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Sanjay kumar Tripathy

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Paw & The Church

Paw & The Church

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When Paw woke up breaking the last late-night sleep, he saw his mother sitting near the broken window of his little house.

With the little eyes, Paw continuously stared out to his mother though he is not enough old to adopt any emotion still he could feel the pain from his mother's wet eyes.

Paw stood up and started walking to his mother and sat down on the mud roof.

The mother hugged him tightly and tried to convey her sorrows through the tearful eyes of her, as Paw was unable to understand the verbal languages yet.

Seeing out of the window paw can see the outer world of his village the people the trees and the vast blue sky.

He saw his people crying out loud over there on their houses near their loved ones who they call their family members are now simply lying on the beds not even moving a little bit.

After seeing those incidents paw decided to walk out of his house though he hasn't clear planning of doing anything.

Leaving his mother behind from the narrow doors of his house paw walked over the streets to reach the village end.

A church you can say a broken church is there in the last of his village, paw was heading towards the church because he many times witnessed his mother and his whole village would go there if any special occasion occurs.

They all gathered there on the church to celebrate the joy and happiness and also paw used to see all praying there bending their heads.


Paw thought whoever is sitting there in the church if he can celebrate the joy with their people he must wipe out their people's difficulties too.

Thinking this Paw reached out to the village church.

with the strong belief Paw bent down his head with the unconditional belief and start praying in front of the light rays those coming out through the broken shields of the old church.

And doing that slowly he falls asleep unconsciously...

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