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Adhithya Sakthivel

Crime Thriller Action


Adhithya Sakthivel

Crime Thriller Action

Police: The Protector

Police: The Protector

15 mins 401 15 mins 401

A man in a black coat shoot wearing a black sunglasses, introducing his name as Kishore goes to meet his younger sister Sree Kaviya, who pursues her Criminology in Calicut university in Calicut, Kerala.

As she has completed her final year, he decides to take her to Coimbatore where, she reveals her wish to become an IAS officer. Initially, Kishore was reluctant but, later he lets Kaviya to pursue her dream.

Kishore is a Psychology professor working in the SRM college of arts and he is very kind towards the students. In the meanwhile, there comes a rich business tycoon named Ashwin, a former student of Kishore, who now wears a coat shoot with a blue Audi car and a huge popularity in Coimbatore.

He meets Kaviya and immediately, gets smitten by her and reveals his wishes to marry her to Kishore. However, Kishore was reluctant in initial because, Kishore's younger sister, Yazhini has created mess with him the college and he fears for her evil plans.

Yes. When he was a class lecturer, Yazhini was a spoiled student having full of drinks and messing with other students ragging and mocking others including Kishore. One day, when Yazhini was fully drunk she created mess with Kishore and insults him in the college.

As Kishore considered it as a prestigious issue and humiliation, he slaps Yazhini and also takes her to the principal, which leads her to get suspended. Hence, Yazhini waits for the right time to take revenge against Kishore.

As Ashwin pleads him, he eventually agrees and also makes Yazhini to understand the importance of life and family other than enjoyment and she eventually has a change of heart.

Meanwhile, enters a few human trafficking group led by Muhammad Abdul, Rahman Khalid and their younger brother Umar. Now, the last two brothers has targeted Coimbatore and has planned to indulge in the illegal activities.

This goes into the ear of JCP Irfan Ali, who decides to take action against those criminals and also makes the common public alert including the colleges. Later, he personally meets Kishore and speaks with him about the case and asks him to inform immediately when they are witnessed doing illegal activities.

Kishore watches their moves silently for fifteen days and at one point in time, Kishore calls JCP and informs Khalid and Umar's presence in a workshop near Somanur. Irfan arrives with a huge team and manages to catch Khalid and Umar's henchman while they misses the both as they has escaped hearing about the arrival of police.

Umar appoints his henchman, Rahul to learn about the informer who has informed to the police. Rahul learns about Kishore's influence in the information and abducts him to Palakkad-Coimbatore border and hands him over to Khalid and Umar.

He is beaten up mercilessly. However, to their surprise, Kishore starts to kill Umar's henchmen one by one and also attacks Umar fatally. Umar begs not to kill him.

Suddenly, Kavya calls him and Kishore says to him, "Silent. My sister calls."

"Tell me, dear" said Kishore.

"Brother. Time is now 11:30 PM. Still are you in the college?" asked Kavya.

"No Kavya…A student has a doubt about a lesson that is based on anger management…As he has not yet cleared his doubt…I am unable to leave the place…If he has cleared his doubts, I will come…" said Kishore.

"You first give the phone to him, brother" said Kavya.

Kishore hands him the phone and she tells to him, "Brother…My brother will not tolerate hunger…If you clarify your doubts, please let him to go……"

"You have told him, right…Now he will leave, dear" said Kishore.

"Hey. Who are you? Police, Criminal or Gangster?" asked Umar

"Do you remember ACP Sai Adhithya?" asked Kishore.

"The ACP of Hyderabad, Sai Adhithya. Are you his brother?" asked Umar.

"I am Sai Adhithya. Swapped my face with Kishore, my teammate whom, you and your brothers had killed. Do you remember now?" asked Sai Adhithya.

"How did you survive the attack? Are you still alive?" asked Umar.

"Wait…Just for this, are you getting shocked…Do you know with whom you talked with now?" asked Sai Adhithya.

"Who is she?" asked Umar.

"She is Kishore's younger sister Kaviya, the one whom you have made to lose her complete memory" said Sai Adhithya.

"ACP Sai Adhithya. Don't kill me…Police……Spare me…Please" begged Umar.

"I am not a police……But, a criminal" said Sai Adhithya and he brutally kills Khalid and stabs his abdomen for 12 times after he dies.

Later, he goes to his sister's house and the next day, Khalid comes and sees his brother's death with the other guys also being murdered. He decides to handle by himself without informing this to Abdul.

