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Sanjay kumar Tripathy

Abstract Inspirational

Blank Sky

Blank Sky

3 mins

In the third session of his daily class at his Coding institute, Sourav sir came for some announcement with some official paper on his right hand. The entire student paid attention to the dice including him.

Sir started announcing. “We have an opening of the software developer in the Noida based company.

The company name is Brotalk Solution they have an opening for ten positions. Interested candidate, please do registration for the interview. The interview had been scheduled for tomorrow.”

After the classes completed he came to his house with thinking about the interview all the way.

The last night he prepared all the important Questions and the algorithms that are given by his favorite teacher. He searched some of the famous and worthy reviewed websites and pointed down the important tricks and methods of flawless coding. When he finally got the venue date and place with the timings he opened the glassdoor website for a better understanding of the company. The company was holding a very good review and has already rated five stars. He then went for sleeping. In the morning at almost 8 o clock, he woke up. After completing all his morning the routine he got ready for the pre-scheduled interview.

"Today definitely I will get the opportunity that I have applied through the Institute". He was thinking those thoughts all the way while moving towards the predestined sophisticated office. After a struggle of almost one hour, Sourav somehow managed to reach his destination by the direction of Google Maps. You know in fact everyone knows that today Google Maps is only the better option to reach or to explore some places.

"Is it Brotalk Solution??” He gently asked the security.

"Yes, it is! May I know the purpose of your visit sir?" The guard asked him.

"Of course for the Interview, how you can't even notice from my formal dressing?" He whispered gently.

"For Interview!" He replied.

“Please wait outside and submit your resume I will inform you.” The guard said to him.

Sourav waited outside upon the wooden bench of the tea stall.

As nothing much was there to does he started remembering the most important rules and formulas again within a hope for a better performance. After a long period, you can say after one hour he listened to someone calling his name, he turned back. That, someone, was the well-dressed guard. The guard was indicating him to enter the gate. With good getup and lethal intention, he entered the office. 

He then asked someone about the interview chamber. After getting clue he entered the first chamber for as usual interrogation. A lady with an official getup was being seated there before.

“Have a seat...” a soft and gentler voice of the lady he heard. "Give me your resume" the lady said.

While transferring the resume Sourav saw her face. What a pretty lady today my job is done he thought himself. According to Sourav beautiful ladies never say no to anyone. After reading the resume the lady started asking him the first and most important question. "Tell me about yourself...!" the lady said.

He started saying the intro. While starting the intro the lady interrupted. “You don't have any experience?”

She asked looking at his face.

"No, I am a fresher madam" he replied with a polite note.

"Sorry still, now we don't have any opening for fresher thank you!" she said with a fake smile and left the meeting room.

All the desire all the expectations vanished with a simple line of Bitter truth. Sourav got out of that room and move out of the office prominence. He looks over the sky with frustration. He felt like "a cloud of the Blank Sky!!"

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