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Win cash rewards worth Rs.45,000. Participate in "A Writing Contest with a TWIST".

Malyashree Chatterjee



Malyashree Chatterjee




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In the era of flings and casual hookup

Hold on to someone who gotta work it out rather than breaking up. 

In the generation of hashtags and story updates

Go for someone who would take you to rooftop dates.


In the era of long texts, a handwritten letter;

with that quintessence of sweet love is so much better. 

Yeah I'm talking about that old school love;

That kind of love said to be blessed from above, 

White and pure like a beautiful dove. 

It's so beautiful when someone stares

At you; the same way even after years. 

I crave those narrated stories of old school romances

That was incarnated by secluded smiles and stolen glances. 

I yearn for that dim light ambiance in the room with soft music playing where he would lay near

And listening to that soothing voice of sweet nothings being whispered to my ear. 

Mentally rewinding to the era where holding hands and forehead kisses meant big things

And the feeling of home; that love brings. 

There were times I heard about when days didn't have cheesy names

Where dumping after dating and being in love wasn't made up of games. 

Things have been different in this time and age

Where people and relationships are nothing much more than tags and comments all around the page. 

They say, "Love is the most beautiful feeling."

But in this ultra-modern generation, its authenticity is truly missing. 


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