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Sanjay kumar Tripathy

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Paw & The Church 2nd Part

Paw & The Church 2nd Part

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After a not long gap, you can say two or three hours when Paw didn't come back to his home, her mother was a little frightened.

Because she already knew the situation or you can say the unhealthy environment of Paw's village.

So obviously the village was not so safe so she started searching here and there but fail to find Paw.

After some moment Paw's mother came out of the house and in a hurry with some of his villagers she started looking out for Paw.

But unfortunately, she couldn't find his son.

After a long time search, one of the villager's names Jordan had come out of the church taking Paw in his hand and was completely sweating out in fear.

Jordan was in the fear that Paw might be affected by the same disease and that's why he sees Paw fallen asleep unconsciously on the rough and on the clean floor of the church.

When Paw's mother saw Jordan she ran out to him and grab his son into his arms and at that time she was bursting out of tears.

With no late, she tried to wake up Paw and fortunately, Paw slowly opened his eyes and in the frightened face, she blinked the people surrounding him were not in a normal state including his own mother.

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