He deduces the killer to an well-trained man in the subject of Psychology and Criminology. Khalid decides to find out the killer and decides to give it to his brother as a retribution to his brother's death.

Sai Adhithya gets Kaviya arranged for her engagement and after the finishing of her engagement, he suddenly gets missed from the place informing to Ashwin's family that, he will come back after two hours.

Yazhini, who has been waiting to say her love to Kishore, finds it as an golden opportunity and decides to follow Sai Adhithya for proposing her love. However, now Sai Adhithya has entered into Khalid's building turning off the current with JCP Irfan Ali also accompanying him.

Both of them kills down the henchman of Khalid while Kishore overpowers Khalid brutally. Now, Abdul calls him and Kishore attends the call.

"Hello" said Sai Adhithya.

"Who is this?" asked Abdul.

"The one who killed your 2nd brother and 1st brother" said Sai Adhithya.

"Who are you, man?" asked Abdul.

"Not even able to recognize my voice……ACP Sai Adhithya IPS……The one who you assumed to be killed before five years……I am back and waiting for your arrival…The subscriber you have dialed is going to die within a few seconds…Hence, you may call him after that" said Sai Adhithya and hangs off the call while Irfan is asked by Sai Adhithya to go away from the place.

"No…Don't do anything, you the police" begged Khalid.

"What, am I police? I am not a police, Criminal!" said Kishore and he kills him brutally.

Watching this, Yazhini gets terrified and shocked and tries to flee from the place, which gets stopped by Kishore and he catches her.

"Where are you going?" asked Sai Adhithya.

"Are you a murderer? For a murderer's family, I will not make a wedding arrangement. I will stop your sister's wedding" said Yazhini.

Out of anger, Kishore(Sai Adhithya) slaps her and said to her, "If you have the problem of getting collaboration with a murderer's family, hear this truth also."

Yazhini watches in surprise.

"The one, whom your sister is going to marry is not my sister…Kaviya is not my sister…She is not my sister" and Sai Adhithya breaks the glasses.

"One more truth do you know? I am not Kishore, but ACP Sai Adhithya, the one whom you all presumed to be dead" said Sai Adhithya.

Yazhini becomes surprised and emotional and asks him, "Sir. I have heard so many news about you…First, what happened before five years? Who are these criminals? And first, who is Kishore and Kaviya.

"I will tell you, what exactly happened before five years!" said Sai Adhithya.

Yazhini watches in surprise.

Sai Adhithya and his close friend Kishore, with his younger sister Kaviya hail from a middle class family near Perur in Coimbatore district. Since, Sai Adhithya's parents died when he was two years old, it was Kishore's family who raised him up and made them to come higher in their life.

Both of them enrolled in IPS and became the ASP of Hyderabad under Crime Branch. During the times, where Adhithya lived with Kishore and they all share a close relationship as brother and sister.

Kishore gets engaged to his lover Anjali while Sai Adhithya was in love with an investigative journalist named, Ishika, a.k.a., Janani. They both worked as teammates in Hyderabad and are ruthless encounter specialists in the place.

However, Janani doesn't like Adhithya's police job and as a result, her father rejects their alliance citing to the dangers for her daughter's life. But, Adhithya meets them and said to them:

"Sir. You thought that, police life in danger. But, the dress you put now, the independence and freedom you gain now are how? Let me remind you of Indian Army and their fight in the heavy snowfalls and fogs. Only because of us, you are able to be peaceful sir…Still, if you are not convinced, I will leave sir."

When Adhithya was about to leave, Janani's father holds him and said him: "May be if you have thought, you might have taken my daughter with you. But, you talked with me and made me realize the importance of patriotism and nation. I liked you for this…You are really great."

Eventually, their alliance is also arranged under Kishore's father and Adhithya's mentor and DIG Sibi Aravinth. In-between these, Kishore and Adhithya were informed about the human trafficking incidents across Hyderabad by a journalist and both of them postpones their wedding to investigate the case.

They get a lead that, a lorry, consisting of girls and children has come near the borders of Vijayawada-Hyderabad and they stop the lorry and also rescues them while also capturing the driver and two henchman.

"Hey, Police. If you catch me, is it over? We are thousands of people. You can never catch us and it will take five years for you all to catch us" said the henchman.

Angered, Sai Adhithya and Kishore takes them into custody and severely beats them up.

"Hey. Tell who is behind this kidnaps?" asked Kishore catching their hair.

"I don't know" said the henchman.

