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Nature V/S Humans

Nature V/S Humans

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That day I didn't have much work to do in office, whatever was there I already finished. And I had some rough pages on my table and pen. I started scribbling my thoughts and in few minutes I finished writing one full page. It was just spontaneous writing. I was so busy writing that I was unaware that my boss, a manager was sitting in Cabin just back side of my sitting place. He called me in his cabin, he said," Shubhangi come with the paper that you were writing something. probably I didn't notice that he came there and tried to see or read that I was scribbling on paper. I entered into his Cabin with some hesitation,.he read that and said, " what you have written is nice Shubhangi, but you know this is an office and even if you have finished your work, there is always some pending or extra work to do in office. " It was a bit embarrassing for me but what I had written gave me a confidence that I can write spontaneously.

I still remember what I wrote that day. It was on Nature, a creation of God and Nature that we human beings have got, everyone have their different nature and so a behaviour. 

God or say Nature is full of all beautiful things and colours, varieties of everything and this creation is not artificial, it is purely the chemistry and miracles so humans can't copy it or change the nature and natural things.

We have Rivers, Oceans, valleys and mountains, glaciers and some places are covered with ice. There are all types of trees, fruits and vegetables. Various colourful and charming birds of different sizes, looks and colours, awesome butterflies.

There is also life under sea surface. So many tiny to huge fish in colours and amazing designs, many more creatures which are always swimming deep in sea. There are lakes and flowers of different varieties and colours and shapes. Their shades are just unbelievable. A man can try and copy it with painting or by using different things like plastic,  etc but can not bring that natural fragrance of flowers. 

So how much ever we can claim that we have invented this and that, we have reached upto moon and Mars but we are still small in front of Nature and that unseen power which is behind making of all these amazing natural things. Nature has it's own trademark and tags for all creations.

Nature has it's seasons, everything goes as per the rule and cycle. Summer, Monsoon, Winter - cold all happens as per their routine. Some natural calamities and abnormal things like earthquake, draught, heavy fall of rains, volcano and many such things happens sometimes which are beyond our control. We can say that it is an abnormal behaviour of Nature that causes such calamities. So Man is not supreme on this earth.

So it's God" s Nature and we should not try and change it, which we can never because it is beyond our capacity to do so. Still we do many experiments and inventions. In certain fields where we have got success. Like by combining different stems of flower colour a new shade is grown, with use of fertilizer in farming experiments are made on vegetable growing methods and plantations. 

To a very little extent we have found success in this making certain changes or modifications, with the help of research and technology development but otherwise it is all beyond our imagination and creativity and control. Nature is Supreme.

Likewise even in human beings everyone have got different faces, looks, behaviour patterns, temperaments and the basic nature can't change. That is called individuality.

We are shaped by teachings of our parents, elders, teachers, gurus. family background, upbringing, atmosphere all these things make us as human beings but still we all behave differently or we have our pattern, individuality.our feelings, emotions, intelligence, knowledge, learnings have it's role to play in building our personality and individuality. 

Everyone have their own " Prakruti ", a physical characteristics." Prakruti"is also synonym of Nature. Like in ancient Vedas we learn about " vaat " " Pitt " and " Cough" these are basic three elements we inherit in our body so whichever element is ruling in us, that becomes our " Prakruti". Like Nature has three prime seasons in our country and in many other countries. The density of seasons effects and duration varies from place to place. 

Now lastly, human beings or should say all living beings have a life cycle and we all go through it. New born infant...child... adolescent...young... middle age....old age is our life's journey the same way there is Seed sowing....a small beginning...that is seen on surface of ground. It grows into a plant...give flowers., some becomes tree...they give fruits...grow fall season it disown the leave...and again there are new leaves and tree becomes green as before. 

We can see many similarities in Nature and in human beings because after all we grow on the same surface of this earth, universe. This is all so fascinating when we think more and more about Nature, creation and living beings.

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