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Shourya Seth

Abstract Romance Others


Shourya Seth

Abstract Romance Others



2 mins 259 2 mins 259

I was sitting in the class. My head swaying left and right due to the boredom of my history class. 

I shook my head to get rid of the sleepiness. Getting distracted I started to look outside enjoying the scenery. 

Just then the teacher called me to concentrate on the class. Sighing I tried to understand what she was saying. But the words were just slipping away. 

I turned my head and saw the grumpy looking dude. This dude always has either angry or sad expressions. 

I thought of a cheesy idea. I tore away a page and wrote a note. 

"Hey you. Yes I am talking to you. There is no harm in smiling a little bit. "

I threw the note at the guy and it hit his arm. He picked up the note and read it without any expression. He didn't even give a glance towards me. 

I was disappointed but now I had a crazy idea. 

I started writing notes everyday and threw at him. He would pick up the notes, read it and would never ever glance or talk to me. 

This continued for a long time. 

One day I got sick and missed my classes. Next day when I came to school, the guy approached me and asked why was I absent. It was the first real talk we have. From that day on, we started talking. 

And now we are dating for 2 years. He told me that my notes always gave him relief with all the tension he was facing home. 

One day when I visited his house. I saw my notes kept safely in his drawer. I smiled. 

This guy is definitely a keeper. 


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