linked somehow. The treasury office was about fifty kilometre away from my house. I bribed him as I could not visit treasury office now and then. But unluckily, I got stuck again.

The next day, I was again in the treasury office waiting for Sukhwant Singh. He, as usual, came half an hour late. I wished him good morning.

I said, “Sir, my PRAN card has come to my home, but it is not linked with the state treasury office. I told you to link it to the treasury office also.”

“Okay fill this form and get it signed by your officer.”

“Sir, I have to again fill this form and signed it by my officer. Sir, please do something. My officer’s office is fifty kilometres to the other side and your office is fifty kilometres to the opposite direction. I had to travel a lot on my bike.”

“No alternative. You have to do it all by yourself. What can I do in this? It is your PRAN card, it is your job and you are the only person who is going to get the salary from it, then how can you expect this work will be done by any other than you.”

I followed his instructions, filled the form and got it signed from my officer and again I reached the treasury office. “Sir, I have filled the form got it signed from my officer. Sir, now please do my work.”

“Okay. Give it to me.”

I gave him the form and sat there waiting for him to say something. He said rudely, “What are you waiting for? I am not here sitting all the day free to do your work. I have a lot of other work to do. You may go to your home.”

I was frustrated a bit but kept patience and went back home. I waited for about fifteen days in my home, then I again checked the status of my PRAN card online, it was still as it was before. I talked to the customer care of the PRAN card, but they informed me not even a request had been sent for linking my PRAN to the state treasury office.

I again went to the state treasury office. I said to Sukhwant Singh, “Sir, again my PRAN is not linked to the state treasury.”

“Hmm.. okay fill this form.” He gave me one more form to fill. I kept patience and filled the form.

He said, “Actually, your account has to be shifted first.”

“Okay, sir.” I filled the form and gave it to him. He took the form and started typing something on the computer.

“Sir, is my work over?”

“How is it possible that your work is over. You have just given me a form and I kept it. I will give this form to the next authority in Mumbai, it will take a number of days.” He said rudely but with a smiling face. I thought to myself, “What a sort of corrupt man is he! I think he wants more money from me. That is why he is behaving rudely with me. But for how many do I need to give him money. What is the guarantee he will do my work after the second bribe? But it seems so, I have no other option.”

I brought out a five hundred rupee note more from my wallet and I handed it over to him under the table. I said, “Sir, I am serving you the second time. Please do my work.” He replied wearing a pleasant smile on his face, “Why are you wasting your time coming here over and over again. You sit here. Today I will do your work. But first I need to go to some offices. Are you on bike?”

“Yes sir.”

“Okay get me to the offices. After returning, I will do your work on first priority.”

“Okay sir.”

Sukhwant Singh was on the pillion rider seat and I was driving the bike as per his guidelines. It took about two hours until we reach back to our treasury office. He assured me now he would do my work. He switched on the computer and started typing my name and other details on the online form. After pressing the button Submit, he said, “Now you run to your home. Your job is done.”

I became very happy as finally my PRAN card has been linked to my treasury office which means now I could get my salary. After about seven days, I again checked the status of my PRAN card online. To my extreme anxiety, it was still the same.”Oh my God! What the hell! I can’t work here. They are not making even a simple PRAN card, that also after bribing him twice!”

I was irritated, desperate, furious and annoyed. I complained to the higher authority for the red-tapism suffered at the state treasury office. The higher authority office emailed the state treasury office asking the reason for delaying my work and Sukhwant Singh was pretty trained by time to reply to such emails. He answered all the mails very skilfully. He wrote, “Himmat Singh has not submitted the required documents with his forms. That is why we are not able to do his work.”

The reality was like this. He never told me to submit some other documents. He only kept me telling about filling the forms. I received one email from the higher authority office to submit the required documents along with the form. I understood the whole game that the higher authority office was befooled by Sukhwant Singh. I was stuck again!

Having no other way out, I again went to the state treasury house to Sukhwant Singh. But this time Sukhwant Singh’s face was burning hot red. As soon as I stepped in his room, he exploded at me. “You are complaining against me! I am trying to get your work done as soon as possible and you are trying to throw me out of my job! You go and complain anywhere you like. No one will do your work. In the end, you have to come to me. It is only me who can do your work. Better accept it as a fact.

Tears welled up in my eyes. I had never ever been insulted like that before. In school, in the college, everybody loved me because I was the most sincere, loyal and intelligent boy. But here in the practical world, I was nothing but a helpless fool.

I almost cried, “Sir, please do my work. Please link my PRAN to the state treasury office.”

“Go away you fool. I will not do your work now!”

Consequently, I could not help myself crying, “Sir please do my work, sir please do...”

“Okay, okay. But now you have to pay the compensation for your complaint against me.”

“How much sir?”

“Five thousand rupees.”

I was helpless. Unwillingly, I took out my wallet and paid him the amount. I said within my heart of hearts, “Come on India, don’t do that. That is why we are still a developing country. The sincere, honest and genuine people are ruthlessly crushed on your land. If you want to succeed, you have to crush these corrupt people. But how? It is yet an unanswered question.”

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