"Kishore. He will not tell the truth if we ask like this. Take that poisonous injection. Let's inject him" said Sai Adhithya turning to his colleague.

As they were nearing with the injection, the trio feared and one of them due to fear tells him, "No sir. I will tell the truth." Said the henchman.

"Good. Tell us." Said Sai Adhithya.

"Sir. We are there just to execute these kidnappings. But, the main guys behind this kidnapping is Muhammad Abdul and his two brothers Khalid and Umar. They will always be in Dubai and ask us to do these nefarious activities." Said the first henchman.

"Sir. There are thousands of crime syndicate under their network in India." said the second henchman.

After hearing this, Kishore and Sai Adhithya guns down the trio and tells them as bloody criminals.

"Sai Adhithya. You are a police!" exclaimed Kishore.

"For police, I am always a police. For the criminals, I am not the police but, criminal!" said Sai Adhithya.

As their words are video tapped, the video is telecasted in the news under JCP Irfan Ali's (Hyderabad JCP before five years) orders and the three criminals are told to be encountered while trying to escape.

On hearing the news, Khalid, Umar and Muhammad Abdul gets angered and calls his partner Dheena, the crime syndicate head in Hyderabad.

"Idiots. How were you all caught?" asked the angry Abdul.

"Sir. I am sorry. A mistake has happened." Said Dheena.

"That's not a mistake. A great error for our business. Who was that journalist?" asked Abdul.

"Sir. He is not a journalist. ACP Sai Adhithya and his teammate ACP Kishore. They were behind this investigation, sir." Said Dheena.

"Any other clues from your views?" asked Khalid.

"No sir…Only this information…Investigate about their family and kill them all…As their murders should instill a fear among the minds of other police officers" said Umar and Abdul.

"Okay, sir" said Dheena and he hanged down the call.

Now, Sai Adhithya and Kishore, having relieved about their finished duty has a huge party and enjoys. They both get huge appreciation from the public. Now, as planned, they gets ready for their marriage.

Up to this, Kishore (a.k.a., Sai Adhithya stops) and starts to shed in tears while Yazhini too asks him, "Sir. After that, what happened?"

After relieving from his emotions, he continues about the wedding ceremony. Just, when both of them were happy to get engaged, Dheena's men arrives and they killed Anjali, Kishore and also wounds Kaviya, after which she loses her memory. They also injured Sai Adhithya and Janani.

The hall is implanted with bombs while a dying Janani gets up and rescues Kaviya and asks Sai Adhithya to take care of her while also getting him the promise not to think about the police. She dies in her arms.

While, Sai Adhithya notices Kishore leaving a breath and he takes himself with him and Kaviya to a nearby hospital with JCP Irfan's help.

There, Kishore is declared brain-dead. Hence, JCP Irfan asks the doctors to swap up Kishore's face to Sai Adhithya for the sake of Kaviya. However, due to the severe injuries, Sai Adhithya goes to coma for five months and later, he wakes up remembering Janani's death in his lap.

Everyone including, Irfan is surprised but, Sai Adhithya tries to leave the place despite Irfan's please.

"Please…It's not your life, Adhithya. I gave this life to you" Said Irfan.

Adhithya watched in silence.

"Haven't you ever, has seen this surprise in your life? Get ready for it." Said Irfan.

Sai Adhithya gets shocked to see his face changed with Kishore's face.

"From today, you are not Sai Adhithya. Your name is Kishore. Start to fight against those criminals. Begin your game today itself. From now, you are police: the protector" said Irfan Ali.

"Kaviya also recovered from her injuries, but has completely lost her past memories and remembered my face alone. As per JCP Irfan Ali's words, I decided to nab down those three criminals. After finishing my psychology and criminology courses, I decided to start my ploy against those animals while I also considered Kaviya's safety." Said Sai Adhithya.

While Yazhini watches it in silence.

"On that time, Your brother Ashwin asked me that he will marry Kaviya. I saw his honesty and true love towards her. Please don't stop this wedding" begged Kishore.

"Sir. Though, you were a sincere and ruthless cop, you were loyal to your friend. Don't worry. Your sister's marriage will happen as you wished" said Yazhini.

Meanwhile, Muhammad Abdul arrives to Coimbatore and meets his colleague who gives him a clue that one is still alive from the attack of his brothers.

Abdul goes to meet the killer who is under critical condition. But, he is told to die after one hour and Abdul desperately asks his colleague to find an artist and the colleague eventually finds out Kaviya, when he was going towards a wedding hall.

He remembers about the Calicut university before 2 years and also Kaviya's drawing and immediately takes her to the hospital for the sketch. While seeing this, Kishore informs to JCP Irfan Ali and orders him to kidnap the Colleague's daughter and asks him to take her into his custody.

Learning this, the colleague fears while Kaviya, due to a tension, accidentally draws her brother's photo and the killer identifies him and dies. Now, arrives Kishore and rescues his sister tactfully after making Abdul to get hostage under his colleague.

As an act of betrayal, the colleague asks him the forgiveness.

"Have he kidnapped your daughter?" asked Abdul.

"Yes sir." Said the colleague.

"Have you feared?" asked Abdul.

"The dangerous gang leader of Dubai, he has made you to rush for Coimbatore. Will he not kill my daughter? We have to fear for some peoples sir." Said the colleague.

Abdul spares him while Sai Adhithya safely leaves his sister Kaviya under Ashwin's family and leaves the place, telling them that he goes for a work in the college.

"Sai Adhithya sir. What happened?" asked Yazhini.

"Abdul has arrived to Coimbatore. May be, I don't know at when and what time will he attack everyone! Take care of my sister" said Sai Adhithya.

"Sir. I want to tell you my love as you leave finally" said Yazhini.

"I know it from the beginning Yazhini. But, this is an important mission given by JCP Irfan sir. I will return once it is completed. Let me leave, now" said Sai Adhithya and he leaves the place, while Yazhini watches it in tears.

Now, Abdul calls Sai Adhithya and tells him, "ACP Sai Adhithya. You has rescued your sister safely. But, you forgot to rescue JCP Irfan sir. So sad about you…"

Sai Adhithya analyzes that Irfan has not called for the past two hours and Abdul tells him, "Nice. Though Kishore's face is implanted with you, you proved that you are a ruthless encounter specialist, Sai Adhithya."

Sai Adhithya watches in silence while Abdul asks him to come to a secluded place near Coimbatore borders, where his men severly beats up Kishore and Irfan Ali.

At one point of time, Kishore(Sai Adhithya) sustains and later, he with Irfan beats up Abdul and his henchmen while he also overpowers Abdul severely.

When Sai Adhithya was about to gun down Abdul, he is stopped by Kaviya.

She asks to him, "What brother? Are you shocked how have I come her? It was Yazhini who told me about this to me and her family. Hence, we came here."

Sai Adhithya watches it in shock.

"I also know that my brother Kishore has died and his face is living with my other brother Sai Adhithya's. Now, I remembered all my past life, brother" said Kaviya and he is further shocked to hear this.

Both of them embrace each other which is being watched by an tearful Irfan, Yazhini, Ashwin and his family.

"No, brother. Don't kill Abdul. As due to reasons, he and his brothers might have been changed and indulged in so many sins. If we kill them, then there is no difference between you and Abdul." Said Kaviya.

Sai Adhithya watches this in silence and Kaviya continues, "You know to encounter the criminals. But, give a chance for him to reform to a good human."

Now, Sai Adhithya turns to Abdul and says to him, "Even for the enemy, my sister sees sympathy and that's my sister"

Now, Sai Adhithya leaves the place with Kaviya while he sees Abdul asking forgiveness to him, falling into his feet.

"Your sister has a good soul, Sai Adhithya. If anyone was there for us like she, we might also be a good humans. Forgive me. I will surrender myself, Adhithya" says an emotional Abdul.

JCP Irfan Ali arrests Abdul while Kishore(Sai Adhithya) makes her sister's wedding successful and also accepts Yazhini's love.

Five days later after Abdul's arrest, Irfan meets Sai Adhithya and asks him, "How are you Adhithya?"

"I am fine sir" said Sai Adhithya.

"You are welcomed back to Police department" said Irfan Ali.

"No sir. Before that, I wish for a reward to Kishore. Since he has given his soul in-order to save me. In this operation he is the real hero." Said Sai Adhithya.

"For you?" asked Irfan Ali.

"I am dead before five years, sir. Let it be the same, sir. That's also good for me, sir. There are so many criminals like Abdul who are degrading our economy. This protector operation is not yet over sir. It still prolongs. See you later and Jai Hind!" said Sai Adhithya.

"Meet you soon, ACP Sai Adhithya IPS" said Irfan Ali.

"You are wrong sir. I am not the police, but a criminal" implying that he is ready to take over another operation and leaves the place with Yazhini, who waits near a shrub with her car.

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